Thanks to President Trump for returning Power to the People!

Returning Power To The People

By —— Bio and Archives--September 19, 2018

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Returning Power To The People
It is POWER, the kind that comes from natural gas, diesel, propane, oil, coal and electricity and not the hyped-up bragged-about power of self-serving politicians that matters most to people.

The lights and lines of communication are slowly being turned back on in Hurricane Florence-ravaged North Carolina where rousing cheers can be heard every time another light comes back on.


Drinking water, food and medical supplies being brought in all require power to get there.

Communications, including the supposedly all-powerful Internet, require power.

Authorities in Pender County, NC, among others,  used helicopters, boats and 5-ton trucks to make 1,300 rescues yesterday since the hurricane’s landfall.

In Pender, four helicopters were used for rescues, 11 boat crews were deployed to handle water rescues, and three 5-ton trucks were put into use.

To date, 130 emergency people are on the ground in Pender County as are 75 volunteer fire-fighters and 125 civilians from out of county are helping with Swift Water Teams.

The courageous, life-saving Cajun Navy, from out of Louisiana (and cheered on by CFP Comment Queen Totsy) have been on the ground since the get-go.

Helicopters, boats and trucks run on power, the very same kind of power,  deliberately curbed by former President Barack Obama and whacko radical ‘environmental’ activists for eight long years.

Hurricane Florence proved,  just as hurricanes, Matthew, Harvey and Ivan did,  that save for God Almighty,  nothing is as crucial to sustaining human life as sound infrastructure.

While many North Carolinians waited on their roof tops for rescue, while many worried about water and food supplies running out and while many sweltered in the heat, environmental activist Palo Alto University Professor Christine Blasey Ford dominated mainstream and social media.

Ford was hurting—REALLY hurting— from a 36-year-old, mind-blowing incident kept under wraps until the appointment to Supreme Court of accused groper Brett Kavanaugh made it necessary to drag out.

Lucky for the rest of us that the FBI is too busy trying to take the President down to suss out the cold case of Ford’s attention-seeking sexual assault allegation against Kavanaugh.

With massive help from mainstream and social media, Progressive Democrat politicians always run away with the news, patently ignoring the people who are really hurting in epic natural disasters.

Their big bags of wind are always so much more demanding than anyone else’s.

Christine Blasey Ford is not the only one, she’s only the latest one to follow adult entertainer Stormy Daniels and her lawyer.

Forty-seven days out from Midterms, millions will remember that It wasn’t Dianne Feinstein, an 85-year-old woman with the ridiculous nickname, DiFi, the Spartacus channeling Cory Booker, opportunist bar none,  Kamala Harris et al who rushed to the rescue efforts in North Carolina, it was people from outside states like Indiana, Virginia and Louisiana among others.

Though Fake News Clown Prince CNN only wants to talk about his private parts, President Trump will be in North Carolina today assessing the damage and seeing what can be done about it.

Steel magnolia souls in North Carolina mourning the loss of 37 and still counting are coming back to restored power, the kind of power that President Donald Trump has returned more than any other president to date.

Knowing what real wind is, they have pulled through every hurricane Mother Nature has sent their way.

Few realize better than them that the kind of power held by politicians of the day is a mere poof that can be blown away in a nano second.

God bless the people of North Carolina for their resilience, steadfast belief and for sticking together even with so many odds stacked against them.

Thanks to President Trump for returning Power to the People!


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