With Parscale now aboard, Facebook, the social network’s Artful Digital Dodger, is headed toward a fate where all platform users can clearly see the cunning deceit of Facebook’s Big Algorithm Game.

The Cunning Deceit of Facebook’s Big Algorithm Game

By —— Bio and Archives--March 1, 2018

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The Cunning Deceit of Facebook’s Big Algorithm Game
Facebook’s already clearing the deck to return Democrats-in-Exile to victory in this year’s coming Midterms.

The world’s largest social media network has already pared down President Donald Trump’s Facebook presence by about 45 percent.

Political and Hollywood activists work to put America’s 45th out of business by smearing him with names such as “misogynist” and “racist”.  Others work to get him out of office by branding President Trump as “mentally unfit”, their term for “plum crazy”.


The mainstream media want the public at large to buy into Facebook’s alibi that it had to dramatically change its newsfeed algorithm to—save the world from populism.

…”In a post, CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that the change aimed to give greater emphasis to posts from “friends, family and groups” and less to “businesses, brands and media.” The change was followed by a promise to promote what Facebook calls “broadly trusted” news sources on the platform. (Breitbart, Feb 28, 2018)

We all know at heart what Zuckerberg & Co. call “broadly trusted” news sources on the platform”.

In short, it’s MSM and “Fake News”.

“In the month following the algorithm change, engagement on Donald Trump’s Facebook posts dropped sharply. Total engagement dropped by approximately 45 percent, according to data from leading social media analytics firm NewsWhip. In an email to Breitbart News, a representative of Newswhip confirmed that Breitbart’s reading of the data was accurate. (Breitbart)

“Average engagement on Trump’s Facebook posts following the algorithm change also dropped significantly, by approximately 38 percent.

“The decline in engagement on Trump’s Facebook cannot be attributed to a drop in posting frequency on the part of Trump. In the 13 days prior to Facebook’s algorithm change (28 Dec – 10 Jan), Trump made 67 posts, with no significant drop in engagement. After the change, Trump posted at roughly the same rate – between 59 and 67 posts in each 13-day period, but was still met with the dramatic decline in engagement seen above.”

Progressive politicians, whose messages are already touted by the MSM, don’t have the worry of sudden 45 percent Facebook engagement drops.

As Breitbart so aptly points out, politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders do not appear to have suffered a comparable decline in Facebook engagement.

Graphs indicate that they are far less successful on Facebook than President Trump.

“In a comment to Breitbart News, Facebook appeared to acknowledge that their algorithm change might have caused Trump’s engagement numbers to fall.” (Breitbart).

Even caught red-handed in the act, Facebook will only admit that their algorithm change “might have” caused Trump’s dramatic engagement numbers to fall.

“Facebook’s algorithm change came after a year of pressure from the media, politicians, and employees inside Facebook following the election of Donald Trump. Facebook was accused of helping Trump win the election, spreading Russian propaganda and fake news, and creating partisan echo chambers.” (Breitbart)

IF Facebook helped Trump win the election, they did do involuntarily.

Like the media, politicians, and Hollywood, Facebook lives to hate the duly elected President of the USA—and it could be strongly argued that their hatred is transparent in their algorithm change.


We all saw how courageous Zuckerberg went running when called by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Later under threat from progressive U.S. legislators, it was Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein who warned Facebook: “You’ve created these platforms, and now they’re being misused, and you have to be the ones to do something about it … or we will.” (Wired)

Zuckerberg sounded exactly like the politicians he goes out of his way to protect when he said recent changes to the platform would cause users to spend less time on Facebook — and that this was intentional.


The main person Zuckerberg wants to spend less time on Facebook just happens to be the President of the United States.

Fortunate for America, the Trump team, aware that former President Barack Obama captured the 2012 election through number-crunching analytics, has hired digital guru Brad Parscale as 2020 election campaign chief.

With Parscale now aboard, Facebook, the social network’s Artful Digital Dodger, is headed toward a fate where all platform users can clearly see the cunning deceit of Facebook’s Big Algorithm Game.


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