Meanwhile, the genesis of the vulgar “pussyhats” has been battened down to “pink cat’s ears”, and no one looks more comfortable in a pink cat’s ear hat than Women’s march prop-providing Senator Chuckie Schumer

Senator Chuck Schumer Providing Backdrop for Women’s March 2018

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Senator Chuck Schumer Providing Backdrop for Women’s March 2018
The Biggest Star of Women’s March 2018 is (drum roll, please): Senator Chuck Schumer, a male-#MeToo-er of which there now seem to be so many.

It was Schumer who managed to pull off the timely shutdown of the government—one day before the march—providing the march its main backdrop:

“Against the backdrop of the U.S. government shutdown that took hold Saturday, many marchers pointed to the irony of the closure of iconic sites associated with the fight for liberty and equality, such as the Statue of Liberty and the visitor center at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta. (LA Times, Jan.20, 2018)

“Like last year’s protests, these overspilled U.S. borders, with dozens of overseas gatherings. At a linked event Saturday in Rome, Italian actress-director Asia Argento, one of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, called on women to “speak out and change things.”

Nothing’s dramatically changed since their first march:

The Democrats are still willing to shut the government down (in this case for a weekend) in order to hold the country hostage.

The loudest screams of outrage in this year’s Women’s March are coming from the #MeToo Movement, 30 some years in the making; ‘Power to the Polls’, the overriding chant even though the masses remember all too well how it was the presidential election campaign polls that overwhelmingly incorrectly predicted Hillary Clinton was the inevitable winner when Donald Trump (screech and scream!) ended up as America’s duly elected president instead.

Even the symbolic pink pussy cap of Women’s March 2017 has been flattened down to “caps with cat’s ears.”

The L.A. Times calls it “the genesis of the pussyhats or pink cat’s ears hats”.

Worst of all for the millions frustrated by Women’s marches,  the same old, same OLD celebrities dominate the soap box.

No wonder they needed Schumer this time out!

This is the scene of Women’s March 2018 hidden well behind the media hype:

“In a boisterous coast-to-coast outpouring, hundreds of thousands of marchers in dozens of cities staged a reprise of last year’s massive Women’s March, seeking to not only deliver a powerful rebuke to the policies of President Trump, but also mount a crucial mobilization for this year’s midterm election.(LA Times)

“Hundreds of thousands of marchers in dozens of cities”; “staged a reprise of last year’s Women’s March”?

Their numbers are dwindling one year later.

“Because of you, the revolution is rolling!” actress Natalie Portman told marchers in downtown Los Angeles, drawing — like many speakers in the #MeToo movement — on the drive to hold powerful men accountable for sexual misconduct, a galvanizing force at many of the rallies. (LA Times)

How can the revolution be “rolling” when self-appointed, Artful Dodger-like ‘Leader of the Resistance’ former President Barack Obama is spending the lion’s share of his time building a $1-billion-plus vanity library he dares to call his Chicago Presidential Centre?

“Everything is at stake,” actress Jane Fonda told marchers in snowy Park City, Utah, scene of the Sundance Film Festival, in another nod to the #MeToo movement. “We’ve got to give it all we’ve got. Time is up!” (LA Times)

Continued below...

Someone should tell Hanoi Jane that “confronting” accused sexual molesters some 30 years after is hardly “giving it all that you got.”

“In addition to the roll call of major American cities where marches took place — including New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta — protesters also raised their voices in suburbs and small towns, reflecting the aim of coalescing a broad-based movement on the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration to oppose the president’s stance on immigration, healthcare, racial divides and an array of other issues. (LA Times)

Talking about “the irony of the closure of iconic sites such as the Statue of Liberty, the visitor center at the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta is the exploitation of the sites to make a political point.

No one at the marches intended to take their children to the iconic sites, they took them out on the Women’s March instead.

“There was a short confrontation between supporters of President Trump and some marchers near the end of the march route near Los Angeles Police Department headquarters, where a group of eight Trump supporters stood waving flags and speaking through bullhorns. (LA Times)

“Women’s March volunteers stood in a line holding hands in front of the pro-Trump crowd, separating them from the bulk of the marchers. Dozens of police officers kept watch.”


To some MSM, eight people can be described as “a crowd”.

“Despite the gravity of the issues at hand, the mood at many of the rallies was lighthearted. Marchers vied to outdo one another with droll signs — “Ugh where do I start,” read one, while another declared: “If you take away my birth control, I’ll just make more feminists.” The age spectrum ranged from babies in strollers to elders helping one another along, with large numbers of men marching along with women.” (LA Times)

The “large numbers of men marching along with women” are men who self-identify as “feminists” and should be MSM-pointed out as such.

“Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), who was the target of a recent Twitter attack by the president in which he appeared to insinuate that she was willing to trade sexual favors in exchange for financial support, addressed the crowd in the capital, telling them: “It is women who are holding our democracy together in these dangerous times.” (LA Times)

Starting in their own homes, women have always been “holding democracy together in these dangerous times” long before #MeToo opportunists came along to swipe their age-old status.

In Portland, Ore they’re still out there shouting themselves hoarse with the tiresome old chant: “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Donald Trump’s got to go!”

But shamefully raised at Women’s March 2018 is the #MeToo accusation—which the president denies—that he paid off porn actress Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels, late in the 2016 campaign to remain silent about an affair they had around the time that Melania Trump gave birth to their son, Barron.  (LA Times)

“Stormy Daniels, Secretary of Internal Affairs,” read one sign in Los Angeles.”

Meanwhile, the genesis of the vulgar “pussyhats” has been battened down to “pink cat’s ears”, and no one looks more comfortable in a pink cat’s ear hat than Women’s march prop-providing Senator Chuckie Schumer.

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