It’s the dog days of summer, and if you think TDS folk are falling like flies now, wait until it gets closer to Midterms

TDS Victims Keep Seeing Hillary’s Face when They See Trump’s —and It’s All His Fault!

By —— Bio and Archives--August 5, 2018

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TDS Victims Keep Seeing Hillary’s Face when They See Trump’s —and iIt’s All His Fault!
Was Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) coaxed along in a petri dish in one of our waco universities that also develop human ‘snowflakes’?

The pandemic outbreak of TDS came on PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick)

Progressives who call themselves Democrats want you to think that TDS was born screaming and wailing at the Big Women’s’ Day March the very next day after the iJan. 20, 2017 inauguration of President Donald Trump.  You know the one where they wore pink vagina hats before taking to the streets, turning the air blue with F-bombs and frightening their own children to express their hysterical rage that über feminist Hillary Clinton lost the election to a blankety-blank “Misogynist MAN”.


The petri dish had to have been gurgling and bubbling a long time to bring one million women out onto the streets, wearing enough pink knitted caps to make it an overnight symbol of resistance.

It was only in the wee hours of November 9 —that most of the MSM and social media held an unprecedented televised SOB FEST when they had no choice but to admit that not Hillary but dreaded Donald was president.

So why is it that it is only on August 3, some 18 months later that mental health therapists are reporting an “acute rise” in Americans “suffering” from Trump Anxiety Disorder (TAD)/TDS?

“Mental Health therapists have reported an acute rise in Americans suffering from “Trump Anxiety Disorder” – primarily diagnosed in those who fear that President Donald Trump is leading the world into oblivion through his politically incorrect policies and unapologetic temperament. (OneNewsNow, August 3, 2018)

“More and more patients are showing up for psychiatric help because they cannot deal with life under a Trump administration.”

It’s time for Judge Judy to tell TAD/TDS colonies :“GET OVER IT”.

“U.S. President Donald Trump’s name comes up an awful lot when Americans discuss their politics-related anxiety with their therapists,” Canada’s CBC News reported. “In a divided U.S., therapists treating anxiety are hearing the same name over and over: Donald Trump … ‘Trump Anxiety Disorder’ may not be an official diagnosis [yet], but therapists know the symptoms.”

No, they don’t, because if they did they’d know it’s CNN’s fault even more so than Maxine Watters’ that the TDS victims keep hearing President Donald Trump’s name.

In fairness to the network named as the King of Fake News, TDS patients would hear the president’s name in their own heads even when the television’s turned off.

Does someone near you, your overbearing brother-in-law, for example,  have a bad case of TDS?

Here are some of the symptoms you can watch for before turning them in to the lab employees wearing the white coats:

  • TDS sufferers swear they see Hillary Clinton’s face when they see Donald Trump’s beaming one.
  • They sometimes race off into the nearest closet, shouting out something similar to what many of us shouted out during Barack Obama’s 8-year-tenure in the White House: “He’s NOT There!”
  • People who come down with TDS have been seen retching at the color orange.

TDS sufferers can be spotted in the litany of excuses they make for their own shortcomings:

  • “I’m not voting in MidTerms because the name of a Republican is on the same ballot of the Democrat I want to vote for.”
  • “My little Henry is growing up to be a misogynist just like Trump.  That’s why I’m changing his name to Henrietta when he starts school this September.”

To those worn down from a bad case of the TDS, cut off from making it through the traffic light by the motorist ahead, having to stand in line at the supermarket, the rain, the heat wave are all Donald Trump’s fault.

  • “Why can’t we head down to the White House to impeach him ourselves.  Why do we have to wait for the Dems to do it?”

It’s the dog days of summer, and if you think TDS folk are falling like flies now, wait until it gets closer to Midterms.






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