If these pernicious hoodlums actually succeed in helping to blur and bury our history, all the lives that were so nobly sacrificed in the pursuit of righteousness will truly have been wasted.

Since We ‘Good Men’ Have Done Nothing

By —— Bio and Archives--August 21, 2017

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Lots of good reads begin with an old saying. Here then is one very relevant and applicable old saying:

“20 years experience cannot be supplanted by one year’s experience - 20 times.”

And that is a big part, a huge part, of the problem 21st-century America is struggling through right now. And not too many people seem to be mentioning it. But I must.

Currently we have lots of both abandoned and coddled young people - the ones with zero experience - who are convinced they have all the answers. They truly believe that entirely because so few of today’s parents have taken the time to challenge it. And so many other people of influence, the most powerful voices such as our government leaders and the tv (news media and entertainment industries), aren’t telling them, for a variety of reasons, that they are in fact clueless.

Like it or not, a lot of millennials and their children have been raised as either their own babysitters or as the worshiped centerpieces of their spineless parents’ idolatry. Of course a lot of parents will take issue with that - simply because they too don’t know any better. Sadly, these kids have been robbed of the opportunity to be allowed to grow up.

When I was in college in the early 70s, I wasn’t even a Christian (far from it) when I observed that even the simplest lessons of decorum and morality - that we had scarcely inherited from our parents - were, generally speaking, not at all being handed on to our own children. And, since I was myself then a remarkably godless man, even I was then shocked that I would notice such a thing.

And what hardly anyone then seemed to realize was that we were effectively raising cattle. And then they of course have parented the even dumber and more gullible cattle that today are used as brainless, voting, vicious muscle. Nefarious politicians and a tv/entertainment industry have, happily, ruthlessly trained and enlisted that mob in achieving their own dreams and visions - all in the name of ‘the people’.

And as I had postulated a couple articles back (”The New Royal Family Of Socialism”), the last forty years of the 20th century especially amounted to satan’s finest hour in steering us into the mess we have today. And because good men did nothing, back when we still could, evil has taken the lead ...

As my hippie friends and I were, sure enough, being romanced and entranced by key-messaged (albeit really enjoyable) rock music, free sex and street pharmaceuticals, ” ... among the gullible hippies were darkly genius marketers, wolves dressed as fellow longhaired sheep, who silently watched and listened to the very same music. And when they saw its mind numbing effects on the sheep who carried placards and wove flowers into their hair, they thought to themselves, “I can use all this.” And they did.

And I’m sorry to say that so easily explains why a lot of the people, those who could have been schooling and warning the current rabble of hapless idiots who are tearing our nation apart, have remained silent. They are themselves either profiting from this chaos, or they are a part of the fumbling, blind progenitors who were swept up in that insanity and remain genuinely ignorant of their ongoing complicity in causing this horror to happen.

Certainly the television/entertainment industry that was used as a babysitter for so many years is not going to shoot itself in the foot by sounding any alarms. Especially now that they are enjoying the obediently conforming, buying and voting machine they have created, don’t expect them to speak up. And certainly the downright evil and forked-tongued politicians, those who have worked in league with the liberal-media/entertainment babysitter, are as well just fine with things as they are.

And so as I watched the pitifully silly mob in Charlottesville slapping and kicking and spitting on the poor collapsed statue of a rebel soldier they had just pulled down - a harmless but informative bronze reminder of American history - I couldn’t help but think of the monkeys in the early acts of the movie, “2001, A Space Odyssey.”

If you’re not familiar with that, it is the scene where director Kubrick is reenacting his vision of primitive, ‘evolving mankind’ discovering their strengths and abilities in a mob of apes murdering a competitive (hunter/gatherer) ape for a pile of goat guts. When they realize they can beat up, ruin and kill things with the big thigh bones they are using as clubs, they are orgiastic in their jubilance.


Continued below...

It was just that primitive and mindless in the behavior of these pathetic ‘warrior/kings’ of social justice in Charlottesville. Like spiteful little brats, they would run up to the pile of crumpled metal as though it were, in itself, an intimidating combatant they had felled in some great fight.

The youngsters were actually taking turns slapping, kicking and spitting on a destroyed piece of art. And then they would quickly step away, pausing in some show of vainglory, and bask in cheers of praise from the other dumb kids. It was just that petty and stupid. At the sight of it I was embarrassed to even acknowledge my kinship to that rabble as a human man.

But here is what they didn’t realize they were doing ...

Those hybrid, brainwashed young clones (many of whom, it now appears, may have been hired to be there) were helping a real devil in the current trend to destroy and redefine history. Bookburnings, I fully expect, will be next.

Just as the lying, liberal news media today contorts and destroys the truth in order to ‘own a story’ and therefore control its effect on its completely reliant and trusting audience, so the forces of darkness have been itching to cover up the very legitimate, physical and spiritual struggle that took over two centuries to get us here.

Yes, even the ‘evil’ and ‘ugly’ Civil War (in which white folks stepped forward to free the black slaves) was a crucial action that we preserved in landmarks, much to remind us of valuable lessons we didn’t want to repeat.

If these pernicious hoodlums actually succeed in helping to blur and bury our history, all the lives that were so nobly sacrificed in the pursuit of righteousness will truly have been wasted. And all the internal wrestling that America has endured was wasted effort. It only brought us to a point of decadent fatness where all of our PRECIOUS AND DISAPPEARING rights are now vaporized at the point where some poor snowflake’s feelings might be aggrieved.

But this continuing nightmare, like the riots in Charlotte, should not be dignified as any demonstration of noble cause. Indeed it was simply more of the cost of our failed vigilance - and nothing more. And the people who are voicing support of the travesty that happened in Charlottesville are exposing themselves as merely riding a wave of mayhem in order to gain power. It is just as pitifully obvious as C-list celebrities professing “Trump hate” in order to gain publicity.

But, to me, what seems even more astonishing is that a lot of this insipid nuttiness was aided and abetted by the few sheep-in-wolves-clothing who have benefited from our united downfall. They were the same scum that helped to deliver a racially healing, post-9/11, limping America to the fatal blow of eight years of a nefarious bunch of politicians led by the silver-tongued Barack Obama.

They not only will not sound any warnings at this point in the success of their diabolical mass manipulation, they will step forward with a bloodthirsty, lying devil and bring all these green, know-it-all youngsters - both young and old - into the yoke of bondage in order to make the world safe for themselves.

So many of us who have at least incidentally accrued enough experience to call attention to the reality of the calamities in which we now find ourselves, should speedily be about the business of helping to educate those of us Americans who remain blind. And we must do that while there is still an America.

But I’m thinking it may be too late. Nevertheless, OUR FEARLESSLY SUPPORTING OUR PRESIDENT -JUST AS HE IS SO FEARLESSLY LEADING - COUPLED WITH SPEAKING UP AND OFFERING UP A LOT OF SINCERE PRAYER, ARE THE ONLY HOPE I SEE. And doing that at this juncture will doubtless involve a heavy sacrifice.

To end things up with another old saying, I will quote the dark and austere German historian, Oswald Spengler. His words here present both a sad reality as well as a sobering challenge ...

” What is truth? For the multitude, that which it continually reads and hears.”

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