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The Army of Silent Prayer Soldiers

By —— Bio and Archives--October 18, 2011

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imageThere is one army that Obama and other One World Revolutionaries cannot possibly defeat.  Call it the Army of Silent Prayer Soldiers.

The Army of Silent Prayer Soldiers can never be hunted down and brought to a halt because, just like Obama, it has no traceable provable identity.

Even among the clamour of organized revolution in global public parks, anyone can be a silent soldier with a silent prayer in their heart.  Like Satan has never been able to do, Marxists revolutionaries can not effectively fight and conquer prayer.


Marxists and their blind followers rail against “organized religion”, loathe Christians and fear those turning to the Almighty from any faith.

Two years ago, Canada Free Press received hundreds of emails for the powerful 4-word prayer: “Deliver Us from Obama”.

More powerful than any proverbial silver bullet, the silent prayers of silent soldiers not only fend off but frustrate the Marxists among us.  Marxists can suspect silent prayer but can never ever prove it.

The Army of Silent Prayer Soldiers never have to worry about landing on the government’s recent ‘Kill List’.  They don’t have to call attention to themselves when they silently pray.  There are no Silent Prayer Soldiers on any government list.

There will be times when Silent Prayer Soldiers may want to come forward.  And in our books,  November 11th’s Veteran Defenders and the USA Patriot Union March on DC will be the most crucial time to step forward for the return of the Constitution.   

But for the most part, silent prayer is the most effective way to fight off the Revolution; the escape hatch from the loud revolutionary chants of the day.

Revolutionaries merely shout and chant their way to getting what they want, though they sometimes smash windows and burn cars.  Prayer is a million times more powerful than anything predator ‘progressives’ fomenting Revolution through Occupy Wall Street (OWS) agents can come up with.

Chants are by rote; slogans shouted by cult-like crowds at the order of organizers at the mic; prayers are by heart.

Tracing The Revolution’s trajectory is easy because its failures of the past have been documented by history.  So we already know that the Revolution’s very next target is Christians.  Last week Fargo, North Dakota Bishop Samuel J. Aquila delivered a chilling message to the Vatican:  “We could see the possibility of it in the United States where it is no longer possible to preach the truth from the pulpit or to present Catholic teaching.” (Catholic News Agency, Oct. 11, 2011). With Real Catholic TV adding: “It is not unimaginable that if the current party remains in power they could be rounding up Catholics for imprisonment or martyrdom some time in the near future.”(RealCatholicTV, Oct. 12, 2011).

The best weapon of Marxists in office is manufactured confusion and chaos followed by violence for ultimate control.  The best weapon of the believer has always been prayer.

Obama’s occupying army in public parks is becoming louder by day. Marxism’s always in a hurry.

Moral support for OWS pours in daily from Hollywood celebrities and politicians, who were recently joined by the Nazi’s and Communists.

The evil and darkness they try to spread is based on a plan to frighten and demoralize the masses to get them in line.

But there are constants never heard in the mindless chants of the revolutionaries: God lives in the hearts of the masses who are not afraid.

Down through the centuries God has been in control, and it is the main reason why good always trumps evil.

The Almighty is merciful and gracious.

Leader of the OWS pack, Barack Hussein Obama, is self-centered and consummately political.

God is ageless.  Obama 50 going on 16.

For all of his power, for all of his spread-the-misery style,  Obama is a mere mortal and no match for the power that brought Satan to his calloused knees.

And the best part of being a Silent Soldier in a Silent Army is that the idea of anonymity it is built on originated from the Marxist cunning of Barry Soetoro.


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