When a premise is false, all things extending from that premise are equally false

The Compact Fluorescent - An Instrument of Tyranny!

By —— Bio and Archives--December 11, 2009

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All we have to protect ourselves from the charlatan, the con man, a special interest group, or the government, is our intellect, our knowledge, logic and common sense.


That’s it.  Our intellect, through the use of logic, allows us to sift through our knowledge and render judgments and conclusions about what we observe with our five senses.  Our common sense allows us to compare information that we receive through those senses, against that which a normal, prudent and reasonable person could reasonably assume to be true, based on his or her accumulated knowledge.

There are situations however, in which common sense and gut feeling don’t work.  Ask any pilot who has flown through a cloud without instrument flight training.  But irrespective of three-dimensional flight, our common sense and gut feelings are fairly accurate, here on the ground at least.  The old saying that, “..... if it doesn’t look like a duck, fly like a duck, or quack like a duck, it probably isn’t a duck.”

So let’s apply our intellect, knowledge, logic and common sense to the assertion that man’s emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) are contributing to the alleged crisis of run-away global warming.  Probably, the most illuminating piece of knowledge to the argument is the history of the Earth itself.  It is a very violent history that includes ice ages, great warming periods, massive, planet-wide volcanic eruptions and collisions with comets and asteroids, each of which is quite capable of removing civilized humans and civilization itself from the planet. 

The hard truth is, Earth has been going through a quiet period since the end of the last ice age, some 10,000 years ago, a period in which human civilization has been allowed to grow and prosper.  The next 10,000 years could be so disastrous as to render human existence almost non-existent, or we could be wiped out tomorrow by a collision with a large, extra-terrestrial object.

One other piece of our knowledge, as sifted by our intellect, is that the weather, over which our arrogant leaders want to control “in order to save the planet”, is a non-linear dynamic system.  The scientific characteristics of a non-linear dynamic system is, they almost defy long-range predictions by any method, including computer modeling.  Ask yourself, why do we have weather reports every hour on the hour?  Because weather is a non-linear dynamic system that changes constantly and sometimes instantly violently. 

No matter how hard the weathermen or the scientists tweak their models, accurate predictions over a day or two long, are virtually impossible because there are just too many variables.  What is even more curious, is that being a weatherman is the only job you can get paid over $100,000 a year, for being accurate less than 30% of the time.

Given that information, man’s puny attempt to control the weather by limiting man-generated CO2, or trying to control any of the other events that could affect life on Earth as we know it, is pure folly.  All we can really do is get out of the way, if we can.  The Kyoto Treaty was folly and the Copenhagen accord, if signed by the President and ratified by the Congress, is also pure folly and a grossly negligent act. 

The actions being taken by our government and the governments of other western countries who sign on to this insanity, is akin to two pilots in an airliner filled with passengers, suddenly going absolutely berserk and crashing the plane into the ground.  It is political, economic and sovereign suicide on a national scale.  It is forcing the “passengers” on our national airplane, to commit suicide with the pilots.

One of the more egregious symbols of this insanity, is forcing the “passengers” on our national airplane to switch from good ‘ole Edison’s incandescent light bulb that emits a pleasing white light, to the compact fluorescent light bulb that emits a ghostly light.  A light bulb that is filled with a highly toxic substance (Mercury), requires special handling for disposal and very expensive hazardous waste clean up, if accidentally broken.  To add insult to injury, the insane pilots of our national airplane, in their infinite wisdom, then outlawed Edison’s incandescent light bulb.  Ludicrous!

Since it follows that the premise of man-caused global warming is false, based on our intellect, knowledge, logic and common sense, all actions taken by government to “fix” man-caused global warming are equally false and will only serve to send the national airplane known as America, into a spiraling crash from which there will be no chance of survival, by pilots who have gone absolutely crazy and flew our airplane into the ground.

Somehow, we need to bring sanity back into the heads of our “pilots, but how do we do that?  Believe it or not, there is an equal and opposite response to this insanity and it will really get the attention of the “pilots” flying our national airplane.  Why don’t we just turn the compact fluorescent light bulb into an instrument of protest?  That is exactly what we have done. 

We have delineated the method of protest at our website at: narlo.org.  Won’t you join with us in exercising our unalienable rights and letting our “pilots” know we ain’t goin’ to let them fly our “airplane” into the ground ..... not now, not ever!


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