If Obama had a baby brother, he’d look a lot like Prime Minister Davey Cameron

The ‘Bobbsey Twins of their Brave New World’

By —— Bio and Archives--August 27, 2013

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They holiday alike; they dress alike; they govern alike; talk alike and now they’re ‘playing’ war alike.  President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron are the Bobbsey Twins of their Brave New World.


It should come as no surprise that both Obama and Cameron also share the same creepy campaign guru in Jim Messina.

The two mealy-mouths were going through a series of vacations when the people of Egypt took to the streets to draw worldwide attention to the evils of the Muslim Brotherhood in the largest grassroots protest in history. 

Neither Obama nor Cameron has backed up—even verbally—the courageous people of Egypt in their ongoing fight for freedom against the Christian-killing Muslim Brotherhood.

On Saturday, Obama and his top military and national security advisers hashed out options for responding to the alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria amid “increasing signs” that the government used poison gas against civilians. (Reuters, Aug. 24, 2013)

“Obama spoke with British Prime Minister David Cameron, a top U.S. ally, and agreed that chemical weapon use by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces would merit a ‘serious response’, a spokesperson for the prime minister said in a statement.”

Problem is that “hashing out options” and a “serious response” from this duo is “talk-talk-talk” and endless “I’m a tough guy,” photo-ops, laced with plenty of street theatre.

Obama returned from his Martha’s Vineyard vacation last week.  Cameron cut short his Cornwall holiday to chair a Syria crisis meeting today. 

Dictator Al-Assad’s been at it since March 15, 2011, all the happy holidaying of Obama and Cameron notwithstanding.

God help the fate of the real world when the likes of these two playboys put aside their basketballs, golf irons and tennis racquets to play war games, particularly when we know that both are looking for serious diversions to hide the fact that the economies of their nations are badly tanking.

With prospects of World War III now waiting only for the lighted match, the outcome of geopolitics now counts on a president who relies on a Valerie Jarrett for his marching orders and the prime minister of a country who lives mostly to copycat him.

Whoever would have thought back in the days of the U.S. Founding Fathers, that the United States would push King George III back into his own country, that in the distant future a British Prime Minister would become an anti-US president’s biggest groupie?

If Obama had a baby brother, he’d look a lot like Prime Minister Davey Cameron.

Meanwhile, the Johnny-Come-Lately entry of Obama and Cameron into Syria is giving the hapless United Nations a good run for its money.

“United Nations weapons inspectors were ‘deliberately shot at multiple times’ by snipers today as they visited the site on the outskirts of Damascus where hundreds of people died last week in a suspected chemical attack.” (Reuters)

‘Deliberately shot at’?  Does anyone know of incidents of ‘anyone being ‘undeliberately shot at’?

In any case, the “unidentified snipers” missed:

“A UN spokesman said: ‘The first vehicle of the Chemical Weapons Investigation Team was deliberately shot at multiple times by unidentified snipers in the buffer zone area’.

“The car was no longer serviceable and a replacement is being located.”

This is a war in which Obama and Cameron sound just like the UN, where sabre rattling is counted on as the chief Rule of Engagement.

Were it not for the utter danger Obama and Cameron working in tangent could place humanity in, their Bobbsey Twin approach to Syria would be downright laughable.

As it stands, the entire world is a safer place when Barack Obama and David Cameron are on vacation.


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