NOW, National Organization for Women outed as being the intolerant, elitist, fringe-element

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

By —— Bio and Archives--October 1, 2008

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NOW—the National Organization for Women—has finally, and irrevocably, been outed as being the intolerant, elitist, fringe-element that it truly is.  Their attacks against Sarah Palin have shown clearly, once and for all, that NOW does not represent most women, but only the rather small minority who fit the NOW ideological profile.


Granted, the NOW agenda has seeped out and subtly effected the attitudes of myriad women – especially in the left-wing, but to claim that NOW represents the viewpoints of the majority of women is like—well, putting lipstick on a pig.  The National Organization for Women might more correctly be called: Women Opposing Other Females – WOOF.

Heather Mallick in her infamous rant against Governor Palin claimed that Sarah “isn’t even female!”  Either Sarah Palin is a galaxy-class transvestite, or Heather skipped biology in school.  Or, and here’s the point—in Mallick’s mind, Palin isn’t female. 

One feels a certain amount of compassion for “First Dude” Todd Palin, and the Palin children.  Imagine their chagrin at finding out that their beloved mother and wife, isn’t even female.  Bummer.

To many NOW advocates, you either fit their concept of a woman, or you’re not a woman.  You not only have to be a woman biologically, but you also need to fit their rigid ideological concept of what a real woman is.  This is nothing less than bigoted snobbery. 

Governor Palin obviously scares the bejeezus out of NOW.  She scares them because, on the one hand she’s a “poster child” for a smart, savvy, strong woman—and on the other hand, she’s a devoted wife and mother; a pro-life advocate, and a popular Republican.  And, as if that weren’t bad enough, she’s attractive, personable, humorous, and moral.  Oh my.

To the NOW mind-set you must be an example of NOW’s female template in order to be able to do what Sarah has done, and get to where she’s gotten to.
Sarah Palin is a better, stronger, and healthier role model for women, and is therefore anathema to NOW and its sycophants.

Governor Palin’s a very successful woman, who has not cow-towed to the NOW agenda, and so is seen as a serious threat to NOW’s shaky hold on authority.  Hence the vicious slander being hurled Palin’s way by everything from left-wing media outlets to popular comedians.  They’ll do anything and everything to demean, dismiss, and destroy Sarah.

Above and beyond all else, they will attempt to make Palin look dumb.  If they can make her look stupid, then they’ll have effectively silenced her clarion call for personal responsibility, and higher ethical standards at the personal and public level.

I can only hope that the majority of the public can see through all the malicious and mean-spirited slander, and recognize it for the virulent and desperate smear campaign that it is.

Governor Palin’s very existence puts the lie to everything that NOW has spent decades trying to force-feed us.  Mainly because of Palin, it has become glaringly evident that NOW is not the mouthpiece for a silent majority of women—it’s the mouthpiece for a small but vocal minority, whose influence has perniciously spread for decades.

The cat’s out of the bag, ladies, and I do not believe you’ll ever get her back in. 


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