So when do we get to put our majority-conservative House and Senate to good use and begin to take our country back?

Prog-Left Making American Way of Life UnBalanced And Way Beyond Unfair

By —— Bio and Archives--April 20, 2018

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Hello? Is anybody there?
When is it our turn? The slime has oozed above the gunwales. Our president, vice president, their wives and their every conservative supporter - from our truly conservative representatives/senators to conservative voters - have become the brunt of every sort of attack from leftist ‘leadership’, their constituency, and the liberal left media/entertainment industry that empowers them. Obama, Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, by name, have all become trademarks for the unsurpassable height of doubledealing, double-standarded hypocrisy. They have been allowed to travel above and below the law and state in literally getting away with everything. And conservative America, if it dares to complain, is further vilified and told to go suck wind.


Click bait of cheesy ‘breaking news’ stories

How many millions of Internet memes can we recall as click bait for cheesy ‘breaking news’ stories: “OBAMA IS BUSTED NOW!!”, “HILLARY IS GOING DOWN THIS TIME!!”, “OBAMA/BIDEN WILL BE COOLING THEIR HEELS IN PRISON, BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR!!”, “THE TRUTH ABOUT BENGHAZI IS FINALLY OUT!!”, “HILLARY’S E-MAILS HAVE BECOME HER UNDOING!!”, “FAST AND FURIOUS IS THE END OF OBAMA!!”, “OBAMA SHIPS MILLIONS IN PALLETIZED CASH TO IRAN!!”, “YET ANOTHER CLINTON INVESTIGATOR/JOURNALIST FOUND DEAD!!”, and so on and so forth. But we know now that the truly teflon left never qualifies for any serious investigations or real subpoenas - simply because we dread their tantrums, I guess.

I realized my own fathomless naïveté when I heard Barack’s now forgotten slipup on an open mic to a Russian president/confidant: “This is my last election ... After my election, I’ll have more flexibility.” The NANOSECOND I heard that clip, I said to myself, if any Republican president had been similarly ‘caught’ relaying such a message - on the QT and with a reassuring hand patting the cuff of a full-blown Russian-speaking Ruskie - the investigations and press speculations and subsequent prosecutions would have reduced him to a grease spot. A CBS evening news reader however, Scott Pelley, in concert with a smiling and glib traveling presidential news corps reporter, Bill Plante, neatly put that fire out in a minute and a half piece in which they blew the whole thing off as - nothing. Can you imagine what Mueller and his gang would have done with that, had it been Donald Trump instead of Obama? Where would we send the flowers?

Now James Comey, who handled the fabricated and Clinton-financed Steele dossier as tenderly as one of his own children’s birth certificates, has written a book enshrining his hatred for Trump for his fully justified firing - and is now on his personal ‘whine tour’. Meanwhile, Robert Mueller is quite obviously gunning for President Trump in payback for his rejection of Mueller’s bid to head the FBI. The very day following his failing to be named FBI director, HUZZAH! Mueller, who now has an easy-to-see ax to grind, is named special prosecutor to go after Trump. The bottomless and circling toilet of ‘Russian collusion’ investigation/nonsense there officially began.

Russian collusion GARBAGE

And now, long after there has been not a scintilla of any finding of Russian collusion, the endless investigation of anything and everything goes on - but only for the President - certainly not for any of the Democrats with their money-laundering and other endless criminal activity… And now, after over a year of Mueller and his friends-in-liberal-media keeping that nonsense circling, a brand-new character, Stormy Daniels, claims she had a mutually consenting relationship, years ago, with then NYC construction magnate, Donald Trump. Now that fact, right there, is a clear and present danger to our national security - dwarfing even former president Obama’s mysterious and taciturn exchanges with Russia’s then president Medvedev. I mean, the Stormy Daniels thing, it does amount to a breathtakingly dangerous threat to our nation’s security, doesn’t it?

Our president, after a first year of tremendous successes in keeping the promises he made to America, has - despite all that - been the target of every sort of attack imaginable. Like no other president has suffered before, President Trump has daily faced everything from death threats actually showcased and encouraged by the liberal media, to a never ending train of damning speculation and personal insults. And even now, as another wild stab is made at him for nothing more than his destruction, a stupid ploy that has nothing to do with Russian collusion, he and his attorney still quietly cooperate with every slimy demand made by this gang of thugs. And Stormy Daniels, not much more substantive stuff than another “unidentified source”, is the scandal of the hour for the liberal press that wants its draining swamp up and running again.

So the Russian collusion GARBAGE has been temporarily retired because the friends of Mueller, on the advice of Mueller, have now decided to raid the office of the personal attorney, snatching very private notes and things - of our president and (how convenient!) other mouthwateringly sought-after conservative targets as well - that the leaky, shadowy left would love to have the opportunity to take a look at. And when President Trump and his attorney ask that they might at least be allowed to inspect what has been raked out from under a normally sacrosanct attorney-client privilege - BEFORE THE WHOLE WORLD GETS TO SEE IT (“Now, how did that happen?”) - a judge who is a partying friend of the Clinton family and who officiated at the wedding of Kill America Leader, Financier of the Left, who has vowed to bring down our president, refused their request for just a small courtesy and perhaps a little protection of their privacy.


Part of the problem in writing articles like this, as any ‘article-writer’ will attest, is losing your audience as you’re trying to bring everybody up to speed and wade through the junk, the outrageous JUNK that should have been exposed and curtailed eons ago. And there is so much junk - VIRTUAL RIVERS OF BREATHTAKINGLY HYPOCRITICAL AND FALLACIOUS, OUTRAGEOUS EFFLUENT - that this writer could mention, which has been allowed to go on and has been completely and continually smeared in the faces of conservative, constitutional Americans who have remained stalwart in playing by the rules. So - when is it our turn to say, “That’s enough of this. And we’re not going to take any more of it.”?

But we are not the left. We don’t get to send derelict and looting morons into the streets to smash out store windows and injure and kill people when we don’t get our way. We have never had our own, bought and paid for, sold out AG, a Loretta Lynch, who will step to the microphone and authorize and legitimize such mob behavior under the lying mantle of “peaceful protesters”. We don’t have a Joy Behar (who insults our religious beliefs) or a Whoopi Cushion Goldberg (who wears T-shirts showing our president getting his head blown off) who will rally and shape opinion for the support of any conservative. When we lose an election, we have the audacity to actually just get up the next morning, go back to work, and hope for a better outcome at the next go-round. When was the last time that the ‘liberal’ left ever took such an approach? Never in this century.

My good readers, who could easily write the balance of a much longer article, are already past the breaking point. But we are law abiding citizens, so we will not take to the streets. In fact, many of us are even gun-owning, NRA members who, like every other NRA member, have never done any mass killings.

The problem with conservatives, really, is that we are ‘square’ in every important sense. We can be as funny as any SNL writer-turned-senator. We just try to preserve ‘American’ while going comparatively light on the swear words, crude jokes, and groping. Unlike the left, we are generally bound to a Bible-inspired conscience, and we are about actually raising families as opposed to just making kids. We are far from perfect. But we, most of us, try to stay inside the lines. So, all that being the case, when do we get to put our majority-conservative House and Senate to good use and begin to take our country back?

Hello? Is anybody there?


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