Revolution, Insurrection, Paradigm Shift: All are necessary if Conservatives are to prevail. The Left already owns us. Our leaders are co-opted. Can any measure short of Revolution prevail?

Republican Barbarians at the Gates

By —— Bio and Archives--October 24, 2014

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Conservatives must choose Revolution – and now.

A pivotal mid-term election is upon us. No matter the outcome, however, the Republican Establishment will rule. And the Republican Establishment is entirely hostile to Republican Conservatives.


Today’s Establishment Republicans have grown even more odious than they were during the Reagan and Goldwater eras. They control all conventional paths to power, money, and position. They are comfortable in the presumption their rule is inviolable, their eventual sinecures assured. They believe the Conservative rabble will either submit or perish. They do not understand the rules have changed. No longer will Conservatives accept battles only in the times and places of the Establishment’s choosing.

Paradoxically, at a time when continued deception would best serve the Establishment’s efforts to maintain control, its overt attacks upon Conservatives have flushed its true nature from the weeds of misdirection and indistinct outlines. The Establishment now openly, brazenly, attacks Conservatives, even boasts of its attacks. It proclaims, loudly, it is no longer willing even to imitate allegiance to Conservative principles.

The Republican Establishment’s contemporary predations upon Conservative Republicans might constitute merely the painful and annoying intransigence common to the old guard of any organization. But the Establishment is using live ammunition. So must we.

We must admit that despite living in a country where most voters self-identify conservative sentiments, we are also a country, a Party, subject to the checkered pants money-boys and their self-interested shills in the Republican Leadership.

It does not matter that both Republicans and Democrats must repeatedly campaign as bona fide Conservatives, or that 49 of 50 states voted for Reagan in his 1984 re-election—yes, 49 - or that voters always respond positively to any/all politicians who declare for Conservative principles.

Conservative Cause must become Revolutionary

It does not matter that our Conservative Cause is righteous and astoundingly popular. Our Cause must also be successful. And to be successful, against an Establishment working for our demise, the Conservative Cause must become Revolutionary.

Conservatives must jettison any loyalty whatsoever to tradition and accepted power structures. For instance, Speaker Boehner, in his House, presumes to whip Conservative lawmakers into line by withholding “committee assignments,” privileges to speak on the floor, to introduce legislation, and worse. Our response should be: “So what?” Are there truly no more creative ways than these to prove oneself a champion of the people and the Conservative Cause? In fact, aren’t Speaker Boehner’s conditional slops actually antithetical (other than for CSPAN coverage) to our Cause?

Why not take the “Committee assignment hit” and reverse it? Why not employ it as a badge of fidelity to the Conservative brand; why not “lead” with it in every interview? “Well, as I was saying, as a proud member of the Boehner Blacklist Brigade, I believe…”

Why not outflank the “lawmaking” enterprise entirely and become ‘heroes of the people?’ Why not act upon the visceral understanding that most citizens are always and entirely unaware of their Congressperson’s legislation—and do not care in any case? Why not recognize routine lawmaking for the vitality-draining mundanity it has become? We can no longer afford our Congresspersons acting like Congresspersons. We can no longer afford having our Congresspersons believing or acting as if the markers of their success have anything to do with the Establishment’s paradigms or limitations.

Revolution, Insurrection, Paradigm Shift: All are necessary if Conservatives are to prevail. The Left already owns us. Our leaders are co-opted. Can any measure short of Revolution prevail?

Revolution, Insurrection, Paradigm Shift: All are necessary if Conservatives are to prevail. The Left already owns us. Our leaders are co-opted. Can any measure short of Revolution prevail?

  • What if a Congressperson focused upon public education about Conservatism, advocacy for Conservatism—but beyond traditional and even social media?
  • What if a Congressperson intentionally eschewed Committee meetings, lawmaking, and floor presentations? What if a Congressperson instead focused his or her time, energy, and creativity upon initiatives with genuine merit and effect?

For example, what if a Congressperson held a Press Conference every single day about one topic—the same topic each day: “We’d like to announce this is Day 750 of the Cover-up of the Benghazi Massacre. Questions?” 

  • What if a Congressperson led repeated acts of civil disobedience such as sit-ins and chaining a group of supporters—and himself or herself—to the doors to Speaker Boehner’s Office, holding aloft protest signs such as, “Defeat Speaker Boehner—It’s a No-Brainer.”
  • What if a Congressperson fashioned on-site Press Conferences in front of every controversial backdrop possible? For example, he or she might begin with a visit to South Central L.A. and hold a sidewalk Conference on the Tragedy of Youth Homicide in America, or pitch a Press tent in front of Sidwell Friends School lamenting the hideous state of public education compared with that provided to the scions of the 1%, such as the President’s children.
  • What if a Congressperson were to hire a standby professional news crew—to film the next chaining escapade or Michael Moore ambushes of Leadership (and of course the opposition)?
  • What if all Revolutionary activities were uploaded to YouTube, Facebook, and via every other medium—within 24 hours?
  • What if Conservative Congressional Revolutionaries initiated disruption maneuvers—intruding upon Committee Meetings, Leadership Caucuses, Leadership’s Offices, EPA Offices, NLRB Offices?
  • What if our Revolutionaries joined together to leverage their actions, to be ‘the organized minority prevailing over the disorganized majority?’

Seriously, what would happen if our Congresspersons began to act this way?

Boehner, McConnell, and the rest of the Establishment’s Politburo would be outflanked, overwhelmed and marginalized. And they would have no recourse.

More importantly, Conservative Principles would be articulated on every stage and 24/7—at least as often as are Leftist principles now. Better than this, we’d have loads of fun.

Best of all, we might get our country back.


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