If and when Obama ever leaves office, he will return to what he’s always been: a street community organizer working to take America down from within

The Community Activism Presidency That’s Ruining America

By —— Bio and Archives--March 13, 2015

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The very first day after an activism coup d’etat captured America in what all thought was just another presidential election,  the day-to-day life of its citizens began taking a nosedive downhill, never to return.


It wasn’t another president who was elected on Nov. 4, 2008, it was the official election of Community Activism.

Nowhere is proof of presidency by Community Activism more visible than it is in Ferguson, Missouri.

Community Activism gets to shy away from observation because it speaks two main languages.  It’s the deceitful language of sanctimony; community activism speaks to folks who assume there are no community activists in public office, and the language of provocation to Marxist agitators seeking anarchy.

Leaders prompting Marxist agitators rarely, if ever, get caught up because, with the help of the mainstream media, community activists excel at speaking out of two sides of the same mouth.

President Barack speaking about the shooting of two cops in Ferguson through ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel last night:

“President Barack Obama offered his first official comment on the recent shootings of police officers in Ferguson, Missouri tonight — on a comedy talk show. Obama appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night, saying that while what had been happening in Ferguson was “oppressive and objectionable and was worthy of protest,” there was “no excuse for criminal acts.”

“Whoever fired those shots shouldn’t detract from the issue,” the president said, after Kimmel raised the issue. “They’re criminals. They need to be arrested. And then what we need to do is make sure that like-minded, good-spirited people on both sides, law-enforcement who have a terrifically tough job, and people who understand they don’t want to be stopped and harassed because of their race, that we’re able to work together to try and come up with some good answers.”

How’s that for speaking out of both sides of the same mouth?

Call it Fence-sitting Doublespeak 101.

Now that community activism is running the Oval Office, there’s no getting rid of it.

IF and when Obama ever leaves office, he will return to what he’s always been: a street community organizer working to take America down from within.

In or out of office, Obama will be out there, working the underground “America is racist” shift with Al Sharpton & Co.  Money to keep it up and running will be happily paid out by George Soros. 

The trajectory of community activists returning to their heart’s work even after ostensibly leaving public office is proof positive in cunning Eric Holder:

On September 25, 2014, the Justice Department announced Holder would resign when his successor was confirmed.

On November 8, 2014, President Barack Obama nominated Loretta Lynch, the current United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, to succeed Holder as the next Attorney General of the United States.

But on “Americans are racist” crusades, including cop-shooting Ferguson mobs, Holder’s still right in there pitching:

“Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday blamed a “damn punk” for the Wednesday night shooting of two police officers in Ferguson, Missouri, and said the event puts at risk the police reforms the Obama administration and others have been hoping to implement. (The Blaze, March 12, 2015)

“What happened last night was a pure ambush,” he told reporters. ”This was a damn punk,  who was trying to sow discord in an area that is trying to get its act together.”

There is no doubt that Holder’s “damn punk”  was a community activist spurred on by big boss community activists; a community punk sparked into action by a regime who announced to an already agitated community in Ferguson that their police department was racist and needing government reform.

Once anarchy implodes in the communities in which Marxist-led community activists are working, there seems to be no way of putting community activists out of action.

Al Sharpton is leading the racist charge in Ferguson even though he has been proven a liar in the documented Tawana Brawley case. (Wikipedia)

While thousands of patriots are thrown out of business by the IRS, where Sharpton’s a fat cat with nine lives is never made to pay taxes like everyone else:

“Suspicious fires twice destroyed the financial records of Reverend Al Sharpton, a report has claimed. (Daily Mail, March 12, 2015)

“The civil rights activist was running for office at the time of the fires, which were six years apart and in separate buildings in New York.

“It has been reported that Sharpton subsequently failed to comply with tax and campaign filing requirements.

“According to the National Review Online, the first fire happened in 1997, as Sharpton was running for mayor, while the second happened while he was running for president in 2003. The fires destroyed ‘critical financial records’, the report said.

“The first blaze, on April 10, 1997 - five days before Tax Day - started in a hair and nail salon below Sharpton’s headquarters at West 125th Street in New York, and investigators treated it as an arson/explosion case.

“At the time, the Reverend’s spokesman said the campaign had lost its ‘entire Manhattan operation’ while the mayor at the time, Rudy Giuliani, said the investigation centred on the salon rather than Sharpton’s campaign

“The National Review reports that Sharpton said he was unable to file certain financial documents and blamed the fire for the destruction of the records.

“On January 23, 2003, a fire caused extensive damage in the offices of his non-profit organisation National Action Network on Madison Avenue. It happened a day after Sharpton submitted documents to create a presidential exploratory committee, the website reports.” 

The American blue line, truly the nation’s last stand against anarchy,  is at risk of being wiped out because the truth is community activism never dies, it just goes deeper underground until ready to strike again.


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