Meanwhile, the message to the increasing number of false accusers should be: “Seeing is Believing”

The Camera Doesn’t Lie Because Seeing Is Believing

By —— Bio and Archives--October 5, 2018

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The Camera Doesn’t Lie Because Seeing Is Believing
A maxim seemingly lost on Brett Kavanaugh scandal monger Dr. Christine Blasey Ford: “Seeing is Believing”.

“Seeing is Believing”  worked for untold numbers in the public masses who got to watch this video depicting Senator Dianne Feinstein within moments of her having seen the results of the supplemental FBI investigation, which came up empty.


Looking totally dejected and lost as she stands beside sidekick Senator Chuck Schumer,  the chief mastermind behind the Ford sexual assault scandal leaves the impression of a small craft left behind after the mother ship has put out to sea.

DiFi looks bewildered, shocked and, at one point,  about to give way to tears, a far cry from her imperious style when she ripped senate colleagues for supposedly blaming her or her staff members for leaking the Ford letter accusing Kavanaugh of a 36-year-old sexual assault with no back-up proof of any kind to support it.

The masses didn’t have to wait for the results of the 7th FBI Kavanaugh investigation to be released because they could already read them on the face of Dianne Feinstein’.

There was nothing new in the FBI’s supplemental Kavanaugh investigation and no one appeared more shocked about the result than the dirt-digging Feinstein.

“Dianne Feinstein, directly after she read the new FBI Kavanaugh report” is the tagline on the Tweet


“More likely after reading the WSJ article with the text messages McLean sent to Keyser to change her testimony.  Sen. Grassley is demanding Blasey-Ford turn over all communications she had with Sens. Feinstein and Hirono”, ‘Johnny’ emailed friends, including Canada Free Press.

“This is getting to be fun,” emailed another.

Thousands of protesters who hit the streets outside the Supreme Court yesterday had far more (albeit over the top) confidence in stopping the Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination than their now coming-undone, de facto leader Dianne Feinstein.

None were on the verge of tears like Feinstein appeared to be in the tell-tale video, and only ear-piercing screams and mindless chants rented the air.

“This is what democracy looks like!” protesters shouted outside the Supreme Court, voicing their opposition to Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the high court but somehow speaking for everyone on every side on a day of passion, chaos and consequence. (AP, Oct. 4, 2018)

“Democracy on Thursday looked like:

— Senators scurrying AWAY from the cameras, not their natural state.

— Sexual assault victims pouring out their stories in the halls of the Capitol and from the steps of the high court across the street.

— “Confirm Brett!” cries from members of “Women for Kavanaugh” outside the office of Sen. Jeff Flake, one of three Republicans and perhaps one wavering Democrat who will determine whether the judge accused of sexual misconduct will become a justice.

— “We believe Christine Ford” banners, unfurled at a Senate office building where police began arresting hundreds of protesters staging a sit-in. Capitol Police eventually arrested more than 300 people, including comedian and actress Amy Schumer.

— “Partisan characterizations of the FBI report on the accusations against Kavanaugh, so at odds that the casual observer could not hope to divine the truth from listening to them.

“Whitewash,” steamed Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. “A check-the-box scam.”

No mention from Blumenthal for his check-the-box served-in-Vietnam decades-old scam.

If Feinstein, Schumer, et al get their way and a ‘No’ vote stops Judge Kavanaugh from being nominated to the Supreme Court, it won’t just be Kavanaugh who will be stopped, but Due Process and Rule of Law from being the long standing pillars of what America always was,  and for all those falsely accused by accusers with no evidence,  should continue to be.

The Kavanaugh vote is scheduled for tomorrow, and everyone is ready to take note of all ‘No’ Votes.

Meanwhile, the message to the increasing number of false accusers should be: “Seeing is Believing”.


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