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Trump is turning on the lights. The rats are upset and running scared. We are entering a battle right now in America. Last night showed me clearly that the enemies of Donald Trump are indeed the enemies of America

The Enemies Of Donald Trump Are The Enemies Of America

By —— Bio and Archives--March 2, 2017

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After eight years of suffocating under the racist stagnation of B.O. and the House gavel even in the grip of a witch like Nancy Pelosi, President Trump’s address to Congress last night was a breath of fresh air.

Immediately after watching ABC’s live monitoring of the event I put aside my notes, went to YouTube, and watched former president’s Obama’s first address to Congress after he had taken the helm in 2008. The contrast I saw in his audience’s reception was breathtaking.

Liberal left side of the House of Representatives made shameful fools of themselves

The generous, gracious optimism of the conservative listeners at our first black president’s pilot congressional address fully illustrated the spirit of a unified America. The right side of the house was warm and welcoming. Acknowledging defeat, they very visibly had chosen to walk forward believing the best of their new president. His words were filled with promise. Eight years later, sadly, most of the promises he made that night were shown to be part of an elaborate sales pitch that has left our country in ruin.

Last night, mirroring the attitude of the crazies they represent - and of course siding with the liberal media that has fully promoted ‘Trump hate’ and the past eight years of America’s division - the liberal left side of the House of Representatives made shameful fools of themselves. They carried their determinedly orchestrated fit into what should have been the kickoff of a cooperative bipartisan effort toward a stronger America, 2017.

Instead, joining Nancy Pelosi and her fellow white-garbed ‘suffragettes’ in remaining silent and seated throughout Trump’s speech, America’s liberal representatives completely put their seal of approval upon the childish behavior of their snowflake constituency. In the face of the clear speech coming from the sane and solidly successful new leader of the free world, the left side of the aisle’s return message was to simply placate and reassure the babies who keep them employed.

Many of the libs wouldn’t even stand with the ovation for the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens - the man who gave his life in service to our nation. How would their honoring him have detracted from their Trump hate? And again when Jamile Shaw Sr. received the condolences for the loss of his son Jamile Jr. - KILLED BY ONE OF OBAMA’S ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WHO HAD BEEN TWICE DEPORTED PRIOR TO THAT AVOIDABLE MURDER - many of the left would not stand in that Trump-led show of sorrow and respect.

America would not become a sanctuary for terrorists

When Trump declared that America would not become a sanctuary for terrorists - again, the left side of the house remained silent. I found a pitiful joke in the fact that eight years earlier a cocky Barack Obama had announced at the same ceremony, “I will not allow terrorists to plot against the American people from safe havens halfway around the world!” And in that speech, eight years ago, both sides of the House came out of their seats in thunderous approval.

Yet time has shown that not only did he allow that to happen, but we are now discovering that he and Hillary obviously helped to fund parts of the very core of that that terroristic effort - ISIS. And, after his opening the doors of our nation to a gushing throng of un-vetted Islamists, that same group of extremists is indeed now plotting against us from within the ‘safe haven’ afforded them by our Constitution - and many now receiving $1700 per month to help keep their lights on and their bellies filled until they achieve martyrdom here in our own land.

Nevertheless, our president’s entire speech was devoted to all of America and all Americans. He very carefully took the time to address issues of concern on both sides of the line. And the left side of the House couldn’t find the grace and maturity to, perhaps in a show of good faith, express even a semblance of solidarity. In so doing they might have shown genuine care for our nation.

While Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore and a host of other American cities are deteriorating and are desperately in need of all sorts of expensive help, Obama - DOWN TO HIS LAST MINUTES IN OFFICE - sent billions of our much-needed dollars to line the pockets of the hooded/masked thugs who have sworn themselves to the destruction of America and Israel. And those are the chosen priorities of the pouting people who last night demonstrated their selfish rudeness in the face of a wounded and divided America.


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“My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America!”

As I have said so often recently, the liberal media/entertainment industry are supremely intimidated by our 45th president simply because he does what he says he’s going to do. For decades television and movies have been blurring reality and graying the truth. Facts, just like an approaching train, are not negotiable. And as the Donald begins moving America back toward the course the framers had originally intended, more and more people are waking up. In his walking his talk, he is reminding us of the fact that the best things in life are still available to anyone who determines to pursue and work for that. Last night’s tantrum from the liberal professional politicians showed the shallowness and moral bankruptcy of being enslaved to the deceitful 21st-century Frankenstein of political correctness.

President Donald Trump said this:“My job is not to represent the world. My job is to represent the United States of America!” President Trump is not politically correct, and he is scaring the hell out of the people who are. Unlike the man before him who held the same office, he is not trying to sell us the lie that the world is our friend. And as he is doing precisely the job he was hired for: he is turning on all the lights. And the rats are upset and running scared. We are entering a battle right now in America that is just beginning to heat up. Last night showed me clearly that the enemies of Donald Trump are indeed the enemies of America.

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Dave Merrick, Davemerrick.us is an internationally known and published artist whose works reach into the greatest diversity of audiences. Known primarily for his astoundingly lifelike portraiture, Merrick’s drawings and paintings grace the walls of an impressive array of well-known corporate and private clientele. Many of his published wildlife pieces have become some of America’s most popular animal imagery.

He has more original work in the Pro-Rodeo Hall of Fame than any other artist. His wildlife and Southwestern-theme work is distributed internationally through Joan Cawley Galleries of Scottsdale AZ.

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