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Religious Freedom Day

Jan 16, 2019 — Liberty Counsel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump recognizes that faith is embedded in the history, spirit, and soul of America and today issued a Presidential Proclamation affirming Religious Freedom Day, 2019. In recognition of this day, President Trump states in his proclamation: “On Religious Freedom Day, we celebrate our Nation’s long-standing commitment to freedom of conscience and the freedom to profess one’s own faith.  The right to religious freedom is innate to the dignity of every human person and is foundational to the pursuit of truth.”

Bad Proposals in U.S. House

Jan 3, 2019 — Liberty Counsel

Bad Proposals in U.S. House
Washington, D.C. – Today, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House is pushing a bad bill and resolution that could have significant negative impact. The bill is the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019 that has a number of strident pro-abortion measures including one that would allow government funding locally and internationally of abortion and require no less than $595 million of American tax dollars be given to those who perform abortions. The second is House Resolution 6 which adds the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” and would force members of the House to employ staff who are sexually confused.

Marching to End Abortion

Jan 3, 2019 — Liberty Counsel

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The 46th annual March for Life Rally, which marks the anniversary of the 1973 Supreme Court Roe v. Wade abortion opinion, will be held on January 18, 2019 in Washington, D.C.  This year’s March for Life theme is “Unique from Day One” and conveys the message that each life begins at conception. The stated purpose of the march is to end abortion by “uniting, educating and mobilizing pro-life people in the public square.”

Build the Wall

Dec 28, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Build the Wall
Washington, D.C. – Yesterday at 4:00 PM ET, Congress reconvened and, while not on the official schedule, the focus is on resolving the current government shutdown. Liberty Counsel Action is supporting the $5 billion dollars requested by President Trump to build a wall on the Mexican border because of the increased safety and long-term financial savings this will provide to Americans.

No More Lemon Test

Dec 27, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Liberty Counsel is filing an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of a case involving a 93-year-old 40-foot cross war memorial in Bladensburg, Maryland that the American Humanist Association has challenged as violating the Establishment Clause.

The “Peace Cross,” made of granite and cement, was built in 1925 as a tribute to local men who died during World War I. The Gold-Star Mothers who designed the memorial in 1919 chose the shape to recall the crosses marking the countless American graves on the Western Front of that war. A plaque on the base of the cross lists the names of 49 soldiers and both faces of the cross have a circle with the symbol of the American Legion, the veterans’ organization that helped raise money to build it. It was also paid for by local families and businesses. It stands on a piece of land that has been owned since 1961 by a state commission at Maryland Route 450 and U.S. Route 1 in Bladensburg, approximately five miles from the U.S. Supreme Court.

Pro-life Speech Restriction Challenged

Dec 15, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

HARRISBURG, PA – Liberty Counsel asked the Third Circuit Court of Appeals today to reverse the district court’s denial of a preliminary injunction against a “buffer zone” ordinance, enacted by the city of Harrisburg, which prohibits pro-life speech on public sidewalks up to 70 feet outside a Planned Parenthood abortion center.

In Reilly v. City of Harrisburg, U.S. District Judge Sylvia Rambo upheld the “buffer zone” ordinance which was drafted by Planned Parenthood and passed without any debate or serious discussion by Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion allies on the Harrisburg City Council.

Ohio Heartbeat Bill

Dec 14, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Senate passed The Human Heartbeat Protection Act, also known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” by a vote of 18 to 13 yesterday. HB 258 bans abortions on babies when a fetal heartbeat can be detected, usually within a few weeks of conception. Liberty Counsel has offered free legal defense once it is signed into law.

Live Nativity Comes to DC

Dec 10, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Live Nativity Comes to DC
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Police officers will stop traffic as camels, sheep and a donkey accompany Mary, Joseph and the Baby Jesus, the Three Wise Men and shepherds dressed in first century attire as they proceed around the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday.

Christmas Under Marx and Lenin

Dec 3, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Christmas Under Marx and Lenin
ORLANDO, FL – Between his campaign against President Gerald Ford in 1975-76 and his race against Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan delivered more than 1,000 radio broadcasts. In fact, Mr. Reagan wrote most of those three-minute broadcasts himself. In one broadcast during the Christmas season, Reagan shared a story about Christmas in the Ukraine before and after communism.

Alabama and West Virginia Vote for Life

Nov 9, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Alabama and West Virginia Vote for Life
ORLANDO, FL—Alabama and West Virginia voters have now approved amendments to their state constitutions aimed at protecting the lives of preborn children.

Alabama’s Amendment 2 declares the public policy of the state is to recognize and support the importance of unborn life and the rights of unborn children, including the right to life; and to protect the rights of unborn children. It also says there are no constitutional rights to an abortion or abortion funding.

Good News for Constitutionalist Judges

Nov 7, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

With more Republican seats in the Senate, President Trump has a green light to nominate scores of judges that have a constitutionalist judicial philosophy
WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Senate Republicans increased their seats in the midterm elections, which is good news for continuing to confirm constitutionalist judges. The so-called “blue wave” became a “blue puddle.”

Florida School’s Shocking Plan

Oct 25, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Florida School's Shocking Plan, LGBT, Pasco County Public Schools
LAND O’ LAKES, FL —- Pasco County Public Schools personnel have adopted a harmful, unauthorized “policy” and practice of promoting LGBT ideology in violation of the rights of students, parents, and teachers, all without school board approval. Liberty Counsel has offered assistance to the Pasco County School Board, urging it to take immediate action and stop the harmful behavior at Chasco Middle School and elsewhere in the district resulting from a so-called “Gender Support Plan” and “Best Practices Guide.”

Jackie Jackson-Dean, a school psychologist, credits herself as lead author of a “Gender Support Plan” (Plan) and “Best Practices Guide” (Guide) adopted without school board approval. Page two of the Guide credits her as “lead content developer.” The documents encourage improper locker and bathroom access, the use of false gender pronouns, and withholding of information from parents. The unauthorized Plan imposes one person’s beliefs about gender over the beliefs of teachers, other students, and parents. The Plan and Guide require teachers to refer to some children by false gender pronouns, rather than pronouns consistent with biological gender, and to promote false ideas about gender to other children.

President Closes Jerusalem Consulate

Oct 23, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - The Trump administration announced it will merge the Jerusalem Consulate, responsible for relations with the Palestinian Authority, into its newly relocated U.S. Embassy.

CA Crisis Pregnancy Centers Win

Oct 21, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

CA Crisis Pregnancy Centers Win

LOS ANGELES, CA - A federal district court in California has issued a permanent injunction which now prohibits the state from enforcing the California Reproductive FACT Act, a law which compelled pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion. The court has also ordered the state to pay attorney’s fees and costs to Liberty Counsel.

Liberty Counsel’s case, Mountain Right to Life v. Becerra, was sent back from the U.S. Supreme Court to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which sent it back to the district court, after the High Court ruled in National Institute of Family and Life Advocates (NIFLA) v. Becerra that crisis pregnancy centers cannot be forced to promote abortions. Liberty Counsel represents three pro-life crisis pregnancy centers in Southern California: Mountain Right to Life, known as the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center (San Bernardino), His Nesting Place (Long Beach) and Birth Choice of the Desert (La Quinta).

Florida Counseling Ban on Trial

Oct 17, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Florida Counseling Ban on TrialWEST PALM BEACH, FL - Liberty Counsel is presenting oral argument tomorrow in federal court against the City of Boca Raton and Palm Beach County for their adoption of City Ordinance 5407 and County Ordinance 2017-046, which prohibit minors from receiving voluntary counseling from licensed professionals to reduce or eliminate unwanted same-sex attractions, behaviors, or gender confusion.

Silence Is Not an Option for Pastors

Oct 17, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Silence Is Not an Option for Pastors
ORLANDO, FL - Pastors and church leaders are free to speak up regarding biblical and moral issues relevant to this upcoming election, including educating their members about the positions of candidates.

No church has ever lost its tax-exempt status for opposing or supporting a candidate for political office. Pastors and church leaders can encourage people to register and to vote. They can inform people about biblical and moral values, and they can distribute voter information about the positions of the candidates.

President Trump Sets Judicial Record

Oct 12, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  The Senate approved more of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees yesterday, adding another 15 confirmations just days after Justice Brett Kavanaugh was installed on the U.S. Supreme Court. With Thursday’s confirmations, the Senate has confirmed 84 Trump nominees to the federal bench, which includes 53 trial judges, 29 appeals judges and two Supreme Court justices.

Pastor Brunson Is Free

Oct 12, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Andrew and Norine Brunson
WASHINGTON, D.C. - Pastor Andrew Brunson, who was wrongfully imprisoned by the Turkish government since October 7, 2016, has been released from Turkish house arrest and is free to travel due to the efforts of President Trump, including his administration and Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, Sam Brownback. Moreover, Sen. James Lankford visited Turkey in December 2017 to meet with their Ministry of Justice officials to advocate for the release of Pastor Brunson.

Gosnell Movie Debut

Oct 12, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Gosnell Movie Debut. Gosnell: The Trial of America's Biggest Serial Killer, Kermit Gosnell
ORLANDO, FL -  The movie, “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer,” depicts the true story of Kermit Gosnell and his Philadelphia abortion facility that killed babies in a live-birth abortion process.

In May 2013, Gosnell was convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to kill, and involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was convicted of the murders of three infants and involuntary manslaughter after a botched abortion attempt killed a woman from an inhumanely administered drug overdose. Gosnell was also charged with 21 felony counts of illegal late-term abortion and 211 counts of violating the 24-hour informed consent law. Gosnell is currently serving a life sentence with no possibility of parole.

Senate Committee Votes for Cloture

Oct 5, 2018 — Liberty Counsel

Senate Committee Votes for Cloture
WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Senate voted 51-49 for cloture today on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, allowing the debate to end under the chamber’s rules. Senators Collins, Flake and Manchin