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Telling the Time without Jesus

By —— Bio and Archives--September 5, 2011

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imageThe latest push for Telling the Time Without Jesus is on innocent Australian school children.

“Australia’s new school curriculum will swap all “BC” and “AD” textbook references with the more politically correct “BCE” (Before Common Era) and “CE” (Common Era) terms, a decision that is prompting anger from many Christians. (The Blaze, Sept. 3, 2011)

By the time the big hand is on the 12, Jesus will have become a name no longer mentioned leaving the classroom to the icons of Disney land.


The removal of the Christian Saviour from the classroom isn’t just underway in Australia.  It has been in the works, worldwide, for decades.

Bringing the marking of time into the realm of the ‘politically correct’ imprimatur is the work of UN boosters Ted Turner,  lionized former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Canadian-born, UN Poster Boy Maurice Strong, et al.

To them the new gods in Barack Obama’s ‘Brave New World’ are the Godless who work overtime without pay to remove all references to God from the public square.
Secular humanism has made progress since their bold vow to “drag the rotting corpse of Christianity” out for public viewing by the year 2000.

In 2011, clerics have been banned from Ground Zero for the 10th anniversary of 9/11.

“It was when he was speaking to a group of broadcasters when Ted Turner suggested that changing the way of dating time was in order. (CFP, May 19, 2005). 

“Turner said he wants to change time from the current BC (Before Christ, i.e. 380 CE) and AD (Anno Domini, Latin for “in the Year of our Lord).

“Why don’t we broadcasters make it our goal to get the world at peace by the year 2000? Let’s make it the year zero—BP and AP, Before Peace and After Peace,” he told the gathering of broadcasters, who responded to the idea with applause.”

Broadcasters who applaud the anti-Christian Turner and adults who go along with New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on clerics at 9/11 10th Anniversary ceremonies are one thing.  Innocent children returning to school quite another.

The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority ordered the changes — which have not yet taken effect — saying the new terms are becoming increasingly standard.

BCE and CE “becoming increasingly standard”?

That’s what the august Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority is cheering.

The secular-loving United Nations has been trying to wipe all references to the Birth of Christ from the public square for decades.

“A movement afoot to trash the Gregorian calendar originated in 1923 with the League of Nations and was picked up and laid aside by the all pervasive United Nations.  Make that the “irregular” “corrupt” Gregorian calendar, which is destined to be replaced by the “perfect harmonic standard of Thirteen Moons/28 days” one.
Touted as a “logical alternative”, the 13-month/28-day calendar is preferred for its “perfection” and “regularity”.

The calendar that currently marks the world’s time was set up to date from what was considered to be the birth of Jesus Christ.  It forever will be irksome to some that every time an individual writes out a cheque or signs a document, he or she is acknowledging the amount of time that has passed since the birth of the Christian Saviour.

As far as calendar reform movement members are concerned, “It is not too late to change the world.”

To them, the New World begins after Dec. 21, 2012, the timeline for their 2012 prophecy marking the closing of a cycle when “the human race will be back in synch with nature”.

The Day Out of Time festival, celebrated each July 25 for the past decade, exists “to show the rest of the planet the alternative to a world at war.”

“Over the next eight years the world will change as dramatically as it ever has.  And there will be peace at last, a new heaven and a new Earth—and it all begins with A Day Out of Time.”

Calendar reform got its start from the United Nations “Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization” (CRFC).

In 1999, calendar duty was taken over by lifetime activist for Peace, the late Dr. Jose Arguelles.

Described on his Internet home page as “both a visionary and a prophet”, Dr. Arguelles bestowed upon himself the pagan name of “Valum Votan”.  In a New Age magazine interview, he said it was “not until after he experimented with LSD that he realized he was a visionary”.

Meanwhile, the secular humanists in concert with the corrupt UN don’t have to come right into the classroom to teach your school children, they just get to remove all references to Christ’s birthday from their textbooks.


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