The Green New Deal is like its predecessor, Occupy Wall Street. It came on the scene with a flash, then eventually faded away like it never existed

Pointers for talking to Collusionists

By —— Bio and Archives--February 18, 2019

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Pointers for talking to CollusionistsIf Donald Trump was a Putin puppet, they wouldn’t hold that information back (magically without leaks) for two years while Russia was supposedly taking over America through a traitor in the White House. If that were the case, the ones supposedly saving us from this “takeover” are doing one heckuva job, aren’t they?

Wouldn’t they be going after the puppet instead of going after the puppeteer and cutting the strings they’ve attached to the puppet? No, because our Democrat “saviors” are not doing either because there is no puppet or puppeteer!


We have the greatest military and intelligence all around the world, yet for two years it has done nothing to stop one man whose supposed mission is to subvert America? The reason they haven’t is because there is no such man in power in our country! None of this collusion makes any sense!

What I said two weeks ago needs repeating. There is absolutely no evidence:

  1. that any communication came from Putin to Trump telling him to do anything,
  2. that there was a channel of communication that was set up for the express purpose of allowing that type of communication or
  3. that Trump did something specific that Putin for a fact told him to do.

And what is Donald Trump’s “strategy” to make us serve Russia? Nonexistent! It’s just the opposite. Internationally, our President’s strategy is to strengthen NATO and warn our allies against their becoming dependent on Russian gas and oil, improve economic relations especially with our American neighbors and with China, neutralize imminently threatening nations like North Korea and Iran, and maintain a strong military and intelligence apparatus against long-term threats from China and Russia.

Domestically, the President’s strategy is pro-American, not pro-Russian! It’s a strategy to strengthen our porous southern border and work to preserve our national integrity and our national heritage. If our nation loses its heritage, it loses its essence - it loses that which attracts millions to immigrate here every year. We want immigrants, but we want them to become Americans, not impose on us whatever it was they rejected in their former home country that made them decide it was better to come here.

Someone in power trying to subvert our country? Not at all! Our President is working to preserve and strengthen what is the essence of our nation and seeking to unite us around what makes America the example to the world it’s always been.

On the other hand, internal forces are seeking to direct this nation down dangerous paths. One example, the Green New Deal, as it was originally articulated, is about as subversive as it gets.

Now they are treating the original release of it like it never happened, and treating any mention of it as “fake news”! It doesn’t seem to matter to them that their “reality” of the day contradicts their “reality” of yesterday, or more importantly, WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

The Green New Deal is like its predecessor, Occupy Wall Street. It came on the scene with a flash, then eventually faded away like it never existed.

Currently, these deceivers are working on a “kinder, gentler” version of it that doesn’t so clearly show that its implementation would send us back to pre-industrial times. They’re even preparing to begin a national tour to present it to all America. I presume they will arrange horseback or horse-drawn transportation where wood-fired locomotives are not available.


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Rolf Yungclas is a recently retired newspaper editor from southwest Kansas who has been speaking out on the issues of the day in newspapers and online for over 15 years

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