Social media is uncharted territory that has the potential for great good and great evil

By -- Jennie Veary—— Bio and Archives--April 18, 2018

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Social media is a product of our generation, it is uncharted territory that has the potential for great good and great evil. Sorting out the different pitfalls and fixing them will be tiresome and difficult. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was in the Senate warm, not hot, seat this week as he was questioned mainly about protection of privacy and bias within the company.  One of the problems for users is the lack of competitive options. The other is that we are mostly old dogs for whom even this one new application came hard.

Still, users hold the power, if we are concerned about how we are treated by Facebook we can close our accounts. We also can check information and shine a light on stuff that is untrue. We are able to use Facebook for free because, like radio,  there are advertisers. Someone has to pay the bills. I do like the idea of having the same disclosures for political ads that we see and hear on radio, TV, and print material. I think voters need to know who is paying the tab.

And I for one, do not like the ad by Senator Bill Nelson regarding Facebook. It is just the sort of thing that causes division and strife and prevents honest conversations, solutions and compromises to happen.


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