In short, stand up to all hate-spewing Dem bullies, both male and female, to bring them out under the much-needed spotlight.

Stand Up To Hate-Spewing Dem Bullies

By —— Bio and Archives--December 16, 2017

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Stand Up To Hate-Spewing Dem Bullies
Why is it that the first four words that should be stoically stated by those wrongfully accused of sexual harassment are never heard?

The four words should be “Show me the evidence” that brought about the accusations against me. 

Does anyone wonder why we have so far never heard these words?

Instead we have a seemingly non-stop Mainstream Media parade of alleged sexual harassers in daily news headlines.

Today it’s Dustin Hoffman. (Variety, Dec. 14, 2014)

Will Hoffman be the last celebrity to be outed until the MSM is able to deliver intended ‘prize’ President Donald Trump to the sexual harassed-obsessed and unhinged ‘Democrats in Exile’?

Why did Dem Reps Jackie Speier and Linda Sánchez wait so long to admit that congressmen—some still holding office—expose their genitals and grab private parts—on the House Floor?!

Are any of those accused of sexual harassment orchestrated stepping stones leading the path to the Sexual Harassment preordained End Game, the Impeachment of President Donald Trump?

We may never know as most of them have never been tried and found guilty in any court of law.

Is Dustin Hoffman the last?  Are there more celebrities to come,  or will the next one be your husband, father, son?

This has been the routine so far:

  1. The #MeToo sexual harassment accusing brigade targets another alleged predator. 
  2. The MSM jumps in with saturation front page coverage.
  3. Fearing the worst, the organization for which the accused works dumps the accused.
  4. The alleged sexual harasser loses his livelihood, opportunities for finding other work with circumstances of unproven allegations leaving his family in total disarray.

Proven sexual harassers should be drummed out of office in both the private and public sector.

NO woman should be sexually harassed at her place of work, or anywhere else.

Those falsely accused need to take a page from three people who are successfully standing up to the Fake News MSM: President Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai as the top three.

President Trump has successfully stood up to the MSM and caught them out in their fake news and outrageous lies at each and every turn, and is still doing so.

It’s the main reason why he’s still in the Oval Office.

Even in gang-up mode,  the MSM has proven they are no match for the steadfastly unflappable Sarah Huckabee Sanders.  Videos of her press conferences, the indisputable proof.

Now its Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  Chairman Ajit Varadaraj Pai, who, in the midst of threats against the lives of his children and his own, and whose Thursday meeting releasing new Internet regulations that bypass former President Barack Obama’s brought on a bomb threat.

Amid specious claims that “…Of course, there is nothing “normal about the Trump administration”, this is how the Daily Caller profiled the courageous FCC chairman:

“Pai’s quest to end net neutrality regulations has made him perhaps the most hated, infamous man on the internet. (Daily Caller, Dec. 13, 2017)

Continued below...

Many thought that dubious honor was held by President Trump.

“Pai has gotten in Twitter hatchet battles with celebrities and pop stars. He’s been the punchline of savage late night comedy. His name brings up over half a million Google results, and that’s not including the Reddit message boards that light him up on a near hourly basis. (Daily Caller)

“None of it seems to bother the ever-grinning Pai, who takes the criticism in stride.”

In the heaping-on-hate world in which the unhinged Dems have left us since November 8, 2016, we should all be Ajit Pais.

Stand up to the MSM and stare them down for the over-the-top bullies that they really are.

Stand up to dirty trolls who so cavalierly issue life threats against you and your children.

Note to the sexual harassment accused: You are leaving your own families at risk.

“Show me the proof!” should be a national retort to bring sexual harassment with no proof of any kind to a surcease.

In short, stand up to all hate-spewing Dem bullies, both male and female, to bring them out under the much-needed spotlight.

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