Dreamboat jihadists and silly Millennials

Resistance is futile when your children are standing between you and Terrorism

By —— Bio and Archives--January 9, 2015

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In an upside-down world resistance to rampant Islamic terrorism was penciled in as futile from the get-go.  Resistance is literally futile when your sympathizers are already in-house before going out to commit your next act of terrorism.


Update: FRENCH SIEGES COME TO BLOODY END: Commandos storm grocery store and printing firm where Charlie Hebdo assassins and policewoman’s killer were holed up and KILL all three terrorists

This is what rampaging terrorists already own in their arsenal: governments that look the other way; the freedom of movement courtesy of lax immigration law, freedom of speech that applies only to them, and now their very own built-in cheering section.

This is what the modern-day terrorist can now count on: thousands of teen girls ‘crushing’ (having a crush) on them.  Support goading them on from Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Thousands.

If they make it through the blaze of Paris police bullets and don’t get to do themselves in on their way to ‘martyrdom’, can Charlie Hebdo suspected killers al Qaeda brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi expect any worse?

In the case of Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the 21-year-old who is accused of plotting with his Brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev and carrying out an attack near the finish line of the Boston Marathon in April 2013, ‘love-struck’ teenage girls get his curly hair and dark bedroom eyes,  but the human carnage he is accused of leaving behind in Boston goes right over their silly heads.

‘Tsarnaev the Terrorist’ to most reasonable folk, is ‘Romantic Jahar’ to the trout-pout lipped practiced with lip gloss in a thousand ‘self-ettes’.

Their hip and cool darling Jahar is caged like a pacing lion in prison when all these girls want to do is run their painted-nail fingers through his curly hair.

That Jahar baby’s on trial for the pressure cooker bomb toss that killed three people, maiming and wounding more than 282 and shooting to death an MIT campus police officer,  hasn’t cooled their ardor one little bit.

Their lib-left and pop-cult trained little hearts bleed for “Jahar”, the nickname he used as a Twitter handle and went on to Internet fame as part of dozens of hashtags (#FreeJahar being a favorite, Facebook pages and Tumblr blogs. (Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2013)

This teenage version of conspiracy theorists buy into Jahar’s innocence, having already fallen for the loopy theory that he offered himself zombie-like to the evil intent of his jihad-obsessed, 26-year-old brother; that both brothers fell victim to a complex conspiracy, like the one that they were framed by the government out to portray them as Muslims in the April 15 Boston bombings.  Those mean and nasty officers who finally caught up with Dzhokhar on April 19 when he lay unarmed and bleeding inside a boat went over the line, according to their romantic version of their heart-throb who stops the beating hearts of other human beings.

Doesn’t the adult racist world get it,  their wonderful Jahar is “soooooo cute!”

Those who make it to the courthouse where their Dreamboat Dzhokhar is being tried are ready to faint dead away just being in that close a proximity to him.  But in the meantime they are posting “Innocent until proven guilty!!!” posters on lamppost around their towns, and writing “Dzhokhar is innocent” on their hands.

Oblivious to the fact that the Boston bombing left some children without limbs, an 18-year-old waitress interviewed by the New York Post vowed to have Dzhokhar’s last tweet before the bombing tattooed onto her arm: “If you have the knowledge and the inspiration all that’s left is to take action”.

Where are these terrorist-loving girls coming from?  From a teach-by-indoctrination public school system,  run by a country whose current administration has banned the term ‘Islamic terrorist’ from the public lexicon.

Where do the boys fit in this system? As millennials lazing about in their Moms’ basements and turning up for duty at Occupy Wall Street protests organized by Revolutionary Communist USA out in Ferguson, MO, New York City and in any other city where the cop-hating rent-a-mob is called to duty.

Parents:  In order to stand up to terrorism, you have to get by your own children, or somehow get them out of the clutches of the pro-Marxist, pro-radical Islamists when they’re still in grade school starting at Kindergarten.

Resistance is futile when your own children are tweeting support for terrorists and joining the ranks of the Communist-run anti-cop rallies.

Bring them home and teach them they are marching toward certain anarchy and death.

Don’t wait ‘til tomorrow.  Do it today.



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