Now that Xi Jinping has consolidated his stranglehold on power following the recent 19th Party Congress, there is no turning back

Terry Glavin: The whole Liberal establishment covets close China relations… and for what?

By -- National Post —— Bio and Archives--December 7, 2017

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It should tell you something about just how deeply the rot has spread that the Liberal Party of Canada was well represented at the Chinese Communist Party’s three-day “dialogue with world political parties” that was wrapping up just as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was arriving in Beijing on Sunday, and that among the 300 delegates who lauded Xi Jinping’s regime “as the core in pushing forward the building of a community of a shared future for mankind and of a better world” was none other than Jean Chretien. The former Liberal prime minister is nowadays employed by Denton’s Canada LLP, the ugly little stepsister of the global conglomerate Beijing Dacheng.

It should also tell you something about just how run-of-the-mill these kinds of obscenities have become that barely a whisper has been heard in the House of Commons following last week’s revelations about the generosity the Communist Party’s United Front Work Department and its related overseas influence-peddling agencies have been lavishing upon Canadian politicians.—More…

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