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Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War

By —— Bio and Archives--March 5, 2018

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Spineless Trudeau Carries No Stick in a Canada/US Trade War
The American economy is over 10 times greater than the Canadian economy. 80% of Canada’s exports rely upon the American market. The US economy is booming. The Canadian economy is declining fast and heading into the toilet.  Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau should have taken a small loss on NAFTA negotiations and completed them last year. Perhaps under such a completed agreement, Canada would have been exempted from Trump’s steel/aluminum protectionist policies.

Instead, Trudeau jerked around with inserting pro gender equality and pro aboriginal conditions which should have not been part of this critical NAFTA renegotiations. Canada wasted valuable time and lost its credibility with Trump and the US NAFTA negotiators. Canada lost its chance with Trump.


Now the US is more powerful and confident. Trump is more powerful and less willing to compromise. Canada is so weak. Hence Canada will accept 25% US tariffs on its exported steel to US and 10% US tariffs on its exported aluminum.

Canada will not retaliate significantly. Trump and Trudeau know that.  If Canada retaliates against the more dominant US, Canada would lose tons of more jobs in such a trade war just before the 2019 Canadian federal election. That would kill Trudeau and his Liberals’ chances for re-election. The much smaller in population and more vulnerable Canada cannot afford a trade war with its powerful neighbor to the south.

Hence Trudeau will do nothing of substance. Trudeau will suck it up. He will take more selfies in various colorful outfits. He will blame former Conservative Prime Minister Harper. He will blame Trump. He will blame unknown rogue elements in the US government who wish to hurt Trudeau personally.

Trudeau will appeal to his clueless lefty base on some fake identity issue.

As a result of winning a trade war against the weak and poorly-prepared Trudeau-led Canada, the US will create many more jobs in the steel and aluminum industries on the back of Trudeau’s virtue signaling, anti-jobs, anti-trade economic policies.

These US jobs will be in swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Minnesota, and that is, Trump’s path to an easy 2020 victory.

President Trump Is Going To Eat Trudeau Alive!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attempting to put together a couple sentences during a news conference about U.S. plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. March 2, 2018


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Mitch Wolfe, a graduate of Harvard University, is the author of “Trump: How He Captured The Trump White House”, which he wrote and had published prior to the election. (available on Amazon.com)

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