Republicans should do as many as their constituents do and stop believing every word they read in the New York Times.

RINOS Making Way For The Era of the Holier-Than-Thou Accusers

By —— Bio and Archives--January 17, 2019

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RINOS Making Way For The Era of the Holier-Than-Thou Accusers
We have now entered—without much screaming and kicking along the way— in The Era of the Holier-Than-Thou Accusers.

That the getting to be prolific accusers are also the abusers of innocent targeted victims seems to be going straight over the heads of the chattering classes.


Christine Blasey Ford opened the door on the Era of the Holier-Than-Now Accusers with unproven accusations that almost killed Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Over-the-top Ford supporters almost succeeded in kicking in the door of the supreme court.  They failed when the door was left standing—but left wide open for the next helpless victim of baseless accusations.

That was in October. Four months later, accusations by the devious New York Times against 9-term Iowa Congressman Steven King seek to end his career.

There is no tape of King’s 56-minute ‘interview’ with the New York Times, no proof whatsoever that he made the statements the NYT reported.

Now the Des Moines Register, the largest newspaper in the congressman’s home state, is calling for him to step down.

Call it the beginning of a MSM and social media shark feeding frenzy.

“Iowa’s largest newspaper is calling for U.S. Rep. Steve King to resign, saying his comments about white nationalism and white supremacy are “abhorrent” and leave him unable to represent his district. (AP, Jan. 16, 2019)

“The Des Moines Register, in an editorial posted on its website Tuesday, says House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s decision to strip King of his committee assignments leaves the state without representation on the vital House Agriculture Committee.

“The editorial argued that while King has made statements for years that “made Iowa a laughing stock on the national stage,” his most recent comments in The New York Times should be “career-ending.”

“The Register urged Iowa’s Republican senators, Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst, GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds and others to urge King to quit “for the good of the Republican Party and, more importantly, for the good of Iowa.”



Why should newspapers get away with calling the curtain down on any elected official put into office by thousands of citizen voters?

Led by Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, the House has approved a Democratic measure disapproving of Republican Rep. Steve King’s comments about white supremacy.

Call it for what it is, the New York Times white supremacy accusations.

This was followed by Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney saying of King: “I think he should find another line of work.”

“Republican leaders have made serving in Congress uncomfortable for King over his remarks in the New York Times last week questioning how white supremacy and white nationalism became offensive terms. (AP)

“House and Senate leaders condemned the remarks, and GOP leaders moved this week to deny him any committee assignments.”

Republicans should do as many as their constituents do and stop believing every word they read in the New York Times.


Why should anyone believe what Kevin McCarthy has to say about Steve King when after announcing his candidacy for Speaker on Sept. 28, 2015, he dropped out of the race on October 8—in favor of Paul Ryan?

“On the House floor Tuesday, King said he was advocating for Western civilization, not racism, in the Times interview. King says he rejects the ideology of white supremacy, adding that he deeply believes that “all men and now all women are created equal. It’s in my heart and soul and it’s in my works.” (AP)

“The nine-term Iowa congressman says he’s advocating for Western civilization, not racism.”

Meanwhile, it is not just Congressman King that the New York Times is getting away with smearing.  Left as things currently stand, the Holier-Than-Thous are now capable of putting a curse on anyone who is proud of their country (which is the meaning of the word ‘nationalist’) or who dares defend the West.

The MSM and social media will pick off all accused without proof off one at a time, while cowardly and self-serving Republican opportunists safely keep looking the other way.


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