Illegal immigration is indeed a national security issue

The Cost of Dirty Politics

By —— Bio and Archives--December 17, 2018

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The Cost of Dirty Politics
Contentious meeting with Pelosi and Schumer, who refused to look at the President

“There is no better test of a man’s integrity than his behavior when he is wrong.” —Marvin Williams

For those who have no conscience or integrity, it is a wonderful thing to want something very badly and figure out how to get someone else to pay for it. Why we have an immigration problem is no mystery. It is not the lack of laws or regulations. It is politicians doing what they do best, calculating on how to stay in power. Yes, there are some big businesses and individuals that benefit from illegal immigration…the low wages, but when a political party loses the majority of the middle class, a scheme to create a new underclass they can buy off and depend on for votes becomes vital.


It was only a few short years ago that Democrats insisted we need to put a halt to illegal immigration, that it was hurting our country. We have plenty of video footage to prove their concern. Now they demonize all opponents of illegal immigration and want to discuss amnesty and open borders. They refuse to fund a wall and earnestly deal with uncontrolled immigration. I decline to believe that our founding fathers created checks and balances as it appears today…if I say white, you say black and I say black only because you say white.

There is much misinformation and outright lies being circulated as to the cost of illegal immigration in this country. Some liberals even contend that it is a net gain since many pay taxes. As recent as Thursday, a woman from the Methodist Church went on Tucker Carlson and told millions of people with a straight face that illegal immigration costs us nothing…in fact, they add to our economy!

Because immigration has been and remains a hot topic, it would be a good idea to take a close look at the cost taxpayers incur due to illegal immigration, without the never-ending drone of pro-illegal immigration pundits on talk shows lying through their collective teeth.

Illegal aliens are barred from many federal benefits. They do have access, however, to some federal programs and many state and local social welfare programs, and do so at a rate much higher than citizens. In fact, the majority of households headed by an illegal alien are collecting benefits. As reported by the Center for Immigration Studies in 2018, 51% of households (76% counting immigrant-led families with children) are collecting a check from our welfare system. In other words, an average of 63% of non-citizen households in America are receiving some form of government welfare. In California the average is 72%.

The cost to taxpayers of allowing and providing sanctuary to undocumented people depends, of course, on the population of illegal individuals. Since it is not an exact science, only educated estimates can be made. The Department of Homeland Security only counts those that arrive and leave legally. The number coming from organizations like FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) currently ranges from 11 to 12.5 million people. Some recent population studies have put the number closer to 22 million, but for our purposes, we will use the 12.5 million figure.

Illegal aliens are not typical taxpayers. Many of them work in the underground economy, that is ‘under the table’, a situation where they pay no taxes. In any case the following figures tell the story without edification.

State and Local Impact Yearly

  • State Educational Expenditures - $44.6 Billion
  • State Medical Expenditures - $12.1 Billion
  • Administration of Justice - $10.8 Billion
  • State Welfare Expenditures - $ 2.9 Billion
  • General Expenditures - $18.6 Billion

Total Approx. - $89.0 Billion

State Taxes Collected

  • State Sales Tax Receipts - $ .9 Billion
  • Property Tax Receipts - $1.1 Billion
  • Income Tax Receipts - $ .6 Billion
  • Fuel/Transportation Sales Tax Receipts - $1.0 Billion

Total Taxes Paid - $3.6 Billion

Total State Impact on illegal Immigration - $85.4 Billion Loss

Federal Impact Yearly

  • Federal Income Taxes - $3.3 Billion
  • Social Security and Medicare Taxes - $18.5 Billion
  • Excise Taxes - $ .4 Billion

Total Receipts - $22.2 Billion

Total Credits - $6.8 Billion
Net Federal Receipts from Illegal Aliens - $15.4 Billion

Net Federal Impact of Illegal Aliens

  • Total Federal Outlays (Medical care, education, welfare, etc.) - $45.9 Billion

Net Federal Receipts - $15.4 Billion
Net Federal Fiscal Impact of Illegal Aliens - $30.5 Billion Loss

Net Loss (Federal and State) of Illegal Aliens - $116 Billion Yearly

With a yearly loss of $116 Billion, a border wall that would substantially limit the entry of illegal immigrants, diseases, drugs, and terrorists at a cost of about $25 billion is a no-brainer. Will the Democrats fund a wall? No, they will fight tooth and nail to prevent that wall from being built…they need more democrats. They will fight tooth and nail against voter ID designed to prevent fraud. Why? Fraud works in their favor. California has perfected it. Their motor-voter law registers automatically anyone of age to vote. The state, which issues driver licenses to illegals assures us that non-citizens cannot vote…how comforting. How else could California become a one-party state when it was always a solid two-party state? There are counties in California where the votes exceed the voter rolls by as much as 38%. The Democrats in California (via taxpayers) are paying big money for votes from non-citizens and they have no intention of stopping the flow.

Illegal immigration is indeed a national security issue. We are allowing almost free access to our country to criminals, the diseased, the uneducated, the unskilled, many without means of support, as well as the majority just wanting a better life. It is only common sense that we demand to know who is entering through our front and back doors. The cost of politics from illegal immigration, to keep the corrupt in power, is $116 billion per year.

“The wretched refuse of your teeming shore” is a poem on a statue, not a government policy.

The mindset of too many Democrats…win at all costs.She pleaded no contest in 2014.
The mindset of too many Democrats…win at all costs.She pleaded no contest in 2014.



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