Roland Seguin

Roland resides on the West Coast of Canada adjacent to the US border. As a senior taxpayer, he has taken to writing to express his frustrations of government waste, mismanagement, overspending, and other BS extremes. Now a retired grandpa, active with his family and rural lifestyle, he spent his career years as an Architectural Designer, Carpenter and Building Inspector. He promotes good but reasonable environmental practices.

Most Recent Articles by Roland Seguin:

Global Warming – 97% of Scientist, Consensus Myth

Nov 7, 2015 — Roland Seguin

We are repeatedly told “97 percent of climate scientists agree” that human activities are causing dangerous climate change.

Dozens of studies have debunked this bogus assertion, yet the Global Warmists continue grasping to their fanciful 97% hoax.

Election media bias is journalistic disgrace

Oct 12, 2015 — Roland Seguin

The role of the press in a democracy was based on it being politically non-partisan. It is the only business protected by the constitution because it is supposed to serve and inform the people as fair arbiters, as an integral part of the checks and balance of the political sphere.

It has transgressed so far from it’s purpose that you can hardly find a non agenda driven unbiased story any more. The Canadian media has long idolized the US media but their copycat tactics have done us great harm.

Canada appears on the Right Economic Track Federally

Apr 14, 2015 — Roland Seguin

Economies matter. Well intentioned but unreliable Green ideology tied to energy and government subsidies can devastatingly ruin countries and even whole continents.

Here at home… Provinces continue to play with go it alone climate/energy policies.

Electric Vehicles Wasting Tax-dollars

Mar 25, 2015 — Roland Seguin

We in BC are $66 thousand million (66 billion) in debt, but no problem, we can just tax, spend and subsidize our way to prosperity. 

No money for schools but hey let’s borrow another $10.6 million tax/debt and give it to our friends ‘in the name of ‘environmentalism’.

Carbon Tax Advocates Dis-inform, Deceive

Dec 8, 2014 — Roland Seguin

Another Climate Conference in Lima, Peru (Dec. 1-12) so already scaremonger alarmism with the big pressure push by the United Nations eco-lobby for Canada to enact a nationwide Cap/Trade Carbon Tax.

Are Protesters Harming their Future?

Nov 30, 2014 — Roland Seguin

Pushback to Harper Bashing: Enviro Assessments draw Eco-Radicals Ire

Nov 26, 2014 — Roland Seguin

The eco-radical anti-oil protesters are clinging to the National Energy Boards (NEB) ‘Environmental Assessments’ (EA) review process to propel their rage.
This is the focus of their Prime Minister Harper bashing mantra you are hearing.

Public or Private Electric Power?... Ruin of BC Hydro

May 10, 2013 — Roland Seguin

Beware governments selling/privatizing public owned assets based on political philosophy. The BC Liberals promised not to sell BC Rail or privatize BC Hydro then did. Christy Clark was Gordon Campbell’s Deputy Premier 2001-2005 when selling of BC Rail and privatizing of BC Hydro schemes were devised.

Climate-Change Dogma Full-Circle

Jun 24, 2012 — Roland Seguin

‘Global Warming’ never happened so the eco-saviors changed the name to ‘Climate Change’. Since that became stale and nobody outside the religion is buying it, so the UN’s Rio+20 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, changed emphasis again for the big party, now it’s back to that tired old buzz phrase “Sustainable Development”.

BC Hydro ‘Smart Meters’ Not so Smart.

Jan 28, 2011 — Roland Seguin

BC Hydro is about to spend 1 Billion dollars by needlessly changing our existing reliable electric meters to new electronic wireless, untested ‘SmartMeter’ gadgets.

British Columbia Election ‘Deceptions’ on CO2

May 8, 2009 — Roland Seguin

The Liberals are jamming us with their ‘Carbon Tax Fiasco’ fraud and the further left wing NDP (New Democratic Party) are promoting the ‘Cap and Trade’ falacy.

Environmentalism-fundraising is a mega-big money business industry

Apr 22, 2009 — Roland Seguin

Lucrative and Growing
Why do you suppose so many Environmental Organizations have multiplied onto the scene in the past 20 or so years?

According to the American ‘Urban Institute’, in 2005, 48% of these Environmental and Conservation organizations were only 10 years old or less.

Dead ducks attract radicals

Feb 12, 2009 — Roland Seguin

Oilsands Developer Syncrude Canada is facing federal and provincial charges for failing to prevent approx. 500 ducks from landing on its recycling settling pond, where many of them died last April of 2008, at it’s Aurora North mining site.

Speak Up North Ameicans..Quit Thinking Like A Bunch of Energy Wimps

Jan 1, 2009 — Roland Seguin

If you think you are beaten, you are; If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you’d like to win but think you cant, it’s almost certain you won’t.

‘Canada as a Family’ - What a Concept

Dec 8, 2008 — Roland Seguin

- Satire -

Suppose you had a family with a dozen kids. Each child representing a Province or Territory, and the parents representing the Government, (played by ‘Pa’) and the Opposition, (played by ‘Ma’). 
Ma and Pa disagreed with each other on almost everything, a rocky relationship at best, but it was arranged for the sake of the family to work as a unit, tolerate and try to respect each other. Pa being a fiscally responsible and slightly right of centre type. Ma being left of centre or further left if the occasion called for it and a bit of a carefree goodtime party doll most of the time.

Corrupt Main Stream Media Must Pay

Nov 3, 2008 — Roland Seguin

The Left-Biased MSMedia needs to be reined in (and taught a few manners) from their customers. Business people, must be more discriminate with their advertising dollars and stop rewarding this corrupt behavior.

Yes I should vote, but for whom?

Oct 7, 2008 — Roland Seguin

Decisions decisions, do we really have to bear down, get our face in a knot and worry about this?

Mainstream Media’s Race to the Gutter

Oct 2, 2008 — Roland Seguin

What ever happened to the Journalistic Code of Ethics?

The Natural Cycle Of Environmentalism

Jul 12, 2008 — Roland Seguin


Once upon a time, there was a well known ex-loser politician who loved money and fame more than anything else in the world.

Then one day some environmentalists came to see him with a proposal to make a lot of money. They explained that they could weave a fantastic deceptive story that the sky is falling and they wanted him to be their spokesman to pronounce and promote this story to the people.