Their Obama-led ‘resistance’ is a promise that will never come to pass

Surviving 2018’s Midterm Election Campaign with the Greatest of Ease

By —— Bio and Archives--August 9, 2018

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Surviving 2018’s Midterm Election Campaign with the Greatest of Ease
Social media giants, in the tank with the Progressive-Left, have made it a closed shop for Conservative voices on the Internet.

But all is not lost and because of certain circumstances in play, never will be.

In their signature high-handed arrogance, not to mention depraved madness, they fail to realize that human memory of the most indelible kind, will go on to makes their latest move unsustainable.


It all comes down go it being far too late to shut the door on Conservative voices because it isn’t just a few but millions among the masses who had front row seats to watch the Progressives (deranged Democrats) in action over the past two years.

The progressives who entered a cocoon where reality doesn’t exist the night that Donald Trump was elected president,  have now entered a self imposed ‘panic room, where no one but them can get in through their locked door.

There they will stay living in a world pretending no one but them exists until at least after November Midterms have come and gone.

They’ll memorize talking points and rehash a strategy that already failed them back in 2016 when even with most social media in their back pockets,  THEY LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION and their once seemingly unending hold on power.

How absurd of them to believe that just because the majority of social media is in the tank with them again that they can regain the power they lost in 2016 when their loss was so humiliatingly public.

Social media may be in the last-stage panic room with them, but 63 million—and still counting—Trump supporters are on the outside—fully aware of what they are trying to do!

It will take more than ‘Blue Wave’ braggadocio and scare tactics to keep 63-million and counting souls from getting out for Midterm Elections.

Most of their strategy comes from pure Street Theatre, including night howling at the moon; sticking pins in orange candles standing in for Trump;  sing-alongs outside the White House led by Rosie O’Donnell and Broadway stars; with ‘When We All Vote’  led by Michelle Obama and has-beens like Tom Hanks and Obama threatening to come out of the ‘Resistance’ closet but vacationing as usual in Martha’s Vineyard.

Disquieting and nerve-racking as it all is, it’s only Progressive Street Theatre at work—the same old. same old it’s always been.

Here’s the blueprint for surviving 2018’s Midterms plain and simple:

Keep alive in your memory all that the Progressive/Left have done since Nov. 9, 2016 right up to the present. 

Remember in graphic detail their screeching protests, all their attacks on innocent citizens wearing Make America Great Again hats, including seniors and teens. This is WHO the Progressive/Left are.

Don’t count on talking it up on Facebook which works hand-in-glove with deranged Dems trying to regain the power lost by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Ignore CNN and all the alphabet television networks and be selective about who you watch on Fox News.

Take the New York Times and Washington Post with the same grain of salt with which they take you.

Talk daily with God.  He still comes first, then talk it up among your family and friends.




You might not be able to get your message on Facebook, which will be banning multiple messengers between now and Midterms.

There are still emails, the telephones, family and friends.

Who needs cable television when you can be your OWN talking head.

Go into your own cocoon where only God, country and family really matter.

Talk it up.  Talk it up now and continue talking it up between now and Midterms right up until you can do all that you have left—your all-important vote.

Stay firmly rooted in reality.  Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Hillary Clinton are long gone.  For the past two years they have been digital figments of their own imaginations.

Their Obama-led ‘resistance’ is a promise that will never come to pass.

Meantime, you are not alone.  They and social media are.  They’ve entered a last-stage cocoon which they hope will drive all outsiders to despair.

But in unarguable reality there are more than 63 other million people with you and God Almighty is on your side.

There is life after Hoax Facebook—teeming life—and you are an unavoidable and ongoing part of it.

Wispy progressive-left hide-y-hole cocoons can be blown away by even the lightest breeze.


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