The Brett Kavanaugh story is a symptom of a sad disease that is infecting our country

By —— Bio and Archives--September 25, 2018

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The Brett Kavanaugh story is a symptom of a sad disease that is infecting our country.  The emasculation and disrespect of our men - our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons and even military and law enforcement.  We have allowed them to be put in the untenable position that all allegations of sexual impropriety are believed.  We have done this as a reaction to the horrible treatment of women victims in the past.


But, taking a man’s rights, besmirching his reputation, ruining his career and casting a cloud over him, without proof, won’t and can’t rectify past sins.

Somehow, we need to protect both parties.  Both parties should have civil rights.  Neither party should be presumed innocent or guilty.  There is a burden of proof that falls on the victim.

Mad at a male teacher, want that corporate advancement, hurt by a lover’s rejection, dislike a political candidate? No problem, allege sexual impropriety.

In the current environment, it is the easiest way to irreparably hurt a man, simply allege sexual misconduct.  It gives the accuser 100% advantage and renders the accused helpless.

We need to restore our men, especially the good ones, to a place of value in our society.  This is especially critical for families.  Children need good male role-models and 2 participatory parents.


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