Black Rifle Coffee Company: Looking to hire 10,000 veterans

Real Men, Real Women drink coffee made and delivered by Real War Vets

By —— Bio and Archives--February 6, 2017

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No one can really say for sure what global chain Starbucks will be serving up with their coffee when they hire 10,000 refugees in response to Donald Trump’s temporary travel ban in Making America safe again. But we know it won’t be patriotism or loyalty to America.

The ever-politicking Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz pledges to hire 10,000 refugees to get even with President Donald Trump and his Stinkin’ Army of Deplorables.

Black Rifle Coffee Company (BRCC) , an up and coming, veteran-owned gourmet blend coffee business has countered Starbucks by announcing they will be looking to hire 10,000 veterans.

Bravo, BRCC!

Real Men and Real Women drink their coffee fresh, hot and black.

They order their “freshly roasted, badass coffee, delivered to their doorsteps every month” from Black Rifle Coffee Company.

That way they don’t risk running into the mainstream media lined up for their early morning frappés while getting their start on another good day.

Most everyone loves their java, including Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the long-running NCIS, whose omnipresent coffee cup reads “HOT FRESH COFFEE.”

Unless you’re at Starbucks, coffee is coffee, and anything added to it besides cream and sugar, like butterscotch and mocha, makes it dessert.

Few can attest to the get-up-and-go available from straight-up, brewed at the camp fire coffee than the American cowboy, who still fills up on it before trying to keep cattle from grazing on acres of Bureau of Land Management grass.

BRCC brews the kind of coffee folks like to drink straight up.

…”We need to keep in mind that the four things we care about at BRCC are Family, Business, Veterans and country. And when we say “country”, the taxpayers. Everyone else can take a hike.” (FoxNews, Feb. 2, 2017)

“The fact that we are spending billions of dollars on ungrateful refugees while we have homeless and jobless veterans is unacceptable! Shame on Starbucks for putting refugees before veterans and other Americans looking for work.

“Hiring veterans is a wonderful way to show support to the men and women who proudly serve our country. This is what America is all about! We must take care of our own! You can support Black Rifle Coffee Company by visiting their website and purchasing their gourmet coffee and apparel here!

“BRCC also received a lot of support from people on Twitter who were pleased by their decision to hire 10,000 veterans.”

Leave the frills and frappés to Starbucks where Snowflakes sip on their ‘Smoked Butterscotch Frappuccino’, dreaming endlessly of better days to come when no one can hurt their ultra sensitive feelings by just being a Laurie Roth brand of “REAL”.

There’s no ‘Vanilla Bean Frappuccino’ served up by the Black Rifle Coffee Company.

That’s largely because there’s NOTHING VANILLA abut the Black Rifle Coffee Company where real coffee is being sent out by REAL people to REAL people.

When—and if—the day ever comes where 10,000 refugees are serving up coffee to Starbucks clients then they will need Trump administration vetting to make sure nothing harmful to coffee drinkers is ever put in the brew.

Why take a chance that the oneupmanship of CEO Schultz doesn’t stop at hiring 10,000 refugees but wanders beyond into other dangerous new territory?

Long live Black Rifle Coffee Company for keeping coffee, coffee and keeping it REAL.

Long Live all other companies who build on businesses by hiring War Vets and other people who can’t find work.

Meanwhile, we need our vet-brewed, vet-delivered coffee because there’s a war on out there.




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