There is nothing immoral or evil about a wall to keep out bad things - unless, of course, the ones calling it 'immoral' or 'evil' are in fact on the payroll of the mega-wealthy importer(s) of those bad things.

The Devil's Slip Is Showing

By —— Bio and Archives--February 9, 2019

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The Devil's Slip Is ShowingToday lies are told and believed - simply because some criminal mind could see some obvious gain in propagating whatever satanic fabrication is convenient. Take for instance, “The wall (at our southern border) is immoral!” Really? How can that be? Unlike the Berlin Wall, it is not being built to keep anyone in our nation. It is only meant to keep evil - known and unknown - from entering our nation and accosting our citizens!


Follow the money ....

Same reason. And so do all the rest of her liberal cohorts. Even the Bible contains several instances where God commands His people to build walls around their cities. So I got to thinking. Why would seasoned politicians who clearly believe in walls to protect themselves, and who in the past have been loudly outspoken about our nation’s desperate need for a wall for our protection, suddenly be so adamant about NOT having a wall? Politicians who seem to all be mysteriously multi millionaires who were far from that status when they were elected. Politicians who now hysterically and illogically say our borders don’t need walls?

When in doubt, follow the money ....

So, let’s follow the money, here. What are the biggest-dollar ‘imports’ coming through that southern border? And, of course, it is all the illegal stuff. It is, biggest and foremost, the drugs! After that, it is sex and human trafficking of a lot of trapped women and children! Following that is terrorism and the people who commit murder and acts of terror! And it does not take much of a rocket scientist to understand that somebody like the liberal representatives who regularly take big-money from our own big pharma, that wants to be left alone to swindle needy sick people, would probably take elephant dollars from elephant-size illicit drug, sex and terror/murder outfits to keep a wall from getting in their way as well. And what happens when you make a deal with the devil and then don’t keep your end of the bargain? Kind of a desperate situation when you have to tell the head of a Mexican criminal enterprise/cartel that you cannot deliver. Pretty scary indeed. At that point, you need the wall around your own house, for sure!

There is nothing immoral or evil about a wall to keep out bad things - unless, of course, the ones calling it ‘immoral’ or ‘evil’ are in fact on the payroll of the mega-wealthy importer(s) of those bad things. Then, if they value their lives and future income, they had better fight it tooth and nail.


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