Trying to force “social justice” down the throats of unsuspecting consumers

San Fran cops should sue Pepsi and use the winnings to hire more police

By —— Bio and Archives--April 10, 2017

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It would be nothing less than pure poetic justice if the San Francisco Police Department sued Pepsi for the political, Kendall Jenner “social justice” video that public outrage forced the soft drink giant to remove.

Pepsi pulled the ad Wednesday, apologizing and saying it was merely trying “to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding.”

Trying to force “social justice” down the throats of unsuspecting consumers

Sure, and the Kardashians who bare various parts of their anatomies for publicity are bound to get it for them.

Pepsi, providers of one of the world’s best-known fizzy sugary soft drinks, are trying to force “social justice” down the throats of unsuspecting consumers obsessed with the popularity of Kendall Jenner.

Derided by most everyone who saw it, the message of the ad was politically blatant.

“Jenner, the second youngest of the Kardashian clan, leaves a photo shoot to join a protest where she offers a riot officer a can of Pepsi, prompting the crowd to erupt into raucous applause and the policeman to grin. (HeatStreet, April 8, 2017)

“Borrowing images from the Black Lives Matter movement, the ad has been accused of co-opting, commodifying and trivialising social movements to sell soft drinks.”

But the message imparted by the ad went much further than that.

Not only poor taste, it’s heartless

The worst part of the ad is that it came with a horse-already-out-of-the-barn component for cop haters on the move.

Mocking police when 135 of them have been killed on duty in 2016 alone is not only poor taste, it’s heartless.

This is what Kardashian publicity hound Kendall Jenner had to say about making the commercial: “It was fun, it was entertaining. The whole concept is really something that I’m about, so it was just fun to be a part of.”

That Pepsi initially planned to use in a global ad campaign, the day before it was released shows clearly how Pepsi corporatists think.

“In the ad, the cops’ logos and badges look a lot like those used by the San Francisco Police Department—but Pepsi never got permission from the department, its spokesperson told local news outlets this week. (HeatStreet)


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“With a lawsuit in mind, the police department and San Francisco’s city attorney are investigating the unauthorized use of the badge, the local ABC affiliate reported.

“We’re demanding that Pepsi not run any footage or photos associated with this ad that reference the San Francisco Police Department,” said city attorney Dennis Herrera in a statement Friday. “If they don’t comply, we will explore all legal options. There is nothing San Franciscan about Pepsi’s ham-handed attempt here to fatten its own bottom line.”

Should the San Francisco Police Department follow through and win litigation against political Pepsi which has money to burn, they should use their winnings for what cop haters would hate most: hire more police to keep San Francisco safe.





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