Bravado not withstanding, social media could not alter the outcome of the 2016 election—even through a well coordinated ganged-up effort. So they blamed the Russians

Social Media’s Conservative Suppression Move All Howl No Teeth

By —— Bio and Archives--August 29, 2018

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Social Media’s Conservative Suppression
The one truth scurrilous social media will never be able to suppress: their epic and irrefutable two-time failures.

Social media Big Fail Numero Uno: In 2016 Facebook, Google, Twitter et al ganged up to try to cheat the American electorate out of the outcome of the presidential election.


Social media not only worked in tandem with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, vowing to install Clinton as America’s 45th,

they boasted, through the mainstream media and phony election polls that Clinton’s arrival at the Oval Office would be INEVITABLE.

Didn’t happen.  Bravado not withstanding, social media could not alter the outcome of the 2016 election—even through a well coordinated ganged-up effort. So they blamed the Russians.

In other words, against all odds, 63 million-plus people proved more powerful than all of social media.

Social media Failure Two portrays upcoming Midterm elections as the return of the Jedi through a fictitious, supposedly impossible-to-beat Blue Wave.

Giddy with power after turning the lights off on conservative voices on the Internet, social media is well on its way to Big Fail No. 2: making CNN first on Google.

A political ploy that already seems to be backfiring:

‘CNN Ratings Nosedive Double Digits in August (Breitbart, Aug. 28, 2018)

Google President Donald Trump’s name and you will find among the 99% negative reports, CNN’s latest story on the president first.

Google’s attempt to have CNN listed first has unintentionally made the network LAST.

“Nielsen Media Research reports that perennial ratings loser CNN had a terrible August despite a banner news month, reports the Hill.

“While Fox News notched its 200th consecutive month at number one in cable news and gained in primetime viewers (when compared to this same month last year), CNN lost -12 percent of its primetime viewers and a whopping -15 percent of total day viewers.

“Fox News averaged 1.3 million total day viewers (down -4 percent) and an incredible 2.3 million primetime viewers (up +4 percent).

“MSNBC averaged 1.04 million total day numbers (down -4 percent) and 1.845 million primetime viewers (up +1 percent).

“CNN, however, is once again well behind its competition with just 705K total day viewers (down -15 percent) and 1.05 million primetime viewers (down -12 percent), which averages to less than half of Fox’s primetime viewers.

“In all of basic cable, Fox was again number one (for the 26th consecutive month), MSNBC was second. CNN, however, came in sixth, behind Fox, MSNBC, HGTV, USA, and the History Channel.


“CNN’s ongoing credibility and bias problems have no doubt injured the anti-Trump network, but things are probably going to get worse. The biggest story CNN has broken in months — a story about President Trump knowing in advance about the Trump Tower meeting — has imploded on the already-embattled network and is taking one of CNN’s biggest names, Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein, down with it.

“The Trump Tower story is not only fake news, Bernstein and his co-authors (including CNN anchor and former Obama official Jim Sciutto) have been caught lying about who their source was.

“The CNN story says that Lanny Davis refused to comment on the story, but Davis was a source for the story, a source who is now publicly recanting everything.

“Nevertheless, as if to prolong its disgrace, CNN is standing by its fake news rubble, refusing to retract or even comment.

“CNN is just as left-wing as MSNBC, but CNN cannot even compete for viewers with MSNBC because 1.) MSNBC is at least honest about its biases; 2.) MSNBC does not have the same mounting credibility problems as CNN; and 3.) MSNBC is better produced than CNN.

“After this latest fake news fiasco, the biggest of the year so far in all of the media, CNN’s problems are only going to get worse. No one has deceived the public more during the Trump era than CNN, which is saying a lot, and the last-place network continues to publish and broadcast deceptions in ways both small and consequential.

“There is just no question CNN made a play for MSNBC’s Trump-hating audience, but even Trump-haters resent being lied to.”

Google keeping CNN 1st on its news results couldn’t keep CNN from ending up in the toilet and constitutes social media’s Big Fail No. 2.

There are other positive factors for Conservative news sites being SM suppressed—even as the big bad wolf is out there gobbling up anything that looks conservative.

Don’t you worry, el Rushbo, some of us are not crying wolf and heading for the hills to hide behind bushes.

That’s because some of us know that while we’re all getting lean just by having to try harder to get our message out, social media CEOs, leading lavish lives and getting lazier by day are the fat cats whose gross obesity will someday cut them off from the chase.

Congress, which supplied a platform for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in April, is now extending an invitation to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg to testify before the Senate next week and are expected to be asked about President Donald Trump’s claims their social media companies are biased against conservatives.  (DailyMail, Aug. 28, 2018

Imagine extending an invite for publicity (which Congressional hearings really are)  to the leaders of the same company that first said it was alright to threaten the lives of NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s kids before a public backlash forced them to reverse course.

Meanwhile, no one needs to run for the hills just because rinky-dink social media is letting out midterm campaign vociferous howls.

That’s because social media, the wolf that’s been howling ever since Donald J. Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016,  is all howl and no teeth.


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