Gun free zones are a neon target painted on our children

Quit Disarming Teachers

By —— Bio and Archives--March 9, 2018

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Quit Disarming Teachers
As one of the millions of teachers in America I know there is one thing I don’t ever want to be…a fish in a barrel.

Think of the hero teachers who’ve thrown their bodies in front of students taking bullets fired by mentally deranged mass murderers. If these heroes had had a weapon does anyone doubt they would’ve used it to protect those students? Aspiring mass murders who seek out gun free zones to commit their atrocities are inherent cowards. And they’re also untrained and unprepared for anyone with the ability to stand up to them. As soon as someone with a gun shows up they either kill themselves or die.


Gun free zones are a neon target painted on our children. If you notice there has never been a mass shooting at a police station. These maniacs avoid any place where someone might shoot back.

It isn’t guns that are killing people deranged criminals are. A criminal’s preferred target is an unarmed victim. No one is talking about turning the teaching staff of any school into a militia. No one is talking about forcing any teacher to carry a gun. What people are talking about is not disarming teachers who are already or who could be legally licensed to carry a weapon and who have the desire to do so.

Some schools in Arkansas not only allow people with concealed carry permits to carry on school grounds, they provide training and weapons to those who would like to do so and they also organize these teachers, administrators, and support personnel into a security force prepared to react if the need arises. They also publicize this and post signs letting the would-be killers know that they won’t find a soft target and instead of shooting sheep they may encounter a shepherd with the ability to put them in the cross-hairs.

And Arkansas isn’t alone. In Texas 172 school districts presently arm selected teachers. Today eighteen states allow adults to carry guns with some form of school approval. Kentucky is considering a law that would establish a marshal program to help teachers get a license to carry on campus.

Instead of a target on our schools perhaps a sign such as the one posted outside an Arkansas school which says, “Please be aware that certain staff members are armed and may use whatever force is necessary to protect our students” would go a long way towards reducing school shootings.


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