Our rights are disappearing quickly and the momentum of big government seems insurmountable

Sound Money, The Key to a Free State

By Terry Dodd—— Bio and Archives--April 24, 2011

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Everyone wants to know how we can solve the dilemma we find ourselves in. Our rights are disappearing quickly and the momentum of big government seems insurmountable. The banking powers have been concentrated for so long that every major institution in our society is now under the control of a few large bank owners. I am convinced that the solution is to break the grip of the Federal Reserve and the international bankers. Sound money legislation at the State level could provide the necessary means to restore proprietary ownership of our money to the People and allow our local communities to break free of the credit based banking system that currently enslaves us.


If you find yourself in an ambush, there is typically only one way out and that is the way you came in. Baron Mayer Amschel Rothschild described the nature of this financial ambush back in 1838 when he said, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws.” 

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 granted to the private banking cartels the power to control our money and they quickly became superior to our government. A government subordinate to a bank is no longer sovereign.
In the landmark Supreme Court case Pollock v. Farmers’ Loan & Trust Company, 157 U.S. 429 (1895), the 5-4 decision ruled that the unapportioned income taxes imposed by the Income Tax Act of 1894 were, in effect, direct taxes, and were unconstitutional because they violated the provision requiring all direct taxes to be apportioned.  Then came the corrupt ratification of the 16th Amendment by then Secretary of State, Philander Knox, which nullified the 1895 ruling.  Attorney Knox had represented Carnegie and Morgan in the 1890’s scandal when Carnegie and Morgan were accused of selling defective iron to the Navy.  Knox was then persuaded to pass on an appointment to the Supreme Court because his clients needed his services as Secretary of State to certify the 16th Amendment.  The 16th facilitated the implementation of an unconstitutional direct non-apportioned income tax to pay the interest on the fraudulent debt claimed to be owed to the private “banksters” for printing the pieces of paper that hocus pocus were said to be our money. This created the vortex that has been draining the American people dry and facilitating the concentration of wealth into the hands of a small number of families and individuals at the top of the pyramid. This class now dominates all branches of our government, our schools, our judiciary, our entertainment industry, our media, our food supply, our pharmaceuticals, and yes even our pulpits.

Prominent entrepreneur, inventor and publisher, Alfred Lawson wrote the following as part of a speech published in The Benefactor during the 1930s: “My job now is to show how a little bunch of alien financiers are stealing America; how they are going to enslave the American people and how illiteracy will be reestablished so that the children of these swindlers can drive American children to work like beasts in the field. If you are satisfied to have these international thieves steal the United States of America, take your homes, farms, stores, manufacturing plants, railroads, airlines, newspapers, radio and every bit of the wealth you have in this country away from you, then everything is all right. If you are not willing that these alien rogues steal America, make you and your children slaves, then everything is all wrong. But it is up to you, the people, to say whether everything is all right or whether everything is all wrong. It is up to me to tell you that it is all wrong because you have no way to find out what it is all about unless I tell you.” (h/t Red Beckman)

Image: Vortex Financial Dictatorship, courtesy of http://www.csper.org

So how do we interrupt the suction of that vortex feeding the international banking empire? Dr. Edwin Vieira has introduced one well thought out method that can be implemented at the State level. It provides for a competing currency of precious metal coins and electronic bullion transfer where the proprietary ownership of the rare commodity is held by the People and used to pay a portion of the taxes collected by the State. By having this lawful and constitutional system compete with the debt notes of the Federal Reserve (FRN), it would allow the commerce within the State to survive as the FRNs approach their true intrinsic value (-0-). Since the rare commodity has its own intrinsic value compared to other commodities, inflation would no longer be a problem within this system of exchange. As demand grows by the State’s contractors requesting payment for services in precious metal, then the Sound Money system will simply be used to collect a greater percentage of the State’s taxes and the Sound Money alternative will be forced into circulation.  Utah is the first state to pass a version of the Sound Money system. The “Utah Legal Tender Act” was signed into law on March 25, 2011. We should pray this starts a domino effect spreading from State to State. No less than a dozen other states are considering sound money legislation.

Future articles will more clearly explain the details of the banking empire vortex and the Sound Money system needed to break that vortex. You may learn more about the vortex at http://csper.org/intro-video.html.  To read about Dr. Edwin Vieira and his proposed Sound Money bill.

Now it would be great if our politicians would live up to their oath of office to defend the constitution and thereby the rights of the people. If that were the case, there would be no fiat currency issued by a privately held central bank and no fractional reserve banking where banks are allowed to increase the money supply out of thin air by monetizing debt. The constitution does not authorize a majority of the expenditures currently in our federal budget. Deficit spending is not only contrary to our founding principles, but it is completely unnecessary except to increase the interest paid to the private international bankers.

Here is what one founding father said: “If the American people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency…the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property, until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Image: Republic v Empire, courtesy of http://www.csper.org)

The crash of the FRN seems inevitable. It is not the real price of our goods and services that are inflating.  It is the FRN being devalued to the intrinsic value of the paper it is written on. In order to accomplish the final planned phases of the one world order by the globalists, they must diminish the power of the middle class to resist. The short supply of loans to fuel the economy is no accident. The existing system has expanded as far as it can without crashing and a crisis is needed to facilitate completion of the “banksters” political agenda. We can expect that when the crash occurs, those controlling our money supply will move to further erase our sovereign borders. We have been the willing targets of the likes of George Soros and the Rockefellers who respectively sell their “Open Society” and “League of Nations” concepts as being good for the serfs when the real beneficiaries are their global corporations. The dedication of these billionaires to the one-world order is evidenced by the unimaginable amount of money they continue to spend. Why not, for the most part it is our money.

Understand that trading one fractional reserve system with fiat currency for another does not solve the problems. It’s not about who owns the bank. It is about constitutional currency, real honest money with intrinsic value and who owns that rare commodity. If banks are allowed to create their own money, backed by something of value or not, we will still face inflationary and deflationary swings that allows the bankers to steal the wealth of the People. What is needed is a sound money system where the proprietary ownership of the medium of exchange is with the People. We must also have a system that protects the individual’s ownership right from the tyranny of the federal government, which is no longer the de jure entity established by the organic constitution. This is why State legislation is mandatory to break the grip of the world’s elite. Once the suction of that vortex is diminished, then and only then will we make progress on other important fronts to enforce redress of our grievances. 

We have now witnessed what our founders witnessed that led them to our Declaration of Independence. The pecking order in our constitutional republic has been turned upside down primarily because we gave up our right to control our money. Armies are bought.  Politicians are bought.  Courts are bought. Educational institutions are bought by the lobby of tax exempt foundations.  Pulpits are bought via the unlawful 501(C)3 requirements.

Even local governments are bought. Without control and ownership of our money, we have abdicated the ability to defend our God given unalienable rights. The sovereign order was established by our founders as God, We the People, constitution, government and other servant institutions, in that order. Controlling the money was the key to destabilizing this ordained pecking order that required the consent of the governed. Now we are told we have no standing.  The main thing preventing complete tyranny and enslavement is that we have not yet fully abdicated our Second Amendment rights. Many globalist politicians and bankers have been whittling away at our rights, especially since the top-down National Guard system supplanted the various ground-up State Militia in 1903. We are responsible for where we are and for what is to come. God gave us the gift of a republic. Our right to property (happiness) is being stolen by way of the vortex.

Will we stand by and allow our freedom and that of our posterity to vanish? Contact your state representatives and demand sovereign, constitutional and sound money legislation within your State.

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Terry Dodd is a precinct person in Colorado; Vice Chair of CO HD44; Delegate to the GOP CO State Assembly; Colorado Delegate to Continental Congress 2009, Second Amendment Committee Chair, Co-author of the Articles of Freedom; Co-Host of Walls In Our Minds, blog talk radio at Dr. Kate’s Revolution Radio.


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