For the sake of survival, we must somehow find the way to stop the Entertainment Industry from killing off Western Society.

The Entertainment Industry Is Killing Western Society

By —— Bio and Archives--May 31, 2018

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The Entertainment Industry Is Killing Western Society
We can, believe it or not, get by without Roseanne Barr, and for that matter without the rest of ABC and most other television networks.

Television networks,  masquerading as news providers,  are part and parcel of the Entertainment Industry and the entertainment industry’ s in sync with the progressive left which is incrementally taking away the freedom and liberty of an all too trusting public.


Sooner or later ABC was going to toss Roseanne under the bus.  In a post 2016 election era where hating President Donald Trump has not only been legitimized but is now the norm, how long could she really last?

Within 24 hours of making what has been denounced as a “racial” tweet against former President Barack Obama’s brightest star Valerie Jarrett, Roseanne is already walking it back, blaming her reaction to drugs.

Although it was Roseanne Barr who sent out the Valerie Jarrett Tweet, Jarrett is already blaming President Trump, faster even than the delivery of another Jimmy Kimmel or Joe Scarborough smear.

Is anyone else beginning to wonder whether Roseanne’s dramatic departure from ABC was some sort of set-up to further a political agenda?

The same people who put Obama in the White House have now put him in play over at Netflix.

Indeed, other than Fake News, Entertainment, is the only News that there is anymore.

Was removing the rebooted Roseanne some sort of set up to cull the herd in a kind of ‘Get-Them-To-Repeat-Roseanne’s-Tweet initiative?

Here’s how that would work:

The future of any and all conservative news outlets repeating the toxic Roseanne Tweet would now be up for grabs.  News suppressors Facebook and other social media have set the trap just waiting for whomever to unadvisedly and unknowingly step in?

Blaming drugs may have worked for Roseanne, but it won’t work for them.

The Roseanne Drama is dominating the news at the expense of Save-the-Children activist Tommy Robinson languishing in a British prison since Friday, and who,  save from an explosion of protests worldwide against his incarceration without bail is already fading fast from news headlines.

The fate of Tommy Robinson and its impact on civil society is far more important than that of ENTERTAINER Roseanne Barr.

Like him or loathe him, Tommy made his bold Facebook live-feed effort in front of the Leeds courthouse —alone—in an effort to shed antiseptic sunlight on the children falling victim to grooming gangs in Merry old England.

The hidden reason why British authorities nabbed and arrested him should make the blood of every freedom-loving individual run ice cold.

The indiscriminate flooding of immigrants in most of Europe is causing major problems for its leaders as citizens continue to loudly demand protection for their families.

Has Britain decided to take the lead for the rest of Europe by making an example of Tommy Robinson?

How many activists will be stopped in their tracks from standing against Sharia law when realizing what the British courts did to shut Tommy down?

With Tommy in prison, Judge Geoffrey Marson went further by placing a ban on the British MSM reporting on it.

“A judge initially banned media reports of contempt proceedings against Robinson over fears it could affect the ongoing trial, but lifted the order on Tuesday after hearing submissions that members of the public and foreign media outlets were publishing inaccurate information.” (The Independent, May 30, 2018)

Only the North American media were reporting on what happened to Tommy, at least in a brief burst over the weekend.

Look online for news on Tommy today.

Can you find it?

Did Roseanne Barr’s ousting come along at a most convenient moment in time to take patriot focus off the fate of Tommy Robinson?

If only more people would tune out of the networks, tune in on reality and stop strolling so nonchalantly into the left’s kill zones.

For the sake of survival, we must somehow find the way to stop the Entertainment Industry from killing off Western Society.



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