Hang on to your seats, Patriots, you’re in for the bumpiest ride yet, starting tomorrow on the Eve of Halloween 2017

Robert Mueller’s CNN-Inspired Halloween Party

By —— Bio and Archives--October 29, 2017

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Robert Mueller’s CNN-Inspired Halloween Party
CFP’s Sunday prediction for Monday, Oct. 30: Robert Mueller’s CNN-touted Indictment Party, like Hillary Clinton’s 2-minute Election Night Fireworks Display, will not, as planned, light up the sky. 

Clinton’s plan to light up the sky over NewYork City on election, like her media and poll promised presidency, never happened.

Dittos are on the way for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s first indictments tomorrow.  All of the pumped up CNN hype notwithstanding, there’s a general lack of public interest in his charging Trump Russia colluders because Sean Hannity ’s question is the one foremost on the minds of millions: “When will @HillaryClinton be indicted?”

CNN’s “scoop” spoon-fed to them by “anonymous sources” within the Special Counsel Team

‘Wake us up when it’s over, Mr. Mueller’ seems to be the prevailing sentiment of half an entire nation.

CNN has been holding the Internet world in suspension over the weekend with a “scoop” spoon-fed to them by “anonymous sources” within the Special Counsel Team.

Putting their bragging rights on full display, the network claimed in a Friday night bombshell: “As of publication, every other media outlet reporting the story is reporting it back to CNN.” 

According to their latest arrogant stance, the entire media died leaving CNN boss.

Only the anti-Trump-crazed CNN would call Mueller’s being prepared to make first charges on the year-long hunt for Trump campaign Russian colluders, “a scoop”.

Readers and viewers call it what it really is: “spoon-fed propaganda fed by “anonymous sources” in the Deep State to what has long been their favorite “news” outlet.

All CNN heads under laurel wreaths must be getting more than a tad itchy by now.

The only media outlets in discernible “rah-rah” CNN mode are those who have been advancing the Russians-stole-the-election-from-Hillary conspiracy for the past year.

Salacious, unproven dirty dossier by Spy-who-cut-and-run Christopher Steele

The Mueller investigation is based on a salacious, unproven dirty dossier by Spy-who-cut-and-run Christopher Steele.  Steele, who went underground, leaving his cats with a neighbour when his cover was blown, raked in mega bucks for a made-up story, and would likely still be cashing FBI checks if his cover hadn’t been blown.

Part of his leaked dossier purported that Donald Trump hired a pair of prostitutes to soak a bed Barack and Michelle Obama once shared at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Moscow, Russia, in urine.

Throwing the Obamas into the picture was bound to bring progressive/left hyenas out on the stampede.

Now that the Washington Post outed Clinton and the DNC as the main principals behind the dossier, accusations are boomeranging back to the Republicans as its originators.

“In October 2015, during the Republican primary campaign, the Washington Free Beacon, a conservative website primarily funded by Republican donor Paul Singer, hired the American research firm Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump and other Republican presidential candidates. For months, Fusion GPS gathered information about Trump, focusing on his business and entertainment activities. When Trump became the presumptive nominee on May 3, 2016, the Free Beacon stopped funding research on him. (Wikipedia)

‘“Shortly after the presidential election, Senator John McCain, who had been informed about the alleged links between the Kremlin and Trump, met with former British ambassador to Moscow Sir Andrew Wood. Wood confirmed the existence of the dossier and vouched for Steele’s “professionalism and integrity”. McCain obtained the dossier from David J. Kramer and took it directly to FBI director James Comey on December 9, 2016”. (Wikipedia)

Continued below...

“Anonymous sources”

“Following Tuesday’s news, Clinton’s former campaign press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted that “if even a shred of that dossier ends up helping Mueller, it will prove money well spent.” (CNN, Oct. 24, 2017)

Meanwhile, CBS was first off the mark to follow CNN with yesterday’s story headlined ‘First charges filed in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation’.

It took four—count ‘em— four CBS News’ reporters to file the eight-paragraph “report”: “Andres Triay, Paula Reid, Pat Milton and Clare Hymes contributed to this report. “

But you can get the entire CBS storyline in its first paragraph:

“The federal grand jury being used by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election has approved the first charges stemming from the investigation, sources tell CBS News.”  (Italics CFP’s).

“The indictment is currently under seal but is expected to become public as early as Monday. The nature of the charges is not clear, nor is the identity or number of individuals targeted. (CBS)

“CNN first reported the approved charges Friday night.” 

Like CNN, the CBS story is based on “anonymous sources”.

Peter Carr, a spokesman in the special counsel’s office, wasn’t the source, as he declined to comment.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wasn’t a source as his office declined to comment on whether he was briefed on possible charges.


Mueller’s keystone cop investigation

It is Rosenstein who oversees the Mueller probe at the Justice Department. 

Don’t CNN and CBS know that the public at large know that stories citing “anonymous sources” are not stories at all, but only strategically planted propaganda?

Incorporate that into your forthcoming book, ex-FBI Director Jim Comey.

Targets of Mueller’s keystone cop investigation to date include former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, among others.

Like the rest of us, they will be kept in the dark until Monday.

Investigative journalist Carl Bernstein, out in the arid news desert since Watergate, flew solo on speculation:

“Bernstein: Trump Officials Facing ‘20 to 40 to 50 Years for Whatever These Crimes Are’ : (Grabien News, Oct. 27, 2017)

Carl Bernstein, along with Bob Woodward, one of two Washington Post reporters, who broke the Watergate scandal, should be walking proof of how far downhill investigative journalism has gone since the long ago days of ‘Deep throat’.

In a single paragraph Bernstein twice misused the word ‘perspective’ for ‘prospective’:

“Bernstein: Trump Officials Facing ‘20 to 40 to 50 Years for Whatever These Crimes Are’ ‘Mueller wants to send a signal to other perspective defendants’. (Grabien)

“BERNSTEIN: “There’s one other aspect of this and that is that it’s very possible, and it’s been suggested to me by some of the lawyers involved, that Mueller wants to send a signal to other perspective [sic] defendants. If this person who has been indicted, or persons, are facing 20 to 40 to 50 years for whatever these crimes are — related to collusion or not — there may be others who are subject to similar charges who have further knowledge about dealings with Russia. And so it may be aimed at these perspective [sic] indictees as well, not simply this person or persons who they want to flip. So there are a lot of intentions that the special council is trying to convey here I suspect.” (Grabien)

Grabien should acknowledge that it’s special counsel, not “council”.

My yesterday Canada Free Press column started off with two words: “Happy Weekend!”


Continued below...

CNN and Mueller ‘Weinstein’ the News Cycle

CNN and Mueller ‘Weinstein’ the News Cycle

“Just as you were thinking that the Deep State ongoing soap opera l would end with Special Counsel Robert Mueller recusing himself now that failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her DNC travelling side show had been outed, comes this:

“Things were getting too hot for Clinton and the DNC, so Mueller and CNN have “Harvey Weinsteined” the news cycle.

“At 11 p.m. last night the mostly Democrat, 16-lawyered, Russia leaker panel LEAKED what they think is the story of the year: Mueller and Company are ready to file charges and “someone” could face arrest by Monday morning.

“Judicial matters of such gravity used to be carried out during 9-to-5 business hours,  but allowing for melodrama potential, Mueller and the CNN work closer to the witching hour. 

“You don’t have to be a trending expert to discover that the story leaked to CNN is trending and that all stories about it picked up by any other news outlet will be automatically referred back to CNN.

“By 11 p.m., news reporters at other outlets may have been wrapping up for the day, or out barhopping,  but the cafe latté was still flowing freely over at the CNN. ‘News’  Room.

“Was Hillary Clinton sipping Chardonnay as she waited for the CNN bombshell to drop?

“How much doubt can there be that the CNN ‘scoop’ was intended to keep folk tossing and turning at bed time all weekend and that it would dominate the Sunday news shows?”

PLUNK! That’s the sound of both the MSM and progressive/left politics hitting rock bottom in the pond scum.

The Mueller Investigation Team are keeping their detective spy glass trained on the completely manufactured anti-Trump dossier determined that it will lead to impeachment.

The mainstream and social media emulate the now infamously fallacious Christopher Steele by continuing to file reports strictly based on “anonymous sources”.

In other words, Christopher Steele’s still out there writing the narrative.

Hang on to your seats, Patriots, you’re in for the bumpiest ride yet, starting tomorrow on the Eve of Halloween 2017.

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