Jerry’s Great Sin, in the Holy Religion of Liberalism and its life-sucking, Obama-Clinton Axis.


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Jerry Lewis, the great comic, is a genius and philanthropist. He is 90 years old, and retired. He is a former comic of world-wide acclaim. He is an accomplished, award winning singer, dancer, film writer, actor, film producer, director, and much more.

Over a period of 40 years, Jerry Lewis raised over $2.45 BILLION for a childrens’ disease called Muscular Dystrophy. Prior to Jerry taking on this cause, few had ever heard of Muscular Dystrophy and nobody had ever raised ANYthing for it.

Jerry Lewis has never taken a single penny for his dedicated efforts on behalf of fighting Muscular Dystrophy. He has been a genuine hero.

What is Muscular Dystrophy? Think: a Steven Hawking-like disease in children. Got that?

Hawking has something else, but that’s what Muscular Dystrophy looks like.

Do some millennial film producers and interviewers think that’s funny? I think they do.

Jerry and Dean Martin were entertainment gods in their day. They were exemplary, clean, deep, and talented beyond many of their peers. —No, Dino was not a drunk; that was part of his shtick. Those glasses you saw him sip were apple juice.

Jerry Lewis has been apolitical all his life, and almost no references can be found contradicting that. He steadfastly refused to critique or criticize ANY of the MANY Presidents he lived though, in his 90 years.

Until recently.

You see, in the diseased, godless, cursed religion of Liberalism,  Jerry Lewis recently committed its Sin of Sins.

This is why there is now, suddenly, out of nowhere,  a planned, contrived, hateful, Democrat, Liberal, sucking, video “interview” of him being displayed online, worldwide.

It is pornography. It is vile. It is a purposeful abomination. I mean, when they saw he has severe dementia, they could have stopped and scrapped the “interview.” They could have just spiked it, apologized, and gone back to their lairs.

But no.

This video is being shown for one twisted reason. It crucifies and assassinates a great man, who is obviously deep in the relentless coils of dementia. This is through no fault of Jerry’s.

Diseased, boil-infected scum might as well have filmed themselves kicking a puppy, or beating up a child.

They chose to assassinate a man—greater than all of them rolled into one scheming, lying, fake, pornographic sack of hyena vomit.

Because here, kids—here was Jerry’s Great Sin, in the Holy Religion of Liberalism and its life-sucking, Obama-Clinton Axis.

From the DailyCaller.com:

“Famed comedian Jerry Lewis is the newest celebrity to lend his support to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. ‘I think he’s great,’ Lewis said of the billionaire real estate mogul. ‘He’s a showman and we’ve never had a showman in the president’s chair.’

“Lewis also agreed with Trump’s desire to stop the flow of Syrian refugees into the country, reports the Washington Times. ‘Refugees should stay where the hell they are. Hey, nobody has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they’re not part of the human condition,’ Lewis explained.”


Continued below...

—And so you now see what the Great Sin of Jerry Lewis was. Why he has to be assassinated at the very end of a most honorable, distinguished, talented, selfless, compassionate, and productive life.

Typical Lib vengeance; am I right?

Do you see who these people are? Do you see what these people are? Do you see the atrocities these people are capable of?

Make no mistake. Your life may depend on it. The lives of you and your families might need to know all that I tell you here today.

Believe me: snarky little, psychopathic, scheming, anti-Trump, liberal zealots are capable of arresting you and your family; sending you and your family away in boxcars; and, of killing you all dead.

They are that fanatical and radicalized, by their Fake “leaders,” by their lying Fake Media, and by themselves.

But, guess what? You have an unalienable Right to self defense.

Know your enemy. Be alert to your enemy. Never be taken unaware by your enemy.

Be Ready.

Because their ultimate, stated, documented goal is to replace YOU and your America with their own version of a paradisiacal, One-World Rule.

A Rule by them.

An enslavement of you and your human spirit by them. 

But, they are too late to change me, in my very old age over here.

The images I still see in my happy mind are iconic reflections of America’s Golden Ages. The 1940s up to the 1950s, and some parts beyond. No, they can’t take that from me. It’s much too late.

You too, if you’re my age. Remember?

I will never forget. They can never destroy my remembered past.

As to Jerry, you see, once upon a time, in the summer of 1954, we were stuck in traffic in my father’s convertible just outside Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. It was still America back then.


There was a miles-long traffic jam, but nobody seemed to care, because it was a motorcade with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, on their way to star at the 500 Club, in Atlantic City.

I was nine.


There they are! They are right next to me in traffic! They’re in an open car, standing in the back, waving to people. They sing, and they joke. The traffic jam isn’t so bad after all.

There they are. Just a few feet away. They’re right next to me. Two gods of entertainment, back when entertainment was still entertaining. My God, look, they are real!

This is no 10 vehicle, black SUV motorcade. This is an open touring car. It’s open to the sun. The lighting is perfect.

I can see Jerry’s slight dusting of shaving powder. Just like my father uses.

Dean’s black hair glistens and gleams, as he turns from car to car. Wow! Dean is talking to the people in my father’s car.

They are entertaining us. They care about our condition and comfort. They are as all Americans once were.

Jerry says, “Hey, kid!” He’s smiling at me. He makes a funny face and says something funny. He makes his eyes big and funny at me and says something in Yiddish. His car jolts, he waves, and they pull off, driving onward, toward a noon sun in a cloudless, blue sky.

It’s a pastel photograph in my mind forever.

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