Infidel Canadians and their Infidel leaders need to Wake Up

Stealth Jihad alive and well in Canada

By —— Bio and Archives--January 5, 2012

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Recently there has been a lot of discussion about allowing noonday Muslim prayers in the cafeteria of an Ontario elementary school called “Valley Park Middle School.” The arguments made by the school Principle in support of the Muslim community for accommodation are reasonable on the face of it but they are in contravention of existing Ontario Ministry of Education laws, in that no religious activities, even Christian prayers, are allowed in Ontario’s Public schools.

Premier McGuinty was asked his opinion and he has refused to interfere, stating that the local school board is in the best position to decide. This, in spite of much earlier having made it plain that there must be only one set of laws for all Ontario and no Islamic Sharia Law will be permitted.

The conservative media has made plain its objections to the plan, arguing that there must be no accommodation. The leftist media favours accommodation.

This writer’s concern is that the conservative media’s objections focus mainly on the Muslim practice of placing male students in the front of the praying congregation, the female students in the back and worse still, segregating and not allowing menstruating females to participate in the group’s prayers.

I certainly agree that these Islamic practices represent an intolerable discriminatory practice against females and as such are entirely unacceptable in our free and open Canadian society where we value and strive to uphold the equality of the sexes. However, there is a much more sinister factor at work here that the media overlooked.

The Media fail to report on the Islamist stealth Jihad strategy at Work

Either the media are naive (which this writer chooses to believe) or they so frightened of being called bigots, racist or Islamophobic that they do not wish to alert the public of the reality of a subtle Jihadist form of strategic war, known as “stealth Jihad” on exhibit in regard to the Valley Park Middle School prayer accommodation.

It is also possible that the media may fear that they will fall victim to the current practice of Jihadist “lawfare” (Islamic organizations suing people and organizations through the misuse of our hate laws and/or Humane Rights Kangaroo courts).

Nevertheless, the media should have suggested to the public that perhaps stealth Jihad has been long underway at the Valley Park Middle School. Why? Because the student body of the school is already 80% Muslim (as reported) and that information alone is the strongest evidence of Islamic stealth Jihad at work.

The demand for prayers in the school was merely the logical next step of stealth Jihad. This form of Jihad constitutes a non-violent war against Infidels (unbelievers) by a step by step infiltration of our society until a critical mass of Muslims is reached. When that mass is attained the Muslim leadership, supported by their more radical adherents will then demand full implementation of Sharia Law in the school and in any area they come to dominate.

The media failed us this time. The public must learn to ask the right questions of our media and politicians when Islam and its Clerics seek accommodations that contravene our Canadian laws and standards.

How the Stealth Jihadist strategy operates – Markham, Ontario – Classical Stealth Jihad in Progress

A classic case of an egregious later stage of Islamic stealth Jihad takeover is now in progress in Markham Ontario. Here the accommodating town mayor and councilors have recently approved a Mega Mosque being built on a major throughway in the centre of historic Old Markham. (Mega means a huge; an outsized mosque complete with golden dome and minarets (prayer towers) that will dominate any church or other buildings in the area).

It’s not that the elected leaders of Markham can’t read what is happening in Europe, the UK, and the USA and for that matter in a growing number of cities across Canada. They have been warned of the implications of such Muslim expansion in their city. However, like Neville Chamberlain and other appeasers before WW2, they just cannot bring themselves to see the evil they are willingly and carelessly accommodating.

It wasn’t so long ago that the Markham citizenry fought against their city council to prevent their growing Chinese community from building Mega Chinese shopping centers close to their Old Markham heritage buildings. They failed in their effort, however they did manage to keep malls at some respectable distance from the town in spite of their city council’s ethnic group pandering.

There is an old adage that to understand any puzzling political or business decision that says “Follow the money trail.” It would be wise move for the citizens of Markham to do so particularly in respect to the present Mega Mosque situation.

One almost certain answer behind the Markham council’s political choice will be the big money involved in the real estate and construction contract deals for Mega Mosque approvals, etc. Also, the chances are that a good portion of the money for the Mosque itself came from overseas Islamic funds. Oil money funding this type of stealth Jihadist infiltration is operative throughout the Western world. Canada is no exception.

Incidentally, not only has the Markham council approved the Mega Mosque but also a substantial Muslim town house development and community center nearby. Neighbouring Stouffville citizens have also seen Muslim organizations optioning acreage for Mosque and Islamic community expansion. Oil money pours in. Stealth Jihad is well underway in southern Ontario.

Say goodbye to picturesque Old Markham. Oil money big bucks will override Canadian freedoms and ultimately Western civilization itself unless our leaders exercise considerably better judgment than they have been doing over the last several decades.

Are there no Muslims that just want to integrate into our Society?

This is the question most people are inclined to ask when articles like this raise the alarm concerning stealth Jihad and the Islamic objective of the replacement of Canadian law with Muslim Sharia Law.

The answer is yes, there are many Muslims who come to Canada and wish to be left alone to join in with normal Canadian society and enjoy the freedoms they never had or could ever expect to have in their former countries. However, they are soon pressured by far too many of their Imams (Mosque priests) to avoid close friendships with all non-Muslims whom they term “Infidels.”

They are told that their only justification for immigrating to the lands of the Infidels is to wage stealth Jihad against them and eventually convert them to Islam. The teachings of Mohammed and the edicts of the Qu’ran (their Holy Book) mandate this strategy and are used push their adherents into building exclusive Islamic communities within the host societies for the purpose of eventually dominating them.

The tactic is to make the existing community uncomfortable so that the Infidels (non-Muslims) will move away and they will step by step take over our homes, businesses, schools, churches, towns, cities, political organizations and eventually our country itself.

On the way to their ultimate objective, when they have completed the domination of an area, district or town and all its facilities, as in Europe, they will brashly announce to all Infidels that we are not welcome and they will declare their districts “No Go Zones” governed by Sharia Law and out of bounds to all non- Muslims.

The way to stop all this is to resolutely say no. No accommodation, either integrate into our culture or go back to where you came from. Legal force must be used if necessary. We must adopt laws to stop the cancerous growth of any alien system of laws that any people coming to our country may wish to implement that would constitute a threat to Canadian freedoms. Islam’s Sharia Law is a theocratic system of alien and incompatible laws designed to conquer the World.

Is this article’s description of stealth Jihad true?

Yes it is, and it is an evil spreading all across Western Europe and the UK. In England there are many areas that are now designated by Islamists as “No Go” Sharia enforced areas. Signs are posted warning ordinary English citizens that may not enter unless dressed in the appropriate manner (Hijabs, Burkas, Hijabs etc.).

The enforcers are Muslim thugs that discipline their own women and make non-Muslims fear for their safety if they enter. The home government will not protect its own citizens or step in and outlaw Sharia for fear of incurring violent Jihadist terrorism. They are also afraid of being seen as opposing multiculturalism or being hateful towards Muslims.

Our Canadian politicians, local and national are also failing in their duty to protect our society either through ignorance or fear of being perceived by good Muslims or our ill-informed fellow Canadians as bigots or racists.

Many of our own citizens still like to believe the Trudeau/Pearson propaganda that all cultures are equal (our multicultural and immigration philosophy). This idiotic denial of the reality that modern western cultures are vastly superior to a multitude of other backward cultures allows this takeover by an intolerant ancient seventh century Islam. Such public lack of knowledge will be the death of our once peaceful society if not corrected.

Note: Sharia laws are penetrating deeply into so many aspects of Western society that this one excellent article cannot cover everything. Therefore, I would suggest the reader search beyond its reach and particularly check out the advanced stealth Jihad now seriously affecting the peace and freedoms of the UK and Europe. There are numerous excellent sources and scholarly books.

Infidel Canadians and their Infidel leaders need to Wake Up

Our nation is being invaded by a calculating Islamist enemy that will swear allegiance to our country, its laws of peace and our democratic system. Yet they commit blasphemy when they do so because they contravene their own religious laws. How can they do so? Their penalty for blasphemy is severe and in some cases even death.

Quite simply they do so by following their prophet Mohammed’s sanctioned practice of “Taqiyya” that permits any Muslim to lie any time it is necessary to defend their Islamic beliefs or promote the spread of Islam.

Is it not wiser that we peacefully stop all Muslim immigration to Canada and the West now before a hot war becomes a necessity?

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