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Since When are July 4th Parades Right Wing

By —— Bio and Archives--July 2, 2011

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imageWho can object to a patriotic parade but an irrational, anti-American progressive from Harvard who finds somehow that a 4th of July parade is a political stunt aimed at garnering new converts to the Republican Party?

David Yanagizawa-Drott published his three key findings in a recent Harvard Kennedy School of Government study:

  • Attendees to the July 4th parades before the age of 18 are likely to identify as Republicans by a “whopping” 2 percent
  • People watching parades are “likely” to vote as Republicans by another “whopping” 4 percent
  • Parade “revelers” will “likely” make a contribution of 3 percent to Republicans

Since when is patriotism, joy, and pride of being American, of celebrating 235 years of history, accomplishments, and fantastic success right-wing and for sale? It is if you are a “progressive” who is anti-American and tries to tarnish American values and symbols under the faux, pseudo-scientific guise of research for research’s sake. Could it be because Yanagizawa-Drott is a mere Assistant Professor and on a quest to raise his status to Associate Professor by taking cheap shots at the GOP and freedom loving Americans?

Paul Bedard, the author of the article, recommends, “Democratic political candidates can skip this weekend’s July 4th parades.” Celebrations are going to boost GOP turnout on Election Day and turn children into Republicans, so why waste your time attending if you are a Democrat.

Could it be because a large majority of Americans loves their country, its history, its national anthem, its flag, and its symbolism? Could it be that Americans respect all branches of the military and the sacrifices they have made throughout its storied existence?

Could it be because Republicans are true, honorable, and devoted Americans who talk about their country with pride, shed their blood willingly and volunteer in large contingents to preserve freedom all over the world, even for those who trash and tarnish America’s image with every opportunity?

Yanagizawa-Drott suggests that “if people are looking for a super-patriotic July 4th, should head to Republican towns.  Republican adults celebrate Fourth of July more intensely.” Did these people spend serious time creating this worthless report? It is shameless to transform love and devotion to our country into a political tool.

I am absolutely incensed that political and class warfare are spreading more malignancy to every aspect of American life, egged on by our administration who promotes separation, hatred, class envy, group envy, warfare, and strife. Can we not celebrate the birth of our wonderful Republic, of our Independence Day, without judgmental calls from the left?

July 4th should be an opportunity to revel in being American, in being free from oppression, free to speak, free to worship the church of your choice, free to congregate, free to be yourself, free to move to the town and state of your choice. It is about coming together as a nation, willingly, not because a centralized government forces you to come out and march in odious communistic parades with the dear leader watching from a platform, surrounded by ruling oligarchs, while the forced- to-be adoring crowds cheer on cue or else.

Our country’s Independence Day is not about votes and political partisanship, as you progressives try to portray it, it is about American pride, something liberals lack most definitely.

This naturalized American citizen by choice is proud to live in the world’s best country, to take advantage of its every opportunity to be free, to become anything I want if I work hard, without anybody with superior indignation, attitude, pseudo-science, and faux righteousness telling me what to do every step of the way.

July 4th is about fireworks, remembering the intense fights for freedom when real rockets exploded and glared in the sky in the fight for our independence from oppression and non-representation.

July 4th is about those Americans resting at Arlington National Cemetery who died to give us the freedoms that most take for granted and can be lost easily if we do not watch the enemy within and without.

July 4th is about bringing together neighbor with neighbor, celebrating this grandiose country that is the last bastion of freedom, the proverbial shining city on the hill. God bless America!

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