Kim Jong Un, who makes Joseph Stalin look like some sort of Eagle Scout,

Rebels Without A Brain

By —— Bio and Archives--September 25, 2017

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I had a friend, Bela, who, along with his comrades, swam the Danube beneath whistling swarms of machine-gun fire during the Budapest Uprising of 1956. You want to tear down some statues, kiddies? He had just helped to topple the giant effigy of mass murderer Stalin and drag his big bronze head into the square where a beautiful old church formerly stood. The church had been arrogantly razed in order to accommodate that ‘gift’ statue for the pig Stalin’s 70th birthday.

Bela was a real revolutionary fighting for the lives and liberty of his countrymen. He and his fellow protesters hadn’t been bussed in by some billionaire ex-Nazi who had it in for Khrushchev. No, he was a student in league with a few genuine priests hoping to restore food and some freedom to fellow Hungarians. The folks Bela ran with didn’t have video games or cyber-social media to help energize their fantasies. They were genuinely oppressed people who were starving in every sense and living under the thumb of Soviet Russia - a misery that the ‘brave’ insurgents now only know about through action movies, if they even make that connection.

Today those former Hungarian freedom fighters feel estranged and betrayed by the new, hip brand of ‘socialism’ that has since made the much younger, former (1990) leader of the ‘Communist Youth League’, Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, a multimillionaire. When the country’s assets recently became privatized, Gyurcsany conveniently cashed in on that windfall. And now he can party down with the likes of other socialist ‘public servants’ such as multimillionaire Barack Obama, multimillionaire Emanuel Macron, multimillionaire Justin Trudeau, multimillionaire Angela Merkel, the ever present Clintons and a host of other multimillionaire public servants who can very much attribute their fame and fortune to elitist-enabling socialist governmental machinery. Power to the people!

But, back to Bela. In his heavy Hungarian accent he would relate to me his overflowing happiness at simply living in America! In fact he told me that when he was in Hungary the single radio station he and his countrymen felt they could trust was the ‘Voice Of America.’ He said that it was the only radio station (when Russian jamming equipment was slow in drowning it out) where they could hear news that included the voices of ‘common’ people as well as government leaders, actually speaking critically of their own American government!

Bela would say, with a wide smile, “We could hardly imagine such a thing ... living under the rule of a government that would allow the airing, completely openly, of censuring criticism and condemnation of its own leadership! We heard people freely complaining about everything! And, we heard the same people a week later criticizing something else! And what was most amazing was that they obviously hadn’t been executed!”

But in today’s America we can tune in the chatter of our ‘revolutionary’ antifa and BLM babies getting their marching orders from some other spoiled kid playing ‘anitifa’ or ‘BLM’ revolutionaries with friends in mommy’s basement. The brave young upstarts keep their faces scarved so their parents won’t ground them. And they are kept lathered up and encouraged by the liberal media and entertainment industry partnering with leftist politicians - people who absolutely, knowingly lean on the naivite’ of footloose children who are at most imitating their hippie grandparents.

The spirit of the Hungarian uprising of ‘56 and other great stretching moments in history like it are real and were the successsful actions of sincere and desperate patriots. They are in no way similar to the trendy snowflake and silver ponytail ‘revolutionaries’ who comprise what amounts to the brainwashed and perfectly compliant crowbar in the left’s fight to overthrow the Trump administration. Donald Trump was the ‘big mistake’ that, despite all the efforts of hell, was allowed to slide through the cracks because of one very simple but major oversight: The people who pay the bills in this country left work long enough to get to the polls and put their feet down before Hillary could take over.

President Trump, his administration and his regrettably too-long-silent majority of supporters have become electronic media’s ‘public enemy number one’ because they stand in the way of the left’s dreams of a total takeover which will ultimately make an elite few real plantation and slave owners. And that liberal left that now controls most of the cameras, microphones and the most populated parts of cyberspace is raging mad and keeping the pot stirred because Hillary was to have handed them the keys to America and the world.


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The current push against our rightly elected President is simply the controlling media and professional politicians’ desperate efforts at clawing, tooth and nail, to reclaim the ground they lost. The cut and character of the current racist-socialist revolutionary becomes real evident when you see that movement’s on-point ‘spokespeople’ in action. They include a lot of dying, C-list celebrities who are climbing aboard the Trump-Hate express in order to grab some easy press. But, again, the reawakening majority is returning fire with boycotts that are working. (But how does one boycott loser actors and producers who no longer have work to boycott?)

Recently, ‘comedian’ Chelsea Handler said the most absolutely moronic and vile thing I believe I’ve heard in a long time. She suggested we trade leaders with North Korea and that the letter Kim Jong Un sent in response to our President’s words at the UN was more ‘sane’ than the words of our President(?!). If one has even the least acquaintance with world history, and the stark contrast between Constitutional America and the hell of North Korea, such a statement might leave you with feelings of shock and despair. But, even worse, after she made the remark a lot of the aforementioned baby revolutionaries were jubilantly raising their fists in agreement.

The ‘leader’ she wants to exchange for President Trump is actually a quite logical trade, considering the mentality of the people who are now in lockstep resisting and marching against Trump. Kim Jong Un, like other greats in the list of the world’s most frightening despots, is - just like America’s kiddie revolutionaries - himself a spoiled rotten kid who lives in a perfectly manicured environment that looks like a videogame. He murders and rapes anyone in his nation who irritates or attracts him. Me being an artist, I find his appearance to be downright weird. [Not for nothin’, but I call him ‘spud’ because he looks like a black-haired potato with glasses and a fade.] But the thing that the baby revolutionaries of America might do well to notice is that whenever spud is laughing, EVERYBODY is laughing - hard, whether or not they are amused - right along with him. And when he is silent, NOBODY moves or says a word.

Spud has nearly ten percent of the roughly twenty-five million people he owns conscripted into active military service. Beyond that he has nearly forty percent of his personal nation signed up in his military’s reserves. In America, you might have to worry about a draft being reinstated. In spud’s North Korea, you just have to worry. But the baby revolutionaries don’t think about that gruesome reality mostly because they know nothing about it. They just see that the grass there is all trimmed and that the neat and tidy streets have no traffic problems (because only government officials and military authorities can own cars). But everybody’s happy - not like here, under the tyranny of Donald Trump - so everything must be better with spud in control. Right?

Do you remember the Twilight Zone episode, “It’s A Good Life”, where the powerfully telekinetic kid, ‘Anthony’, mentally sends people he doesn’t like into the ‘cornfield’? (cornfield = solid gone) Well, spud is Anthony on steroids. You better not cross him or you are in deep trouble. Next time you see a video with spud doing anything at all, notice that everyone surrounding him has that “Please don’t send me into the cornfield!” look on their face. It is common knowledge, from the completely verified testimony of the tiny few North Koreans who have managed to escape his tyranny, that Kim Jong Un - the son of doting despot-father, Kim Il Sung - is the textbook definition of ‘MONSTER’. I could waste paragraphs in detailing some of his extraordinary tyranny - but I won’t.

Nevertheless, if you can see it, here is one more bit of frighteningly damning evidence that completely exposes the nefarious and downright wicked, self-serving motives of the liberal left: Following Ms. Handler’s ridiculously dumb statement, NO ONE from the left side of our government nor anyone from their partnering liberal media took any issue with what she had tweeted - at all. They were all silent. (Though there was a full court press in critcizing Melania Trump’s choice of shoes when she boarded Air Force One!)

The kiddie ‘revolutionaries’, I will sort of excuse their silliness. They are too dumb to have done their homework and therefore won’t pause at the depth of the horror found in what she was suggesting. But the people who run the newsrooms and talk shows are the people who completely understand the terrorism of her tweeting such a thing to such a predictable and impressionable audience. Both Ms. Handler and the other alleged ‘adults’ in this drama all know better and have no excuse.

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21st century America, where we can be fully informed and have our eyes and mouths wide open anytime we like, is right now watching a handful of insidious, power-hungry oligarchs (whose slips are showing in their hubris) around our world trying to sew up their own little dictatorship club. Under the completely misleading banner of ‘globalism’, they are redefining patriotism as racism! And now that all hell is breaking loose and threatening to destroy our nation that gave them their success, those people who had enough power and savvy to coax this disaster into fruition are now standing by with their hands in their pockets and cheering the mob on to victory. Just like Karl Marx, they are armchairing the whole event.

Our democratic republic is Constitutionally wired in such a way, so that a tantrum-throwing bunch of brats like these hyper-caffeinated baby revolutionaries can kick and scream, resist and even threaten to assassinate our president. They ignore the fact that, all the while, he is still standing fast, honorbound and determined to defend their right to hate him as he is protecting their worthless behinds. And the entrepreneurial geniuses who have milked all they can from our great America, the professional politicians, and the broadcasting and entertainment moguls, are now helping along, by commission and/or omission, monsters who will soon refuse to be controlled by anyone. And they think they will, after everything has collapsed, swoop in and pick up their winnings. Good luck with that.

Real revolutionaries like my Hungarian friend, Bela, are now watching and shaking their heads in disbelief as hordes of free, empowered and extraordinarily gifted people are working like a hive of bees in order to shoot America in the foot. And when a ‘comedian’ like a Chelsea Handler can deliver a line like wanting to trade away our best president for an evil and murderous devil like Kim Jong Un (‘spud’) (she now claims she was joking), we are obviously at a place in our hearts where tearing down some statue, marching in protest, or presenting even the most dazzling political statements, are completely worthless. If you are revolting or resisting what’s left of our wounded America and even for a moment doing any of that in honor of such a monster as Kim Jong Un, who makes Joseph Stalin look like some sort of Eagle Scout, you completely deserve the hell you are you are helping to build.

But sane Americans don’t want to join you in that place.

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