Russia Secret Agent Man' Barack Hussein Obama is hiding in plain sight. In fact he hid in plain sight right in the Oval Office for eight, long uninterrupted years

Russia’s Secret Agent Man Hiding in Plain Sight

By —— Bio and Archives--September 25, 2017

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In the era of “Fake News” unvarnished truth rarely, if ever, finds its way to the media-propagandized masses.

In order to keep the masses in the dark, Fake News leans on a typical tactic of cultural Marxism—projection, falsely projecting Conservatives as the only purveyors of Fake News.

It isn’t just that lies get halfway around the world before truth ever gets its pants on, it’s that social media is an unidentified swamp creature snapping its capacious hungry jaws on any truth making its way into the sunlight.

Truth of the whole truth and nothing but the truth variety is about as welcome in a Marxist/media-run society as a Trump supporter at an AntiFa gathering.

The biggest suppressed truth of our day is a Greek Tragedy in the making: President Donald J. Trump is not the real Russia Agent plunging America into a maelstrom from which there is no return, Barack Hussein Obama, is.

The mainstream media’s propagated “Russia-gate” is a crock; the Special Counsel investigation led by Robert Mueller, a coming-any-day-now miscarriage of justice, heading full-speed down the pike to replace a duly elected Donald Trump with failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

If the Russians had hacked 2016’s presidential election, they would have done it for Hillary Clinton, who is much more their samovar of tea. Like Obama, Clinton, an adoring disciple of Saul Alinsky, has spent her career spreading the ideals of socialism. Ditto for Vladimir Putin, who as an avowed Communist, appreciates a close relationship with Marxist Socialism.

For Putin the choice of who should be U.S. president would have been an easy one.  Hillary Clinton ably proved that she was open to Russian deal making when big money could be made in uranium. (NY Times, April 24, 2015

To Clinton, Trump is a pig, a capitalist pig. Russia leans on communism, not capitalism.

In spite of all the media hype, the Russians-stole-the-election conspiracy has gone nowhere from the get-go.

All of its lies had hit a brick wall before useful idiot Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg entered the big picture.

“Facebook announced earlier this month that an internal investigation found that Russian operatives likely spent $100,000 on politically-charged ads shown to social-media users during the 2016 U.S. presidential race, supporting the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow meddled in Mr. Trump’s election last November. Details involving the ads are being given to congressional investigators examining Russia’s alleged involvement in the 2016 race, and Facebook has adopted new rules meant to make political ads as transparent as possible, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Thursday.” (Washington Times, Sept. 22, 2017)

Two spoilers on this Russian-fodder-for Mueller story:

One: It took Facebook nine months after election to claim Russian operatives “likely” spent $100,000 on politically-charged ads

shown to social-media users during the 2016 U.S. presidential race, supporting the U.S. intelligence community’s assessment that Moscow meddled in Mr. Trump’s election last November”?How “likely” is that?

Continued below...

Who knew the outcome of American presidential elections relied on a mere worth of $100,000 Facebook ads?!

Who knew the outcome of American presidential elections rely not on hundreds of millions of dollars raised by candidates, but just $100,000 on Facebook ads?!

“Both President Trump and a Kremlin spokesman on Friday separately denied that Russian government operatives purchased political ads on Facebook meant to sway the 2016 White House. (Washington Times)

“The Russia hoax continues, now it’s ads on Facebook,” Mr. Trump tweeted Friday morning. “What about the totally biased and dishonest Media coverage in favor of Crooked Hillary,” he added, using his nickname for former White House hopeful Hillary Clinton.

“We do not know ... how to place an advert on Facebook,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov separately told reporters Friday. “We have never done this, and the Russian side has never been involved in it,” Mr. Peskov said in a conference call, Reuters reported.


Untold legions of conservatives can attest to being thrown off Facebook

Untold legions of conservatives can attest to being thrown off Facebook, which only allows those in their good favor onto their platform.

Two: Hillary Clinton has already said that “Dependent upon the results of Robert Mueller’s investigation, she may contest the official results of the election.” (CNN, Sept. 18, 2017)

The president and the Kremlin can deny it all the way to the blue-in-the-face stage, but Mueller’s coming down the pike and won’t give up until he hands the Democrats the ‘impeachment proof’ they need to remove Trump from office.

And make no mistake about it that’s precisely what Mueller’s unwarranted ‘investigation’ is all about.

Leading the posse to have President Trump impeached as a Russian agent, CNN was reporting on Friday that Trump has used the term “Russia hoax” at least once a month since March.

The Never Trumpers jumped in on the Facebook claim with cloven feet and swishing tails.

“The president’s comment “doesn’t merely deny collusion with Russia, as one might expect,” conservative commentator and frequent Trump critic Bill Kristol tweeted Friday. “He seems to deny the fact of Russian interference.” (Washington Times)

Shouldn’t it matter to Kristol, that under the law of the land, the President, like any other American, is innocent until proven guilty?


Continued below...

“Mr. Putin authorized state-sponsored hackers and propagandists to interfere in last year’s election in order to hurt Mrs. Clinton’s presidential ambitions, according to the U.S. Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Moscow’s alleged involvement as well as any collusion on the part of Mr. Trump’s transition team and administration are currently the subject of separate investigations underway in the House, Senate and Justice Department. The Kremlin and White House have both denied interfering in last year’s race.” (Washington Times)

Some steadfastly believe that the real Russian interference is rooted in the destabilization of America through the unsuspected tag team of Russia and China plotting the takedown of America in North Korea.

“How long can the United States continue to ignore the “North Korean madman”? Thus, it is only obvious that the United States is being goaded, little by little. The American president is being led to believe that he hasn’t any choice in the matter, that North Korea must be preemptively attacked. (Jeff Nyquist)

“And what happens if the U.S. launches a preemptive attack on North Korea?

“The Russians and Chinese will denounce as “aggression” any preemptive strike on North Korea and launch a prompt counter-attack against the United States. In the resulting battle the United States would almost certainly lose an aircraft carrier. The blow to American prestige would be tremendous. The president of the United States would probably be forced to resign, or he would be impeached. Perhaps there would be a military coup. The dollar would fall and America’s allies would be encouraged by Russia and China to abandon the United States and realign themselves with the new East Bloc.”

The clock is nearing midnight for the removal from the Oval Office of the best president ever elected since President Ronald Reagan.

Americans who long for a stable USA in the rot left behind by Obama will only get it if they support America’s 45th, who is up against all odds.

This is where the ticking clock is taking an America where millionaire NFL players (and now baseball stars) are taking a knee against the National Anthem; where little boys attending grade school are now coming back home as little girls; where the screeching of protest anarchists have reached ear-piercing levels:

In the shadows, The Obama/Clinton/progressive cabal are putting the finishing touches on a mammoth, Mueller-proofed coup d’état.

There is a Russia Secret Agent Man working in the background to bring about radical change for America without hope.

‘Russia Secret Agent Man’ Barack Hussein Obama is hiding in plain sight. In fact he hid in plain sight right in the Oval Office for eight, long uninterrupted years.

Obama and Clinton continue to end run reality with a sick reality of their own.

The mainstream media continues to give Hillary Clinton a platform as though she won on November 8th.

Sound the warning bells: Hillary is waiting for Mueller. Obama is waiting to fill the vacuum left by coming anarchy.

Clinton has stopped crying into her Chardonnay in anticipation of reclaiming a presidency she claims always was rightfully hers.

How much worse can it get?

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