Meanwhile, don’t let anyone drag you into a fugue of depression. Stand your ground and wait for the future. You never know what 11th-hour surprises it may bring.

The Dems Stole the Election—But It’s All Trump’s Fault

By —— Bio and Archives--December 30, 2020

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The Dems Stole the Election—But It’s All Trump’s FaultIn an upside down world about to be swallowed whole by Socialism, everything has finally come full circle:  The Democrats stole the election—but it’s all President Donald Trump’s fault.

The Democrat-Media-Marxist Globalist—Hollywood gang-up mounted a painstaking, perfectly strategized theft, first taking infinite care that any and all cries of “Stop Thief!’ would never be heard, let alone heeded.

That all roads leading out of Dodge to recapture freedom would be closed off after the Big Steal went down was always an integral part of the plan.

Gang-up team members knew ahead of time that the Supreme Court would pull out the “no standing” card for anyone asking them to look into a middle-of-the-night hands-down Biden win.

In the current political realm, it has become dangerous to livelihood, family members and even life to ask questions no matter how obvious the theft of Election 2020 has become.

Trying to find anything close to the Truth on the Internet these days is now akin to sussing out the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The latest is the threats of litigation to a myriad of news sites that dared to report on the Dominion Voting Machine network sent out over the holidays by Dominion’s lawyers at Clare Locke.

For the record, independent Canadian news outlet, Canada Free Press (CFP) received theirs just after midnight on Christmas Eve Day.

CFP’s was the equivalent to the one received by radio giant Rush Limbaugh, a “holding” letter warning us to preserve documents related to the voting system’s company.

In other words, to hold in preserve any communication to CFP from the White House.

With all due respect, Clare Locke, it doesn’t exist.

Given that CFP willingly holds that Donald J. Trump is the best president in recent history, our first thoughts upon seeing the “holding” letter was “We wish!”

Then, it being Christmas Eve Day, CFP, readers and friends went on to celebrate what we regard as the most Holy Night of the Year, the night we joyfully celebrate the Night Our Savior Was Born in Bethlehem.

Today being the last day before we celebrate New Year’s Eve, it is more than disappointing to see the number of conservatives piling in on President Trump, now that they clearly perceive him as mortally wounded.

How swift they were to come out of their closets when they felt it was safe to replace their loyalty to a much beleaguered president with their own personal embitterment!

It was kosher to be loyal as long as the president was perceived as winning, but not now that he had been media moved over to the loser side of the ledger.

Pity the loved ones having to live with the newly soured-on-life overnight Trump pile-ons!

Alarming that those who would give in to living in a “dissociative fugue”, Wikipedia described as “including mild confusion and once the fugue ends, possible depression, grief, shame, and discomfort. People have also experienced a post-fugue anger. Another symptom of the fugue state can consist of loss of one’s identity, willing to drag their loved ones into the fugue with them”.

All the Democrat-media gang-up of the last five years ever proved to the masses is that it is impossible to legislate hatred.

Gang-up members proved that while they are wont to squander their entire lives on visceral hatred, most in the masses want the dignity of work. and the kind of peace of mind that comes from being able to provide for their children.

Now that they’ve denied half of their own electorate their vote, we’ve seen them in flagrante delicto, not the kind that comes from sexual misconduct but from lying, stealing and after-dark nefarious deeds from which there is no coming back.

Many have seen what they did, and there is no taking away what the many have seen.

As for those who see the inauguration of president-elect Joe Biden as inevitable, they should be reminded that no one knows the future.

January 20 is twenty-one days away. During that time span, anything can happen because we don’t know what will happen 21 days from now, a few days from now, hours from now,  and in the case of the Mayor of Petrinja, Croatia Darinko Dumbović, standing on level ground one moment before a frightening ground-shaking earthquake struck—even minutes from now.

Meanwhile, don’t let anyone drag you into a fugue of depression.

Stand your ground and wait for the future.

You never know what 11th-hour surprises it may bring.


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