We need to "Cowboy Up!" fast.

POTUS.45 TRUMP ~ A Cry For Help!

By -- Richard Gaines—— Bio and Archives--November 6, 2017

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Across the USA Americans are being shot down like dogs, and there is no end in sight! Obviously, government, police, etc. cannot/will not protect its citizens!

Suggestion: The President POTUS.45 TRUMP should immediately empower/deputize (call it whatever) military veterans, retireds, etc and arm them authorized to carry/concealed carry/both to protect our people when needed!

In fact, the president should arm them with the weapons already purchased by non-law enforcement agencies with our tax money!

We are overwhelmed with news of massacres and such far too frequently, and the pace is picking up! At the same time, we know armed citizens out there are also saving lives in some of these situations. But too few and far between.

We need more help, and so far the cavalry ain’t coming, and the cry to “Call Out The Marines” is unspoken! Why???

Mr. TRUMP you are the man in the arena w/the responsibility to protect Americans—Sir, waste no more precious time—DO IT NOW-On THE DOUBLE, Sir! Need I say this is a matter of American lives and death right here @ home!

We need to “Cowboy Up!” fast. Nobody better to do that than POTUS.45 TRUMP THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT!

Unlikely the president will never see this cry for help, but who knows?

There are folks out there who very well may see it and get it to him,,,,those with the means to do so..like Rush Limbaugh, for instance!


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