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Catastrophic consequences for the Democrat brand

The 2030 Great White Wave

By —— Bio and Archives--October 27, 2017

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The 2030 Great White Wave, European migration to the west
By 2030, twenty million Western European wretches yearning to breathe free will beg admission to the world’s largest refugee destination– the United States.

Too late the Democrat Party will understand the catastrophic consequences for their brand.

Perhaps the Party can take solace in the progressive history of the progressive in U.S. politics. Perhaps they will recall that Marcuse and his acolytes, all beneficiaries of the benevolence of their new country, sought immediately to undermine that country. They’d escaped Marxism in Germany but missed its caress with a lover’s passion, and realized they could remake their beloved Marxist society, in the U.S., with radical ease. By today’s standards, they were right.

What other forces might forestall entrance of our erstwhile brothers and sisters from across the pond? Surely, the U.S. will welcome with open arms the Pasty Ones from the land of milk and ingrained Leftism?

The specter of tens of millions of Western Europeans knocking at the door brings forth myriad legitimate practical concerns. What shall be the effects on the job market? The housing market, rental market, financial market? What of inflation? Infrastructure? In a flash, millions will arrive. Where will they live? Where will they study? Where will they work? How will they fit in?

Fortuitously, it is likely most new Pasty Arrivals will derive from the upper segments of their societies. They will bring their own financial resources (hopefully gold and silver), will eschew government assistance, will sneer at U.S. refugee camps.

Better yet, they will likely over-represent the nouveau riche of their societies, doctors, lawyers, programmers – for the first time ever there will be glut of white collar workers in the U.S.

Also likely of course will be the press of a large swathe of professional government workers, of as little use here as they were back home. It is unlikely federal, state, or local governments will accommodate them, despite the best efforts of the Democrat Party’s Recruiting Office. Instead, these sorts will learn new skills in the janitorial and food services, since they otherwise possess few marketable skills likely to merit employment in any other occupation.

Western Europe is now completely awash in culturally enriching individuals, most possessed of fanatically anti-Western religious beliefs

Perhaps there’ll not be a 20 million European Great White Wave. Perhaps pigs will fly.

Anyone capable of basic math understands from whence comes the Great White Migration: Demographics don’t lie. Western Europe is now completely awash in culturally enriching individuals, most possessed of fanatically anti-Western religious beliefs. Their birth rates alone suggest hegemony in less than 20 years – not counting the millions more directly imported wholesale from the Middle East and Africa.

Upon this edifice is built the demise of the Western nation-state, the death of functioning democracy in Europe. All that is required for a voting block to control elections is 20% membership. That’s it. Do the math.

Many European towns and villages have already surpassed such numbers – and are consequently towns and villages controlled by vibrantly monochrome Presidents, Council Chairs, Police Chiefs, etc. And, slowly, many of these locales are instituting Sharia Law – some brazenly. Consider the “Muslim Patrol” in London.

Tolerant Western democracies provide the means for their own destruction. The Soviets knew this way back in 1917. And, similar to the current forces seeking to destroy the West, the Soviets published their nefarious designs as openly as Islam publishes its guiding texts.


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The Great Catastrophe of the West will become the Great Migration of the West

T.S. Elliot said it best. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”

It is instructive to understand, viscerally, what it means when millions of anti-Western voting citizens actually vote. There will be no “kicking” anyone out of the country, no “resetting” to prior demographics. There will be no street battles, death squads, civil war. How could there be? The majority of Western Europeans were disarmed decades ago. But, what about the army? What about it? Army leadership is controlled by elected civilian authorities.

Perhaps there will be institution of genuine Sharia in most locales. Perhaps the populations will bleat ‘baaaa’ more loudly than before, the women adopting burqas as enthusiastically as they once burned their bras. Perhaps the testosterone depleting effects of two World Wars will spur the cis-gendered white males into even greater obeisance and they, too, will don the burqa (and then be executed for wearing women’s clothes).

Who knows?

The only certainty is that by 2050, the new monochrome and vibrantly enriching overlords will have succeeded in their conquest of the birthplace of modern man – and likely without a shot – only a vote – one man, one vote, one time.

In the meantime, we will witness from across the pond the greatest cultural upheaval of our time, the loss of most every touchstone we hold sacred, the desecration of cultures and ethnicities that once defined the West. And for what? For banal slogans: “Our diversity is our strength?” For the incessant demand for a gynocentric leadership structure in the West? For Angela Merkel’s vicarious flirtation with faux motherhood – of the migrants - as ‘mother Merkel?’

By 2030, 20 million Western Europeans will press upon our better natures. The Great Catastrophe of the West will become the Great Migration of the West.

T.S. Elliot said it best. “This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper.”

Dr. Brad Lyles -- Bio and Archives | Comments

Dr. Brad Lyles is an independent writer for the Tea Party.

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