Dem Message To Running Dog Media:

Say Anything Positive About Donald Trump and Kayleigh-Marie Will Get You

By —— Bio and Archives--June 28, 2018

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Say Anything Positive About Donald Trump and Kayleigh-Marie Will Get You
The Washington Examiner’s timely lament that there is ‘No space for Trump supporters in country’s biggest newspapers’ is so easily explained.

It’s because shiftless, Marxist-obsessed ‘journalists’, too frightened to tell the truth, have jumped 4-square into the ‘One-Size-Fits-All Hatred of Donald Trump Camp’.


So much easier being big-talking you when all you gotta’ do is hate

So much easier being big-talking you when all you gotta’ do is hate.

“It’s stunning, but not unbelievable, that not a single national newspaper has been able to find even just one writer who can put forth a robust argument on behalf of the people who voted for Trump (ie. half of the country).

New polls show Trump with an approval rating of about 90 percent among Republicans, an amazing number” (Washington Examiner, June 28, 2018)

Drop ‘round to the nearest watering hole of any major newspaper and you will find ‘journalists’ bragging about all the ‘scoops’ they never had.

Bravado is easily maintained when it never comes backed by facts. (Isn’t that right, Obama?)

When they’re in their news rooms sipping cafe lattés, (some worried that one of the 150 Starbuck outlets to be closed may be one of the ones nearest them), they sort through overnight Tweets, freaking themselves out while taking a break from writing the ‘Breaking Fake News Story of the Day’.

‘Trump’s a racist!’.  ‘No one connected to him deserves safety in public space’.

Fantasizing can be a lonely place even when surrounded by so many other fantasizers.

What these journalists sometimes see on Twitter scares them out of what little wits they have left.

Try the week-old Trump Assassination Tweet on for size:

“While top Democratic lawmakers are wallowing in violent rhetoric — calling out mobs to publicly harass Trump officials, and not firing interns who yell obscenities at President Trump because Mr. Trump is worse — their base is being even less fastidious.” (Washington Times, June 27, 2018)

“Conservative columnist Michelle Malkin noted an example of direct incitement to murder — and berated Twitter for allowing it to stay despite the obvious violation of Twitter terms of use.

“The tweet in question was from a woman named “Kayleigh-Marie,” who wrote “I am f—ing sick of trump and his minions. Can someone just assassinate him already?!?!?!.”

“The text was accompanied by a GIF of a gun pointed directly at the camera, making the viewer look down the barrel of the weapon.

“The tweet was posted at 11:08 a.m. on June 20 and was screen-grabbed by The Washington Times as still present Wednesday evening. As of 10:33 p.m. Wednesday, the assassination tweet had received 642 retweets and 369 “Likes.”

“Really, @TwitterSafety @jack? One week later and this twisted incitement to assassination against our president is STILL up?” Mrs. Malkin wrote on Twitter.”



The prog-left, the feminists and loud-mouthed celebrities are against guns—unless that is they’re pictures of them, pointed at their most detested deplorable enemies.

It wasn’t Kayleigh-Marie’s gun gif that sent cowardly media meisters hiding under their desks because they’ve been hiding there ever since Nov. 8, 2016.

They’re hoping that the prog-left’s prolific use of the F-bomb, flipping the bird, the threats against Trump and family children, will hound a duly-elected president out of office, and that somehow their heroine Hillary will once again come into her own.

The unlikely outcome of this pipe dream will see them all rushing forward to tell Rep. Maxine (‘don’t call me Max!’) Waters’, you didn’t impeach Trump, WE DID!

‘’F**k You’ has become the most popular expletive of our day, and soon enough angelic children will be uttering it in school playgrounds.

Meanwhile, the message to journalists from their Dem bosses is as clear as the journalists’ cowardice: ‘Don’t write anything positive about Donald Trump, or we’ll send Kayleigh-Marie to get you’.


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