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The Creature from the Petri Dish

By —— Bio and Archives--March 6, 2012

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Somewhere in the rear view mirror of time already past, a cocky teenager stood admiring himself with the heady confidence he would someday be the leader of a no longer Free World.

Schooled by radicals and social misfits long fomenting for revolution, it was the influence of others and not his own scholastic achievement that saw him graduating university before being apprenticed as a ‘community organizer’.  The teen would someday be able to choose his own name by trading the ordinary sounding ‘Barry’ for the ominous sounding ‘Barack’.  Completely manufactured from scratch, he would make it all the way to the Oval Office without ever having to produce a genuine birth certificate or records of any kind proving his ignominious past. 

When history denies his mission to fundamentally transform America, it will take DNA to prove who and what was among us.

The radicals who unleashed him on the Free World were both his Father and Mother.  Through his abundance of natural arrogance, they instilled in him a sense of self importance and, a steely determination to take down America, all for the decades-long resentment they built up for for its standing in the way of statism since its inception as a Republic.  They wasted no time on characteristics like compassion, values or any thing else from the proverbial milk of human kindness.  Like the ‘progressive’ heroes the Barack makers adulate, they knew that so many of their brothers and sisters had been waiting for more than a century for One World Order.

In spite of the fog of the unknown that surrounds him to the present day, the Barry who was to step onto the world stage as Barack Hussein Obama is, more than anything, a petri dish creature.  Carefully nurturing him from childhood, the planners of One World Government, who had waited so long,  were convinced they had the perfect candidate to make their every nightmarish dream world reality. 

The petri dish product’s time would come as New World Order leader. That he would at first be regarded as just another politician would give them the time needed to kill off America.  Amid the confusion of his single-minded destruction, people would mistake him as incompetent and moan he was “in over his head”.  Cold, calculating and self centered to the nth degree, their leader would be a silvery tongued orator, so long as he could address the masses through a TelePrompter.

They counted on people not boning up on the wiles of Marxism.

In truth, the carefully patented creation from the petri dish had no skills, no finesse and was, after scratching the surface, only an empty vessel guided by a dictated mission.  But he looked good, sounded good and fit the bill.  Throw in a couple of books where he himself could start the phony narrative,  and they were away to the races.

Guaranteed that their manufactured product was sent the world’s way without the blessings of the Almighty.

Even though he dared to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln as a largely unknown and largely absentee senator, the completely designed leader of the New World was launched as presidential candidate Barack Obama from faux Greek columns at the 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Like some are wont to do upon seeing a rock star, people fainted dead away as he began addressing the faithful during 2008’s campaign, just as people who faint on cue, would return for the 2012 campaign.

Barack Obama’s administration rests heavily on Hollywood-driven symbology.  More entertainers visit the White House to mingle with Obama’s unelected czars than folks from all other walks of life.

The Obama 2012 campaign has a lot in common with Angels & Demons,  the disastrous sequel to the Da Vinci Code.

The gig was up when people were smart enough to know that Jesus was not secretly married to Mary Magdalene and that a movie made from a 2003 detective novel stood no chance against the Holy Bible.

Of his ambitions to play “symbologist” Roger Langdon in Angels & Demons, this is what Tom Hanks had to say: “Why would I hand this gig to someone else? I’m not stupid.  If you can make sense of The Da Vinci Code, you realise Langdon is a highly intelligent, interdisciplinary genius, and that’s the sort of path selfish actors try to land.”

“Hanks, 53, had been Oscar nominated five times but acknowledged the Da Vinci Code has been shunned by critics.” (The Telegraph, May 5, 2009).  “The movie did OK with its faked contrivances and goofy hunt through the Priory of Sion, but you should have been in Cannes with us when it opened.  The reception couldn’t have been worse.  Everyone slunk out of town with their heads between their shoulders.

“We called it the ‘Bonfire of the Unsold Tickets’.  Everything ended up in its proper perspective, which usually happens.  The audience wins out,” he said.

Today, Tom Hanks is one of Obama’s Hollywood hangers on, a caricature of himself.

But he was right on target when he said that everything ends up in its proper perspective.

One Worlders who figuratively grew Barry Soetoro Obama from a petri dish took big chances on perspective.

You can groom somebody to talk the talk and walk the walk, but never make him an acceptable leader of the world without an audience who wants him.

Their product has been out of its petri dish for a number of years.  Now in the White House he repeats parrot like what he has been taught: I’m the one who will fundamentally transform America. Not declared but implicit are the words “and there’s no one who can do anything about it.”

The One World Order agents taught their manufactured president how to hate America; how to swallow whole The Rules of Alinsky; how to blame America for everything that goes wrong in the rest of the world. Their Agent of Change can do all that with the same degree of obedience as one of Pavlov’s dogs.

But outstanding among the things they couldn’t teach him: how to face massive rejection; that resilience, which comes from experience, cannot be manufactured in any petri dish.

Neither can you grow stones or patriotism in a petri dish.

So, even with all the cards in their deck stacked against the Free World,  the evil that made Barack Hussein Obama have no defense against the legions who dare to tell them from the midst of their planned destruction: “Bring it on!”

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