Who are the terrorists?

Terror rocks Britain but State deports Christians, EU sanctions East Europe

By —— Bio and Archives--June 21, 2017

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Depending on who happens to wield the weapon of choice (be it gun, knife, bomb or motor vehicle) there seems to be a real dispute regarding the label’s application. Officials sit on their hands before calling it terrorism when it comes to dozens and hundreds (Paris 11/13/15) of Christians, conservatives, concert-goers or baseball fans losing life and limb.

Monday morning’s incident of a van driver mowing down individuals outside of a Finsbury Park mosque in North London was a different story. Politically correct officials had no compunction applying the term terrorist to the vehicle’s operator that was described as “white” which, by the way, also applies to the majority of the world’s muslims, whether they are of Arab, Persian, Pakistani or European descent—all are white or Caucasian. Whereas any of the previous terror attacks in Britain (London Bridge, Westminster and Manchester) were tardily tagged as such, including the Lord Mayor Sadiq Khan’s telling Londoners that terror is now an accepted risk of living in a big city, it demonstrates an obvious prejudice in favor of the muslim community at the expense of other Britons.


Mainstream British and Western culture has been rejected in order to coddle immigrant populations

Mainstream British and Western culture has been rejected in order to coddle immigrant populations. As Prime Minister Theresa May and Khan were quick to cry “terror” against muslims, it was a head-spinning turnaround from their reticence to call previous attacks by their rightful name—islamic terror. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the response was different… they are cowed by the violence inherent in the Quran and the many adherents willing to ‘sacrifice’ themselves to kill infidels, i.e. you and me.

Frightened politicians’ faulty positioning is clear in the bigoted policies being forced upon native and naturalized citizens, beginning with coining a derogatory term for westerners who believe in their indigenous social order—islamophobes. PM May used that on Monday, stating that they will stamp out islamophobia. A foolish statement by any account as one can’t instantly do away with emotions, particularly since it is the emotional state of terrorists that are the root of the problem, whether they are islamic or Bernie Sanders supporters. The perpetrator’s motives for the mosque-related attack are just coming to light but it is certain that, if not due to a medical problem, it was tied to an emotional one.

There are a number of issues that have taken a backseat to the media barrage of supposed anti-muslim sentiment, largely promoted and institutionalized by liberal press and politicos. Under the guise of ‘islamophobia’ our activist judiciary and entrenched Obamaite State Department are using every means possible to undermine the defense of this nation. Attempting to slap down the president’s order to limit travel to the United States from faltering and failed nations that have no means to vet emigrants or tourists coming here, the courts have shown themselves to be islamophiles, choosing to champion a foreign ideology over our own Constitution.

State, on the other hand, can’t seem to discern the difference between Christian Iraqi refugees seeking asylum from ISIS killing sprees and muslims who aren’t fleeing their homeland in fear of their lives. Rather, they are lumped in with sharia practitioners who do pose a possible threat to America. Deporting the Christians, of whom the previous administration allowed few enough to enter, is doling out sentences to hang, be immolated, drowned, beheaded or crucified at the hands of islamic extremists.

We can either defend our way of life or surrender to islamophiles who would gladly watch the free West sink into the sunset, never to rise again

And now, the European Union has wholeheartedly embraced the refugee influx that’s been cordoning off complete neighborhoods from law enforcement, setting up ‘no-go zones’ of mini-terror states. Throwing its pompous weight around, the EU bureaucrats are pressuring Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to receive muslim immigrants who have no reason or wish to assimilate into the European social order and would, in fact, prefer to dismantle it.

America, having elected a president and Congress with the intent of protecting our culture and institutions from alien ideologies, should have enough spine to support other nations seeking to save their own cultures from corruption. As we are negotiating trade deals directly with the United Kingdom, we should have the wherewithal to do the same for nations bucking globalist bully tactics.

We mustn’t avoid realistically naming terrorism as originating from leftists and islamists almost exclusively. We can either defend our way of life or surrender to islamophiles who would gladly watch the free West sink into the sunset, never to rise again.


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