The camera, which doesn’t lie, records both visually and verbally, a president with the class and courage to ask people to pray

President Trump’s Missouri Call To “Say a Little Prayer” Should Be Adopted by the Entire Nation

By —— Bio and Archives--November 9, 2018

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president with the class and courage
The singing of ‘Amazing Grace’ by thousands gathered during President Donald Trump’s last rally of the campaign trail in Missouri on Monday will surely go down as the defining moment of 2018’s now destined-to-never-end Midterms. 

And for that reason alone was destined to come under instant vociferous Democrat and media attack.


During Trump’s address to cheering Missouri crowds, a woman suddenly collapsed in a medical emergency likely to happen when folk must wait for hours in seats during events where security must be foremost.

When the woman collapsed, the President immediately stopped speaking,  moving quietly aside after calling for a doctor, then telling those who had come to her aid:“Take your time”.

While the woman was being attended to on the floor by paramedics,  minutes seemed to pass like hours.

Cameras showed many in the stadium looking on, their faces showing the strain of anxiety and worry.

Not Jeff Zeleny, a senior White House correspondent with CNN who used the time to Tweet from inside the stadium that Trump’s standing quietly was “very awkward”.

“It seems a woman’s medical emergency taking place at a Trump rally is all the ammunition needed.” (Conservative Tribune,Nov. 8, 2018)

It also seems that CNN doesn’t realize that real time videos will always catch them up in their characteristic bias and lies.

Wednesday it was proof that their lead actor Jim Acosta did attempt to elbow away a young female intern trying to pass the mic to the next questioner at the day after election presser, which must be the most disgraceful display of media bias in history.

Then comes irrefutable proof (with actual time stamps) here of what President Trump, the Missouri stadium crowds said and did during the interim of the woman’s collapse until paramedics could be seen carrying her off on a stretcher:

3:21:39: Woman suddenly collapses; Trump notices immediately and asks “Is there a doctor in the house?”

3:24:45: A voice in the crowd shouts out:  “Let’s pray!”  

Trump points to the area where the person made the shout, points back to where the woman is on the floor, and says to the crowd: “Say a little prayer. “Go ahead,  go ahead, say a little prayer.”

In fact, the Missouri video shows President Trump telling the audience not once, but three times:  “Say a little prayer”, adding afterwards, “That’s good.”

3:28:38: The first strains of ‘Amazing Grace’ can be heard seconds before the throngs pick it up and sing it.

3:29:20: President Trump applauds the work of the paramedics, giving them a big thumbs up, thanks them, and thanks everyone.


The camera, which doesn’t lie, records both visually and verbally, a president with the class and courage to ask people to pray.

President Trump’s words, “Say a little prayer” should be wholly adopted in a nation where defeated Democrats are trying to steal the duly elected seats of not one but three Republicans, in Florida, and Arizona.

Prayer is always more powerful than hatred and divisiveness.

Folks should not stop “saying a little prayer” until the Creator returns honesty and integrity to American elections.

We all need to take President Donald Trump up on his “Say a little prayer” plea and keep it going non-stop.


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