Democratic Party in the United States is in the process of determining if they are ready to openly call themselves socialists by making Bernie Sanders their nominee for President.

Relegating Marxism to the dustbin of history

By —— Bio and Archives--March 15, 2016

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With Bernie Sanders running for President, Americans are being presented with a clear choice of a socialist for President. Barack Obama, also a socialist, got into office denying his socialist convictions, yet paved the way for an open socialist to run as a Democrat to replace him. As our educational institutions have steered away from teaching students the capitalist economics that made America great, we are seeing more people than ever before lured by the false promises of socialism and Marxism.

But at the same time Marx was developing his theoretical system of heavy-handed government, America was putting into practice a new kind of economic and political system of limited government, based on independence and self-reliance.


A governmental system of federalism meant that the national government would be limited in its function by a Constitution, and any other power and decision-making would be in the hands of the states and the people.

The United States of American then proceeded to prove the capitalism and participatory government were indeed a better alternative to centralized governments dictating right and wrong to the masses. Throwing off the restraints of a colonial economy and authoritarian government, Americans began the process of building a nation.

As the American experience developed, liberty showed its advantages over monarchies and the post-monarchical centralized governmental systems which would eventually give us the extremes of Italian and German fascism and Soviet Communism. Fascism and communism, it turned out, were flip sides of the same coin of authoritarian government.

Those who get their inspiration from European socialism reject the second revolution that took place in America, and all without guns or centralized directives - America’s industrial revolution. The modern society of today was accomplished because entrepreneurs had the freedom to build their businesses apart from centralized directives. People were able to live their lives free from oppression not because a powerful overlord was protecting them, but because of limited government.

In addition to the Constitution’s First Amendment rights of free expression, our nation was built on free enterprise capitalism. Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” was give free reign in the United States and worked with flying colors! The new nation’s economic system flourished as European nations found themselves repeatedly at war with each other in their competition for a finite amount of colonial territory in Africa and Asia. Then, as the colonial empires crumbled in the aftermath of two world wars, the United States emerged as the dominant economic power in the world.

At the same time that the United States was racing toward modernity in the 20th century, Karl Marx’s communism was being put to the test for the first time by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Party after they took over Russia in a coup d’etat in 1917. The people of Russia were freed from an oppressive monarchy, only to be put in subjection to a Karl Marx inspired Communist Party that stripped away the rights of individuals and made them subjects of the Party’s Chairman and his Central Committee.

While Marx described his ultimate goal of communism as a stateless society where everybody gets along, doing whatever they want, with everyone equally taken care of by society, the reality of Soviet Russia showed this goal to be only a pipe dream. What developed instead was one of the most oppressive dictatorships in history.

This is because the path to it was based on the imposition of a supposedly temporary authoritarian system called the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” where dependence on a very centralized political apparatus was necessary to bring and maintain order. This system, however, did not begin to fade away, as Marx predicted, but instead became permanently entrenched.

But it couldn’t be sustained economically, and began to collapse in the 1980s. In 1989 the Eastern European satellite countries gained their freedom from Russia and abandoned communism. Then in 1991, the Communist Party was abolished and the 12 nations that composed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) split apart.

A true people’s republic, the United States, grew and flourished throughout the 20th century while communist governments came and went, impoverishing their people while Party leaders became rich. Eastern European countries, bearing false names such as “people’s republic” and “democratic republic,” were actually dictatorships and colonies of the USSR.

Most current-day Marxists (called progressives or democratic socialists) have abandoned the “dictatorship of the proletariat” approach and instead have chosen to impose socialism through the ballot box. And now, the Democratic Party in the United States is in the process of determining if they are ready to openly call themselves socialists by making Bernie Sanders their nominee for President.

While holding town hall meetings and calling themselves the party of the people, their real goal is to transform our nation into a system that forces us, whether individuals, businesses, or states, to adhere to the beliefs of a few supposedly enlightened individuals at the top.


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Rolf Yungclas is a recently retired newspaper editor from southwest Kansas who has been speaking out on the issues of the day in newspapers and online for over 15 years

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