This executive order will send a strong message to Congress and the rest of America that religious freedom must be protected

Religious Freedom Executive Order on National Day of Prayer

By —— Bio and Archives--May 4, 2017

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WASHINGTON—President Trump is expected to sign a religious freedom executive order today as part of a celebration for the National Day of Prayer. President Trump campaigned on the promise to protect religious freedom. He also campaigned on the pledge to repeal the so-called “Johnson Amendment” that restricts churches from endorsing or opposing candidates for elected office.

“The first freedom in the Bill of Rights is religious freedom. America was born on the foundation of religious freedom and it is one of our most cherished liberties. There could be no better day to sign an executive order on religious freedom than the National Day of Prayer,” said Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman of Liberty Counsel.

As President, Donald Trump has the authority to set the priorities of the federal departments and agencies. He has the authority to reign in abuse and wrongful enforcement of laws and policies that undermine religious freedom. And he has the authority to set the tone for Congress and the states to protect religious freedom.

“This executive order will send a strong message to Congress and the rest of America that religious freedom must be protected. I believe we will see state legislatures take the lead to implement the protections of religious freedom much like the recent law passed in Kentucky and elsewhere,” said Staver.

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