It’s no secret that Tom Bauerle is not shy when it comes to asking pointed questions

Radio WBEN’s Tom Bauerle a smear waiting to happen

By —— Bio and Archives--January 14, 2014

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No stranger to controversy,  WBEN’s fearless radio talk show host Tom Bauerle has essentially always been a smear waiting to happen.


A well-aimed pistol when it comes to facing off phony political bigwigs, it was Bauerle who dragged Western New Yorkers out of their deep depression back in 2009 when Senator Barack Obama was inaugurated as America’s 44th president.

Still in shock that a president with a publicly stated mission for the Fundamental Transformation of America, Democratic National Convention-introduced from faux Greek columns,  was now in the White House, conservatives tagged imperious Obama with the nickname, “The messiah”.

Bauerle put the nickname to subliminal music with ‘Gregorian’ monks chanting Obama’s name during his then morning drive radio show.

This is how he described the Gregorian chant heard on his popular WBEN radio show in August of 2013 (Starting at the :50 Mark):

“..In 2008, they’re working overtime,  a constant chanting vigil upon the election and inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.  I hired,  at my personal expense,  a trio of monks to chant his name around the clock—much as the media was doing and the children were doing in schools across America and they’re still at it, and they’re working overtime right now prior to the arrival of the president to Buffalo.  They added the Hussein in there because we wanted to get it right.”

No Wheaties for Tom Bauerle who prefers Feisty for breakfast.

When Hillary Rodham Clinton answered questions about her marriage and personal life for the first time since she began traveling through New York State in pursuit of a seat in the United States Senate in the summer of 2000, Bauerle wasn’t just there, he was right in Clinton’s face.

“Responding to a series of questions from a radio talk show host here this morning, the first lady said she had never been unfaithful to President Clinton and had never had a sexual relationship with Vincent W. Foster Jr., a close friend and former deputy White House counsel who committed suicide. She also said she had never used marijuana or cocaine. (New York Times, August 20, 2000)

“Mrs. Clinton had long expected to be asked about her relationship with Mr. Clinton and other personal matters, an aide said, but she seemed taken aback when Tom Bauerle, the host of the interview program on WGR-AM, raised them persistently this morning.

‘‘You’re going to hate me,’’ Mr. Bauerle said as he asked if Mrs. Clinton had been ‘‘sexually unfaithful’’ to her husband, specifically with Mr. Foster.

‘Well, you know Tom, I do hate you for that,’’ Mrs. Clinton said. ‘‘Because you know those kinds of questions are really out of bounds, and everybody who knows me knows the answer to those questions.’‘

‘‘Is the answer no?’’ pressed Mr. Bauerle.

‘‘Well yes, of course it’s no,’’ Mrs. Clinton answered before chiding Mr. Bauerle again for asking ‘‘inappropriate’’ questions.

“This afternoon, before an audience of elderly New Yorkers, Mrs. Clinton referred to the questions she had faced earlier in the day.

‘‘Sometimes, in public life, people ask inappropriate, off-the-wall kinds of questions, don’t they?’’ she said. ‘‘But I want you to know that none of that is going to deter me from coming back time after time to western New York and being a part of building a better future here.’‘

Interesting expression “off-the-wall” kind of questions, isn’t it?

“Off the wall”  is exactly how the left leaning mainstream media is currently trying to portray Tom Bauerle. ...‘He’s crazy, remove his guns, lock him up and throw away the key’.

Fodder and folderol for all sharks on the loose swimming within view of the Bauerle tank.

“Tom Bauerle, an Amherst, New York, AM radio talker who has long opposed gun control, apparently became convinced that operatives from Gov. Andrew Cuomo were staking out his backyard, so he waved a loaded semiautomatic pistol at the nonexistent intruders. Police in the Buffalo suburb of Amherst took the gun away from him early last Wednesday morning after Bauerle called 911 to report someone spying on him, and later that day he agreed to a voluntary psychiatric evaluation. We want to stress that mental illness is not funny — and also that with some gun fondlers, the line between political paranoia and the clinical version may be hard to discern.

Bauerle had in recent weeks claimed on his radio show that he was being targeted for surveillance by Cuomo, whom he has frequently criticized for signing the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (NY SAFE) Act; just a few days before the episode on Wednesday, on January 5, Bauerle had held a neighborhood meeting to discuss his worries about surveillance — neighbors who attended it described his concerns as “quirky” and “made you scratch your head.” Thank goodness Bauerle had a gun to keep himself safe, at least.” (wonkette.com, Jan. 13, 2014)

It’s no secret that Tom Bauerle is not shy when it comes to asking pointed questions; that he’s long been one of radio talk show’s loudest voices when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment.  Nor can there be much doubt that Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his staff know how to Google.

One day after Thanksgiving, Canada Free Press columnist Doug Hagmann of the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, a private investigator by profession, urged Bauerle to exercise caution.  “We had taken a look after receiving a mid-November call from Tom,  who was concerned that he was under surveillance by a person or persons unknown.,” Hagmann told this writer in a telephone call today.

“Our preliminary investigations showed that it was a multi-operative or a large scale surveillance, the likes of something I had never seen before and that’s what we told Tom,” said Hagmann.

For mainstream media hounds doing their best to try to portray Bauerle as irrational, Hagmann has been on the Bauerle show multiple times before and after starting his own radio show.

Tom and Doug are longtime friends.  Bauerle, who always introduces Hagmann on his show with Johnny Rivers “Secret Agent Man”, has kindly given CFP many on-air shout-outs.

With that having been acknowledged,  CFP sends this message to Hagmann’s fellow pistol friend Tom Bauerle: Hang in there!  As Joseph Heller of Catch-22 fame once said: “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.”


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